Website Evaluation:



How friendly is the site?

The site feels welcoming to the target they want to reach. You can inmediatly see interesting stuff for your interests such as different music, styles and information about the artists. It’s written in a correct tone and grammar. There is no help section and website is made less busy with black space, not white.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Target audience is well defined but it’s purpose is not well defined though. Looks like a party organizing website or enterprise, after navigating a bit in the website it starts to feel like a website to simply follow live parties around the world but it is actually more than that, it’s a music and artist library. Helps expand musical culture from all around the world. People who are looking for information about whatever genere of music and actual music to hear to, is the perfect website for them.

How relevant is the content to your audience?

Content is adequate to whoever looks for music. You can find different generes according to most preferences and the information provided by the website about the music or the artists is conrete and informative.

How beneficial is it’s interactivity?

Interaction is beneficial in both ways, users learn about their musical interests and the website slowly becomes a musical reference. Yes it incorporates links to all their social networks and ways to contact them. Bookmarking is normal due to the fact that is a musical reference and becomes an interesting place to listen music to. The privacy policy is easy to find and clear too.


What about navigation?

The website has a logical structure: it’s intuitive, easy, more or less clear and trouble free for sure. I’ve never seen a video not available or the website down. You can easily go to the home page from any page, you can go in less than three clicks into different pages, user is completely free to navigate where he wants, there is no guest user restrictions and yes, there is a search function.


Design quality

The design on the Boiler Room page is simple. Has a big video preview on the homepage, there is a kind of index to know where to go but it’s not that clear, it grabs the attention depending on the content you like or dislike, has a lot of different colours, doesn’t open pop ups or different windows or tabs, has a nice resolution for every device and image quality is between good and excellent.


Copy quality

As said before, the copy is adequate to the content and to the target user. Yes it has the right emotional tone and everything is clear including typography, text colour and size.


Scanning the page can get a bit difficult depending on the section due to the big amount of information it offers but in others is actually quite easy. Depends on the section. Titles are clear and should be easy to know where each button will take you and sometimes has capitals on titles and names.

Attention to detail

Information in Boiler Room is always up to date as they usually promote events and show them live, just as they are happening at any time. Al the corporate identity items are checked and included correctly, the copyright statement is correct too and haven’t seen yet a link not working or taking you to a place it shouldn’t. Boiler Room has also checked all the legal items are correct and content is always in law.



The site has been up for almost over a decade now. Has provided thousands of people with the correct content and information all this years, including artist’s histories, concert dates etc… They are no pop ups, no frames, no blue text as is primarily white and there is no underlined content.

How good is the marketing?

In first place the website looks like a simple place to listen to music. Once you start navigating you realize that it’s more than just a place to listen music but to discover music, artists and different scenes that are live around the world. Once you get to know the page and see what it offers, it becomes one of the most valuable resources to be up to date about music. Yes it delivers benefits for each segment as it not only centers in one musical genre but in almost every style around the world, old or new. It also has good mechanisms to recommend the webpage and share it with other users like social network buttons above and below the page. The site is also very search engine optimization friendly.

The branding

The identity is well defined, delivers their emotional identity very good and the audience engages with it perfectly.

Loading speed and accessibility

It loads instantly if your internet conection is good. It’s a video based website, with content in full hd but also available in lower resolutions for worse internet broadbands. Works well in all kinds of screen resolution, every device is compatible, has responsive skin for mobile devices and is compatible with all operating systems including linux.

All browsers should work while they have installed Adobe Flash Player, even outdated versions of several browsers work, but not super old ones.

Use of multimedia

Multimedia is the most important item in this website. Videos and audio is what they sell. Everything has sense and is placed correctly offering a fantastic experience to the user.


Boiler Room : objectives & conversions

Boiler Room is a peculiar website when speaking about objectives and conversions compared to most websites in class. Conversion in 90% of the websites chosen in class means mostly purchasing the product or service offered. In this case conversion doesn’t mean purchasing something as there is nothing to purchase, is the interaction with the website and their social networks. This generates two things which will provide the benefits to the enterprise and that could also be considered as the objectives to achieve: traffic and engagement.

Objectives: traffic & engagement

How can these two objectives produce the same effect as the conversion?

Traffic means viewers, users, people who interact with the website and stay during a period of time enough to measure their behaviour. A lot of people means a lot of clicks in the website, wich also means good amounts of benefits thanks to advertising in the website. Tools like AdSense help monetize traffic.

Engagement, on the other hand, means thanks to the traffic generated and studying the user’s behaviour, make an analysis and discover insights that provide valuable ways of developing ways like actions or content to promote the brand and build a good solid base to sustain it and improve interaction with consumers or potential consumers.


As we can see on the screenshot above, Boiler Room, thanks to the traffic generated, creates conversion and engagement through their partnerships, special projects side by side with all their social networks.

Collaborations with Budwiser or Ballantines, alcohol drink brands and even GoPro with their image products make possible conversion of an intangible such as an online music free service and get rewarded for it monetizing website traffic.

Glossary – Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is a term used in marketing scope to describe the steps or the procedure our website’s potential customers have to go through to reach conversion. The funnel is used as a metaphore to represent the way our potential customers leave from our website without converting, being a big amount of people who get into our website but being only a few who really gets up to the last step and converts.

Each step added interferes with users in different ways making them leave at certain points or keep on moving towards conversion. For example: website navigation ease, product descriptions, images, the user’s cart, shipping rates and information about it, payment gateway or just the buy button are some of the items on our website we should take into account when working on converting our users or potential clients. Each step towards the conversion reduces the number of visitors and therefore the number of conversions or potential conversions.


Conversion Funnel Example

Image result for conversion funnel

So let’s analyze this conversion funnel example (it could be different depending on thewebsite, but this are the basics to get started) to make things clear. They are 5 steps to reach conversion: the homepage, the product/service page, contact page, the enquiry and finally the conversion takes place. In between this steps, different issues make users leave.

Homepage has to be attractive to users, especially with our user target. If not, users could leave easily without showing signs of interest. This single page viewed user that leaves is known as bounce rate. Bounce rate is bad for us as our objective is to get users to convert. Also poor content, bad website usability, poor calls to action and a weak enquiry process lead to users leaving, meaning that all this items need to be taken care of and optimised as much as possible in order to make users reach our objective: converting.




Boiler Room

About the brand

The Boiler Room is an Enterprise which creates parties all around the world with the objective of approaching all kinds of musical genres to everybody. The two principal activities of Boiler Room is to organize this parties, promote them to make people attend them and record them to make the DJ sets available 24/7 on-line.

Boiler Room started as a techno party and culture from the underground scene but soon became an important page and reference in the internet world. Boiler room televises underground music as it happens from around the world to a massive online community. It could be called the new MTV (as it was at their beginnings)


About the target

Boiler Room connects different scenes and sounds from all corners of the globe with all kinds of people and the music they love. People from, lets say, about 15 to 16 years old who start to discover taste in music and start to discover what music they like most up to any age. Connects people who are passionate about the ability music has to bring people together, help solve problems, relax and enjoy moments music and company.persona