Evaluating a Website- Cantê


How friendly is the website?

Cante’s website is very welcoming. Both the colours and the images that the web site displays are excellent once they attract and engage the customer’s attention. It’s also very noticeable and the end-consumer can easily find what she’s looking for without losing too much time. The layout of the website is quite organized and the consumer can choose which section he/she wants to visit or buy from.

imagem 1.png

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

In my opinion, Cante’s website performs really well in terms of communication, but they can definitely improve in some aspects. When a customer enters the website it becomes obvious that Cantê is a brand specialized in selling bikinis. For me, as a client, I already known this brand because of its bikinis, but they actually sell more products such as accessories, underwear and swimsuits for children (both for girls and boys). At this point, I think they could be better. If a customer doesn’t know anything about the brand, it’s first impression is that it’s a just for girl’s brand. This happens because in the first page of the website, immediately as the client enters it, by scrolling up and down the web page without actually clicking on any section presented in its layout, all the pictures presented only feature girls with bikinis. At any point in this first contact with the website, the client is able to see the kids or the underwear, despite the existence of a perfectly organized layout.

Although there’s a possibility to improve these topics, the truth is that their major source of revenue and awareness among consumers relies their bikini part of the business. This way, it becomes clear for me, why the brand invests more on this product, and this may be the reasoning behind the why Cantê’s first page just presents bikinis.

Like I’ve said before, the website has a good layout, and in agreement, delivers a nice presentation allowing a direct interaction. This final advantage will allow the customer to be immediately directed to the category he selected just by clicking a button.


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How relevant is the content to your audience?

One of good things that the website has, is the fact that they show the cheapest products in the first place. This easily makes the customer more interested on the products that are being sold considering the usually high prices of the brand. Additionally, this represents a strong strategy to engage the costumer on the website.


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How beneficial is its interactivity?

In a website, interactivity is fundamental and Cantê delivers an outstanding performance at this point. For instance:  while the client is exploring the website, he/she can select the products they like the most by putting a “like” on those. The webpage will automatically create a “favourites section” where the client can find everything that he/she liked before. Another example that clearly shows this interactivity functional part of the website, is what happens when a customer selects a product. Immediately after selecting it, the client is able to zoom in and out on the product, which is key, because whenever you want to buy something on the internet, you definitely want to see all the possible details of that same exact product at the highest level allowed. Another fundamental interaction happens when the customer is looking for a specific product and he/she can easily find out what he/she is looking for just by clicking on the “filter by” button. One of an example of interactivity used in this website is that, if the client decides to use this tool, he/she will be able to, all at once, see everything in the selected size he/she wants.

If the costumer has any doubts, at the end of the home page he/she will be able to find all the possible ways to contact the brand.

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What about navigation?

The website is very well organized. When the costumer opens the website, he can see exactly where to click for each activity (search, choose a category, filter…). Furthermore, the layout is very easily recognized by the common client, once the titles and sections are written with capital letters. If the costumer was looking at a bikini for example, and he/she now wants to go back to the home page, he/she can readily find where he/she needs to click. The site has a very good structure, once it’s organized according to prices, showing the cheaper prices first and then the most expansive ones.


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Design quality: 

Cantê has a good website design. The colours that they chose to the be a part of it, are colours that have a life, they transmit happy thoughts and emotions to the client. Moreover, titles are big so you can easily find where they are, pictures are of really high quality, no matter which product is being presented, and the customer can perfectly see the details of any of these items just by zooming. The models chosen to feature and “sell” these products are the best way to persuade clients into buying Cante’s products, once they are beautiful and each and every product perfectly fits them. These models can be seen as influencers because they are the ones that the customers follow and admire, they want to be like them and buying one of the bikinis they feel good with themselves. In my opinion, the level of interactivity they deliver is really good since the costumer can see and perform any “activity” by using the interactivity already provided. In this way, they’ll not need to improve this process. Finally, in their layout, they have a section called “New in” so customers can go directly to new products that the brand is now selling.

imagem 6.png


imagem 7.png

Copy quality:

The website has good communication, the write vocabulary, and besides selling online, they firmly try to guarantee that everything they sell is also available in physical stores, meaning the content is perfect. Furthermore, by organizing the website in different sections with different names, the brand allows the customer to have an outstanding perception towards the products that are being sold by the company.



