Advertising Communication Technology


During the whole semester we will be keeping this blog to publish some of the exercises you will be asked to do. This way, everybody will be able to see and comment other student’s work. That’s more or less how the Internet works, so we will do it the same way during the course.

Exercise 1: Audience analysis

It will be an audience analysis for your favorite website. And it will contain an audience definition and a personas exercise.

You will need to write it before the end of september.

Exercise 2 The Glossary.

We are creating a collaborative glossary of the terms we are discovering in lessons.

After each class, some of you will write a post developing an idea we have been trough in the classroom. Which one? that’s a matter of your choice.

You are supposed to write a short post, and provide useful links, images, videos… Remember that there is not a path, you’ll make it while walking.

By the end of october, each of you might have written at least one post. Keep in mind that defined terms cannot be repeated, so be sure that no one has already written about what you are about to write.


Exercise 3: Objectives and conversions

Continuing with the  analysis of your favorite website, you will need to write about its objectives and conversions.

Exercise 4: Website review

You will be asked to post a website review. You will be given specific instructions at the right time.


Using Categories and Tags

Be sure that you are using categories to store your posts in the right place (these are already created). It is not that difficult, so I believe no further instructions are needed.

What about tags? you must create your own tag to identify which is your favorite website. That will make it easier to allocate all the related posts.


Comments are more than welcome!

Your work is not only writting a post: you are required to enrich other posts by adding your comments. You know what bloggin is about (if not, is time for you to discover it)

First Step: Get yourself a username linked to your UAO e-mail address.

It is free, and easy. Then I will invite all of you to join the blog as contributors, and you will be able to post.


If there are questions, use comments on this post to ask. This way, answer will be available for everyone.