Website Review – Aware Clothing

  1. How friendly is the site?

As I said in the last post, Aware clothing is an online brand that makes unique and exclusive handmade pieces of clothing in Barcelona. They like a lot to combine colors and elegant textures so if you enter to the site you would see that this is true. In my opinion, it’s friendly because you can appreciate the vivid colors and special textures. A part from this, the website is clear organized by categories so the way they designed it represents perfectly the kind of life clothes they want to show. It feels welcoming when you get on the website, because the first thing that appears are the new clothes of the season so you are aware of all the news of the brand.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 21.51.47

  1. Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Yes it does. The design of the page, the style, the colors, the tone and also the pictures represents the purpose of the brand. You can also see quickly that they are selling clothes for  people who wants to feel unique. In general, the website is effective. As I say before, the categories are very well organized so this is a good point.

  1. How relevant is the content of your audience?

Aware is focused on what audience wants to know. They show pictures of the products and models with the clothes so it’s the most interesting part for the audience when the purpose is to buy some pieces of them. They show all the characteristics of their products; the sizes, colors, if its available… On the other hand, they start a blog and then they left it so I think they could work on this part, it will be interesting for its audience.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 22.16.07

  1. How beneficial is its interactivity?

We can see that the interactivity through this website is very easy. When you enter to the main page you would see a special category in which visitors can interact via email and ask some questions for the company.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 22.22.31

  1. What about navigation?

As I said, Aware has a good structure and navigation is easy here. When you just enter to the website, there are some categories and in one click you can go in one of this sections so is well organized.  Visitors can navigate in no more than 1 minute through the page and I’m sure they find what they are looking for very quickly.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 22.08.57

  1. Design Quality

Aware Clothing design are attractive, minimalist and elegant for those girls who wants to feel unique and different, so represents perfectly what the brand wants to show.

  1. Copy quality

The content is clear, concise and grammatically correct. It is easy to find the sections and the tone is close.

  1. Readability

Aware playing with different types of typographies; Georgia and Geneva, different sizes, capitals… but the readability is remains easy.

9. Credibility

The content of the page is 100% credible and when you go to buy you see that is totally safe.

  1. How good is the marketing, branding, accessibility?

When you enter, you can see that the purpose of the site is clear; they show the different types of clothes they have and when you want to buy the process its  easy too. They try to differentiate from the competitors trying to offer unique and elegant pieces from what we normally see. The website is very functional.

9. Loading speed

The loading of the site is very fast and works well so customers don’t have to wait. This is a good point for them because some websites of the competition works very slowly and the visit becomes heavy.

10. Use of multimedia

The website is visual and they combine photographies of the clothes with text and information about it. From my point of view, as I mentioned before, they could get better the blog, it’s something that would summarize and for the type of target they have it would be a good point.


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