Glossary exemple: WordPress

[Take this post as an example]

WordPress is a blogging platform that helps people publishing ideas on the internet.

Users can write posts, which are a kind of articles very ‘internet-oriented’. This posts are mostly short, but enriched with links and multimedia. This way, users find them more useful and easy to read.

WordPress is commonly used as a communication platform, so there are many features to keep in touch with other users. But what we are now more interested in is the writing system, because we need to get quite deeply into it in order to help ourselves in publishing and commenting.

Learning how to post

To learn more about WordPress visit , especially this page in which it shows how to publish:

And if you want to see it in a video, check this one:

Ok, but what about writing?

It is important to know how does WordPress work, but it is more important who does bloggin work. We will scarcely see it during the quarter, but as you need to start ASAP, you will need some tips. Fortunately, there are many webs that can help you, like this one: in which you will find plenty of tips. I specially recommend this ones :

  • Be original
  • Be direct, go straight to the point.
  • Provide useful information.
  • Use links to let people broad the experience of your post.
  • Enrich it with images and videos, but beware of not overfill it.

This is only a start

From now on you are asked to continue with the task, providing good content about what we see in class. We all believe in learning by doing, so enjoy the writing.