Website review

How friendly is the site?

When you enter the Zadig website, by the black and white colors and the order they use, it becomes a fairly clear website. It is a formal and correct style very direct. Everything is very clear when you enter the web. They even use emoticons to

Make clear important points. In addition to that the presentation is changing with different offers that offer depending on the season.


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Does it communicate everything it needs to?

I really believe that it makes clear the type of brand with its values to be transmitted. All simple but very thoughtful, with what more people look for in sight. In addition, as only enter, the shipment is free from 200 euros, it is already an expensive brand. In addition all the options are very clear and it has a search engine and a help section that is also very useful and easy to use.

And another point to emphasize is the importance that they give to the questions and attention to the client.

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How relevant is the content to your audience? 

It is always a good idea to enter the Zadig website if you like the brand, since it gives you some offer, promotion, or personalized campaign that is very linked with how the brand is. But there is a point that would change, usually the content is much more thinking about the female audience thinking that it is also for men.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

It is also very important in a luxury brand to have feedback from the brand. You have to take good care of the customer, because if they choose you as a brand, it’s not by budget, but by taste, and you have to do well this point. But Zadig is very clear about this.

What about navigation?

Its really easy to navigate in the webside. Parece todo muy claro desde el principio y lo es, esta muy bien indicado. Lo único que para saber sobre la historia de la marca, o de donde es, por ejmplo, ya es un poco mas complicado y en mi opinión es algo que tendría que estar como opción principa en el menú l, en vez de debajo de todo de la web. Pero funciona muy bien y sigue un pco el estilo de webside muchas marcas de ropa.


Design quality and Readability?

 The design of the web fits perfectly in how the brand is, elegant simple but with retail points playing with the different collections that it presents and its colors. So it is constantly changing, but it is very visual to be black and white and this lets you play a little more in terms of the different style of people. And for what the typography style does the black color is also very clear and direct.

I think that the brand’s public is very thoughtful and successful.


Copy quality?

 Its really clear what each section is about.  And every section when you go on it, sabes perfectamente donde te esta llevando yque va a aparecerte. Desde un principio cuando entras en la web no hay mucho texto, es todo mas visual.



 La reputación de esta marca y de sus creadores: ayuda a sus consumidores a confiar en ella. Es una marca muy conocida y de toda la vida.


How good is the marketing?

El márketing de esta compañía es excpecional, de hecho es una de las marcas de moda que más ha sabido moverse en términos de redes sociales.

No sólo están presenten Instagram, Facebook, Tuiter … si no que se puede utilizar para promocionar sus productos y a través de eventos y campañas publicitarias.

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The branding?

La identidad de la marca es muy clara. Es una marca de que vende productos.

El estilo que tiene es único, se distingue de las demás por que sigue las colecciones de cada temporada pero todo siguiendo su propio estilo.


The accessibility to the page is idyllic. The ease that is given to the consumer when it comes to knowing the brand and its products is very good. The content is very simple and how it is organized so that not finding what you are looking for on this page is unlikely.

Loading speed

The page load speed is very fast, there is no need to entertain looking at other content.

 The page load speed is very fast, there is no need to entertain looking at other content.Use of multimedia

The use of the brand’s multimedia is very good, it is developed through content in social networks and accounts, video on YouTube, advertising campaigns … in which they encourage consumers to follow their way of living life and love .

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Zadig and Voltaire

Zadig and Voltaire

Zadig& Voltaire is a well-known brand from France with shops all around the world and a really international appeal through its websites. The target that better fits with the this clothing brand, are women between 25 and 40 years old and men from 28 to 40 years old. The truth is, however, that due to its high price, it is a bit far away from the reach of students, although there will be always crazy fans that would pay whatever amount of money to get anything from their shops.

Additionally, they are people who are passioned about fashion, who know the trends of the season and who like to be part of a community that identifies itself with the brand’s values. According to Zadig’s fashion victims, the brand is different from others in the luxury industry such as Luis Vuitton, for instance, where the main goal is to show off the brand as much as you can. Zadig, in contrast, is a more selective brand, that people do not always recognise that it is over the average in terms of expensiveness.