The site proves that the bran is competent, and as a costumer, I feel like they know how to persuade a client whit its content. Looking at this, makes me believe that their content is all very useful. And if a client happens to have any problems the brand are really fast in the process of answering the customer’s needs and questions.


How good is the marketing?

It’s obvious what Cantê sells and I think anyone who knows the brand already knows what they’re selling. What actually differentiates them from other brands, is their own way of designing their products (bikinis, underwear, …). These items are characterized by being different from the others and the brand clearly transmits this to their customers by stating that if you use Cantê, the models, the bikinis and the final designs are made to be perfect, so when a customer sees this type of bikinis, or underwear, he/she is able to feel special.  Moreover, Cantê delivers and performs a really steady Marketing strategy that is accessible to everyone once the website is public. However, the brand clearly shows their target segment by featuring young models using their products.


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Loading speed:

At Cante’s website, the customer doesn’t need to wait once the loading speed is really fast. Furthermore, every time a client wants to change categories, a click takes him to the wanted section in seconds.


Uses of multimedia:

The overall multimedia content delivered by the brand, such as pictures, videos, or anything else on their website, are very important once they’re responsible for attracting the customer’s attention towards the products on sale.

Matilde Saraiva

Glossary: Engagement



It depends on the business or the product we are working with. But generally, it’s always the way to create an emotional bond of someone with a brand.

Sometimes a product sells by itself, because the costumers really wants it or because it’s unique and totally fits an unmet need.

However, that is very rare and most of times marketers have to develop engagement strategies with several stakeholders to be successful with a brand in a very competitive environment.

Often marketing must develop strategies to engage and retain its customers, it has to get influencers and opinions from leader endorsement to ensure credibility, it has to involve regulatory authorities to ensure access to the market, it has to ignite sales/commercial teams to get them motivated. Only with this involvement it is possible to create an emotional bond to a brand that allows it to positively differentiate itself from competitors and achieve its objectives.

Finally, to engage someone towards my brand, I must deliver a product that beats my customer’s expectations and rise my game once again to beat over and over again.

Matilde Saraiva



Objectives and Conversion- Cantê

Link to my favourite web-site: https://www.cantelisboa.com/my-cante

Objectives and Conversions


  • Maximize sales and be profitable;
  • Have impact on the market and increase market share;
  • Differentiate themselves from other brands of bikinis;
  • Create and deliver unique models;
  • Make the customer feel special with their product;
  • Expand the brand to the global market.



The conversions strategy is very important to an online brand.

  • Cantê delivers an outstanding performance in this point. The layout of the website is quite organized, and the consumer can choose which section he wants to see or buy from. One of the most interesting and good things on the brand’s page is that the client can go straight to what he is looking for without losing too much time (see figure 1)


  • On the top it’s possible to choose the option of “gift card”, which is a great idea since the client is able to offer the amount of money he wants and afterwards, the person who receives it can choose whatever she/he wants and spend it either on the website or in a physical store (see figure 1). The one who receives it can spend the money as wished and it can be use as many times as desired until the total amount of money is spent.

imagem 1

figure 1 Cantê’s website layout

  • Another good strategy lays behind both the organization and design of the website. When the customer is looking for a specific product, he/she can easily find out what he/she is looking for by clicking on the “filter by” button: by using this tool the customer is able to, all at once, see everything in the size he/she wants (see figure 2), the different launches (see figure 3) or his/her favourite print (see figure 4).

