Website review- Mr. Wonderful

The Mr Wonderful website is very friendly, it stands out for the colors that make it very colorful and optimistic, they transmit good vibes and desire to explore the web. Everything is very well distributed and you can see what it offers, although you can go to another section to continue the process. The style and tone of the page adapt to the values of the brand. In addition, the white spaces help to present an order and make everything aired and there is separation from one subject to another.

Mr Wonderful communicates very well what he sells and transmits it appropriately on his website. From my point of view, it is very clear which is the audience of the page and they do everything possible to adapt and making feel them comfortable. There are many things that the website does but we have to emphasize in the design.

The content is the main factor and everything is presented in an appropriate way so the client knows that he is in the right place and that he should stay. Everything is focused on the audience and their needs and not on what we want to tell them. The client is the most important thing, that’s why,  from the site, we want to satisfy him and tell him what he wants. After having studied the frequently asked questions, we have seen that most of them, they are covered.

The interaction is positive, they have an online chat and if you have any question and they are connected they will answer immediately. This could help to increase the value of the page to the visitor because this web focuses on showing the product and making people want to buy it. The page does not focus on the interaction, although when the chat is online it is clearly visible. All contact information is on the home page to make it easier to the visitor. The page invites you to come back and look at all the the products that the brand can offer as it often changes. The privacy policy is on the home page so it is easy to find it and read it.

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As regards navigation, we can say that the page has a logical structure, everything is presented easily, without complications so it is more clear for the visitor. All the links are visible and all the pages return to the homepage. The visitor has total freedom to move as he wishes on the web, he does not have the obligation to follow any route, from the homepage he can access to all the sections. Mr. Wonderful website doesn’t want to lie the audience because they want to create fidelity so the client enter more than one time in the page. There is even a search option to make things easier for customers.

In this website, everything is designed for the visitor. What Mr Wonderful does is attract visitors through design as long as it is coherent with the values of the brand. Indeed, they are always aware of their own values, they manage to capture them perfectly on the website so the visitor can appreciate them. It should be noted that everything is always accompanied by images. It is very important to be very visual because in this way, it is easy to capture people attention. In addition, one aspect that makes great the design of the website is the use of colors, this may not seem very important but certainly helps to attract people and the help to transmit the good vibes. The images have a good quality and the typology of the letter is also important, it gives a  informal, youthful view, to get closer to its visitors.

Referring to the content, everything is written easily, clearly and in the tone of the brand. It should be mentioned that this site is more visual, so design aspects are more important than content ones. However, everything is without spelling errors, the message is short but direct and transmits what it should.

As far as legibility is concerned, it’s very simple. Mr. Wonderful doesn’t have a lot of text as we have previously commented but it is very visible. We must say that the letter is of a suitable size so it is easy to read. Everything is on a white background or light colors to make it comfortable for the eyes and they don’t use bold or italics.

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From the website we can see everything that Mr Wonderful offers us. We appreciate all the capabilities and experiences. Thanks to a balance in the design, content, structure and usability the idea of “user-experience” is offered to our audience. With no doubt, people see the content of the site in a useful way. The brand has avoided all kind of frames, blue text, underlined as it is less professional and from my point of view, less credible.

Referring to marketing, we can say that the sale proposition is very clear. The messages of the site are simple, concise and they focus on the customer. We can recommend the site through other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. The SEO is good.

The identity of the brand is clearly reflected on the website. You can perfectly appreciate the emotional volume of the brand, the good vibes, the positivism. Those aspects will make the public get involved with the personality of the brand.

About accessability, we can say that the webiste works on every electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. Plus, we can appreciate that the web works well and we can access it through all browsers and we also can tell the speed of loading the homepage is okay.

There is not very much to mention about the use of multimedia because it is not relevant on Mr. Wonderful’s website.

Finally, we can say that even Mr. Wonderful should improve or change some aspects of the website, it offers and communicates what she wants, capturing people attention.




Objectives and Conversion – Mr. Wonderful

The Mr. Wonderful website has different objectives.
The first one we can talk about is that they want people to associate the good mood of the web, thanks to their colors, design, messages, with the brand and all their products.
In addition, a very obvious objective of the website is selling. Because of that, they inform of the location of all Mr. Wonderful stores and they have a very simple online shopping method. They also put on the top of the web the most sold products to encourage visitors of the page to buy.
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We can also talk about engagement. Through the website they want to create this feeling with the consumer. That’s why they have an online chat in which you can communicate directly with the company. There is also the “wonder people” where people can post photos on social networks when they buy a product of the brand by adding a hashtag and the company shares it on the website.
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Nowadays, brands don’t look only for their products to be consumed, but also want to create a loyalty with consumers, they want their customers to be loyal to them. Here we could refer to the newsletter because it informs the customers of the news.
On this web page, we find four types of conversions.
First of all, we talk about the conversion in sales, which means, that people not only enter the website but they also buy the product. To do this, you simply have to click on the product and follow the steps to pay.
Secondly, there is the possibility to register, to create an account. In this way, we can store things that we like and when we buy online is much faster because we don’t have to give our data every time.
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Third, we can talk about social networks. The website informs about all the platforms available and with just a click on them you can follow them, register and see more information about the brand and its products.
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Finally, we talk about the newsletter. The website of Mr. Wonderful allows us to subscribe very easily to this section to send us information about all the news.
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Glossary- PESTEL

What is PEST analysis?
The PEST or PESTEL (PESTLE) analysis is an instrument that makes easier the research and helps companies define their environment. For this, it analyses the following factors:
Political: There are lots of things but it depends on the industry we focus on. Examples of topics that we study:
  • Laws
  • Government Stability
  • Import restriction
  • Taxes
  • Burocracy: Making things difficult
  • Corruption level
  • Environmental law
  • Unemployment
  • Growth rates
  • Inflation rates
  • Exchange rates
  • Interest rates
  • Education
  • Trends
  • Traditions
  • Sex
  • Religion and beliefs
  • Race
  • Location
  • Health-consciousness
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Innovation
  • Basic infrastructure level
  • Rate of technological change
  • R&D  Research & Development
  • Legislation regarding technology
  • Technology level in your industry
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Access to newest technology
  • Internet infrastructure and penetration


Sometimes, you can add two more factors which are Ecological and Legal.
Due to the type of information it provides and how practical it is, this study model is one of the most used business tools in all types of organizations. This tool is one of the many that is used to perform an external analysis of the company. It helps to understand the growth or decline of the market, the difficulties and challenges that may appear, it also serves to guide with the direction and position of the business in a simple way.
Advantages of the PEST analysis
  • Adaptable: It adapts to each case.
  • Decisive: Helps to make decisions.
  • Predictable: It has a proactive approach, which means, it allows anticipating problems or future needs.
  • Applicable. It is of broad application.




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Mr. Wonderful

Analysis Mr. Wonderful – Beatriz Muro

Mr Wonderful is a company founded by a couple of graphic designers. They try to send positive messages and optimistic sentences through their social networks.
First of all, they started with an online store and later, people became very interested in this brand and they managed to reach the stores. It has a very important presence in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest with a large number of followers. Thanks to this, they managed to increase their business not only at the national level, but has managed to reach other European and Latin American countries. This brand creates beautiful products that talk about feelings and connect with people, what Mr. Wonderful really wants to do is not only create products but also to implement a lifestyle.
Mr. Wonderful’s main constumers are young women between the age of 15 and 25 years old. Their clients are young because they are very active in social networks so they can follow all the news. We talk about girls more than boys because of the type of messages that are sent. In addition,  prices, although there are people who complain because they are high, are affordable for everyone. Those girls use to be optimistic, fashionable and creative.