Website Review – Aware Clothing

  1. How friendly is the site?

As I said in the last post, Aware clothing is an online brand that makes unique and exclusive handmade pieces of clothing in Barcelona. They like a lot to combine colors and elegant textures so if you enter to the site you would see that this is true. In my opinion, it’s friendly because you can appreciate the vivid colors and special textures. A part from this, the website is clear organized by categories so the way they designed it represents perfectly the kind of life clothes they want to show. It feels welcoming when you get on the website, because the first thing that appears are the new clothes of the season so you are aware of all the news of the brand.

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  1. Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Yes it does. The design of the page, the style, the colors, the tone and also the pictures represents the purpose of the brand. You can also see quickly that they are selling clothes for  people who wants to feel unique. In general, the website is effective. As I say before, the categories are very well organized so this is a good point.

  1. How relevant is the content of your audience?

Aware is focused on what audience wants to know. They show pictures of the products and models with the clothes so it’s the most interesting part for the audience when the purpose is to buy some pieces of them. They show all the characteristics of their products; the sizes, colors, if its available… On the other hand, they start a blog and then they left it so I think they could work on this part, it will be interesting for its audience.

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  1. How beneficial is its interactivity?

We can see that the interactivity through this website is very easy. When you enter to the main page you would see a special category in which visitors can interact via email and ask some questions for the company.

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  1. What about navigation?

As I said, Aware has a good structure and navigation is easy here. When you just enter to the website, there are some categories and in one click you can go in one of this sections so is well organized.  Visitors can navigate in no more than 1 minute through the page and I’m sure they find what they are looking for very quickly.

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  1. Design Quality

Aware Clothing design are attractive, minimalist and elegant for those girls who wants to feel unique and different, so represents perfectly what the brand wants to show.

  1. Copy quality

The content is clear, concise and grammatically correct. It is easy to find the sections and the tone is close.

  1. Readability

Aware playing with different types of typographies; Georgia and Geneva, different sizes, capitals… but the readability is remains easy.

9. Credibility

The content of the page is 100% credible and when you go to buy you see that is totally safe.

  1. How good is the marketing, branding, accessibility?

When you enter, you can see that the purpose of the site is clear; they show the different types of clothes they have and when you want to buy the process its  easy too. They try to differentiate from the competitors trying to offer unique and elegant pieces from what we normally see. The website is very functional.

9. Loading speed

The loading of the site is very fast and works well so customers don’t have to wait. This is a good point for them because some websites of the competition works very slowly and the visit becomes heavy.

10. Use of multimedia

The website is visual and they combine photographies of the clothes with text and information about it. From my point of view, as I mentioned before, they could get better the blog, it’s something that would summarize and for the type of target they have it would be a good point.



link to the website:

Aware Clothing is an online brand that makes unique and exclusive pieces of clothing in Barcelona, These type of clothes are handmade and directed to overwhelming, sensual and elegant girls, who seek to dress differently and feel special in any occasion.


  • Increase sales number
  • More number of visits to the website
  • Increase the number of followers on social media
  • Creating a good relationship with the customer
  • Give inspiration to clients


For the first objective, they offer free shipping for purchases over 80€.

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A part from this, they participate since two years ago in a special market, the White Summer Market, a festival concept that brings together fashion, gastronomy and art. A market with all the Mediterranean essence in a fascinating place on Pals, Costa Brava. It’s a perfect way to increase sales number and to make known the brand.


In relation to social media, they try to interact with the audience by Instagram and Pinterest. On Instagram we can see that, a part from the photos they publish showing new types of clothing, they publish inspirational photos, a way to approach the consumer and share opinions.

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On Pinterest, they have different carpets, where they put ideas and inspirational photos that they are finding for work on them.

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Regarding to the blog, they want their consumers to know them a little more and at the same time know where their ideas come from when they have to create new pieces of clothes. Anyway, I have to say that the blog has been inactive for a few months.