imagem 2.jpg

figure 2

imagem 3.jpg

figure 3

imagem 4.jpg

figure 4

  • Additionally, the fact that they show the cheapest products in the first place arrives in the form of another, and a pretty good one, strategy (see figure 5). This easily makes the customer more interested on the products that are being sold considering the usually high prices of the brand. This strategy represents a way of making the brand more reachable and appealing to a different set of costumers.

imagem 5.jpg

figure 5

  • While the client is exploring the website, he/she can select the products they like the most by putting “like”. The webpage will automatically do a “favourites section” where the client can find everything that he/she liked before (see figures 6 and 7).

imagem 6.jpg

figure 6

imagem 7.jpg

figure 7

  • The website is also divided by “My Cantê” for women, “My first Cantê” for children and “Intimate Cantê ” for the lingerie section (see figure 8). This shows the diversity of products that the brand has, as well as the different kind of costumers it is trying to reach.

imagem 8.png

figure 8


The website is available in three different languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) which is very useful in terms of achieving expansion towards other countries. If it’s easier for a foreign customer to understand and buy the products it will in return be easier for Cantê to expand their brand into the global market.

Furthermore, it is possible to create an account on the website, meaning that every customer that has an account will have a personalized website: he/she can see his/her latest purchases, favourite products, etc.

In my opinion, Cantê has a really good conversion to persuade the costumer. The overall website is made to attract everyone who sees into buying something. Even the pictures are taken with well know digital influencers in Portugal which makes it even more appealing for the end-consumer to feel attracted towards the products. The objective behind this strategy is to make these models share their photoshoots in their social media pages, so the brand is able to reach a larger audience. When a teenage girl sees someone that she admires using a Cantê bikini, she will automatically want to buy it or at least she will search for the website. Nowadays this kind of marketing is very effective and there are several brands that are using this tool. Focusing on my personal testimonial, I´m a Cantê client, and I have seen this kind of publicity in the social media, meaning I looked for Cantê in the internet. Afterwards and by using their website I easily found what I was looking for. As you can imagine, like me there are many other girls that must have done the same, so I can say that Cantê is achieving its objectives and adding value to its brand through an unique selling proposition that relies on both clear and focused marketing objectives and conversions.


Matilde Saraiva



Cantê Audience Analysis

Cantê was a dream of two portuguese girls, Rita Soares and Mariana Delgado. They wanted to create a brand of portuguese Bikinis. This idea started with a simple trip to Brazil. The two girls are passionate with beaches, so, when they embarked on this trip, all their friends asked them to bring bikinis. That was the moment where they thought: “why don’t we create a brand of Portuguese Bikinis? The idea was born. Then, Cantê appeared.

Their target is all kind of women. Their clients are mostly teenagers, but there are also some adult women who are fan of the brand. The bikinis are design for every time of women. Their main goal is to make difference in this world full of different bikini brands. Therefore, there are many different types of bikinis, the simpler ones, the more colourful ones or the ones with many details. They want to respond to their costumer’s desires, regardless their styles and age. Cantê wants women to feel confident with their bikinis and wants everyone to identify with it.

I believe that this brand has making the difference in the market. The way they “play” with colours and details is something that appeals to girls. The patterns they create are simply unique. Me, as a consumer of this brand, I think that is great. It’s fun, it’s different and appealing. People can identify themselves with the bikinis. And there’s a lot of choice. There’s the right one for everyone.

In 2015, Cantê decided to widen it’s target by creating suits and children´s shoes called “My first Cantê”.  The aim was to make the children also enjoy the brand patterns that are marked by the bright colours transmitting fun to them. In addition, this idea was also thought for mothers, aunts or sisters to use the same bikinis as their children.

Although Cantê is a very nice brand, it’s also very expansive. Normally each bikini costs between 90€ and 100€. Even the children’s bikinis are too expensive, costing 40€.
In my opinion, this is one of the big disadvantages of the brand. The prices make their target more reduced to the ones with more possessions.

To conclude, Cantê target are all kind of women, regardless their age or style. However, teenage girls are the main consumers of this brand because of it’s patterns and colours.


Matilde Saraiva


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