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Finally, in the website, there is a section called outlet, where there is a series of lowered pieces of clothing, an opportunity to buy a good piece of clothing in a good price.

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Glossary – Transmedia Storytelling

We are at a time when even advertising students are surrounded by the most effective tools to block any type of ad that may appear on our screens.

We are at the time that advertising saturation is large and traditional methods they do not work. We are tired of brands giving us their ears with the benefits of their products and we are not willing to look at any type of spot.

That is why an alternative to this conventional way of advertising and winning sales has been sought. It has found a way to reach the heart of the viewer, to touch the feelings and that the child is interested in looking for a specific content without having to pursue it. And all this has been achieved by telling stories. Stories that engage him and that awaken emotions in him creating a very special bond between this viewer and the brand

And this is how the art of Storytelling appears. The art of telling stories to our clients and potential clients. Stories that awaken something inside you and that, incidentally and without any effort, awaken a feeling towards the brand. And from the most versatile branch of Storytelling, Transmedia Storytelling appears, which consists of displaying all these narrative experience. It’s a kind of story where the story unfolds through multiple media and communication platforms. What is new about this concept, and although it should not always be strictly so, is that the viewer can also become a narrator by intervening actively in the sequence of the story

Transmedia Storytelling allows a movie to continue to have life outside the cinema in the form of a comic, doll or video game. And not only that, it even allows it to continue to grow by offering exclusive content to viewers through other platforms.

That’s right, the Transmedia has come to stay because it gives a lot of play and makes the products can have life in different supports. And it’s not about telling a different story in each of the media, but that each of the stories complement each other, that one can not live without the other, and that in this way we have the viewers looking for our brand by all parties because they want to know more.

It is about focusing on the viewer. This must be the center of communication. We have to think about what he wants and needs and we can offer that to him through a story that will create a link to the brand.

Aware Clothing

Analysis Aware clothing

I have chosen the website of a brand called Aware Clothing for the analysis. Aware is an online company that makes original clothes and was created by Carola Baños, from Barcelona. The name of the brand found her. While she was reading a curious article titled “Great words that have no translation”, she found the word AWARE, coming from Japanese. And so, unwittingly, she discovers one of the most beautiful and important concepts she learned. The meaning of this word is a deep feeling of appreciation and shock at the transience of things. “Nothing lasts forever, and that is precisely what makes something beautiful and artistic sea. Beauty expires, that’s why it’s beauty. The conscious is that feeling that arises in a flower, a summer sunset or a morning spring morning. It is the feeling of finding the reason for being of a thing and of being aware of its fin, but at the same time of its eternity; is to find the truth anytime, anywhere. Aware is found momentarily reflected in the world”

Aware Clothing are aimed at sweeping, sensual and elegant girls, who seek to dress differently and feel special on any special occasion. That’s why their target are all those woman who wants to feel unique. Aware Clothing offers them style and a chic touch of trend special tops.

These type of clothes are addressed to all those women that need to be different in a fashion world that a lot of people dress with the same clothes. Aware makes each product unique, special and different, with a combination of colours and also textures like brilli-brilli or velvet.

All these characteristics of Aware Clothing can be easily recognised taking a quick look at his website which shows all his pieces with a little minimalist and elegance touch.

We can also deduce that Aware is trying to create a lifestyle and a community with its costumers by a blog which anyone can take a look for inspirations and information about the brand and it’s ideas. In the blog, Carola share looks and iconic fashionable woman’s that she was inspired to create their pieces. They are active on Instagram and Facebook too.

For all this reasons and after the analysis I think we can say that the audience of Aware is a woman from 16-30 years old with a middle-high income (clothes go from 25€ to 150€) that, has a very active life and wants to feel special and out of the ordinary in any special occasion of their lives.

In conclusion, an Aware costumer is a women that wants a fresh change in her life, who looks for different garments and wants to wear original, atypical and trendy clothes.

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