EINHORN – Objectives & Conversion

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Einhorn Condoms sells condoms in colorful designed crisp bags, which are not only vegan but also fairtrade and sustainable produced. The CEOS of Einhorn consider theirselves as social entrepreneurs. This means that they invest 50% of their profit to non-profit-organizations, taking care of worker’s rights in their supply chain and of high quality ingredients. But their mission do not end here: Einhorn also provides democratic structures in their own business hierarchy! This means that employees and CEOs will conjointly agree about the lengths of vacations and salaries. Because of their unusal business approach Einhorn became very public in Germany. Einhorn was featured in several business magazines, amongst them Business Punk, and they even offer consulting courses on their Einhorn Webpage.


Due to Einhorn’s unique business mentality their Macro-Objectives are not just focused on generating sales but also on spreading their Mission of humanity and social entrepreneurship! The Macro-Objectives are converted by a lot of different Micro-Objectives. In the following I want to focus on the most important.

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1. Receiving Good Reviews & Ratings

In order to receive good reviews and ratings you have to give your costumers the opportunity to rate! You can rate Einhorn Condoms on different, independent pages e.g. Amazon or eKomi. Showing good ratings does not only look good it also leads to more Sales and to a better costumer relationship because the brand show that is cares about the costumers opinion!

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2. Purchase

One goal is often to sell more products, which is very effectively converted through discounts. Einhorn gives discounts for normal visitors, but also special accounts for newsletter subscribers. Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 22.45.49.png

3. Subscription

Very important are subscribers for Newsletter (e.g.). Newsletters allow the brand not only to save data of their customers but also to reach to them over and over again, if they not recall their consent form. Einhorn gives the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter and offers special prices and receiving the latest news first as incentives to subscribe. It is also very important for keeping the audience updated to the brand’s mission!

(Some extra information: I signed up to the newsletter 2 weeks ago but never received one – so they definitely have to work on that one!)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 22.52.08.png

4. Social Media (Share)

One of the most crucial and effective Objectives for Sales and Mission is the social media appearance of the brand. The more comments, likes and shares on social platforms the merrier! To improve those numbers should be one of the most common goals. Einhorn has a direkt link to Snapchat on its website and is in general very active on Facebook and Instagram. Interacting with the audience – through questions/surveys, snapchat stories, open source marketing etc. via social media – is also a very important tool Einhorn uses to deepen the relationship between the brand and customers. 


5. Customer-Relationship-Service

Improving customer relationships is also an very important objective. As I already mentioned Einhorn is very active on social media when it comes to commenting, questioning, doing surveys, providing videos etc., but they also have their own “Contact us”-Part on their normal webpage.

(Some extra information: I messaged them on Facebook an article about unicorn shaped dildos and they actually replied!)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 23.17.25Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 23.18.19

6. Blog

Einhorn has a very huge (almost overloaded) Blog anchored in their normal webpage. Content of their blog is mainly everything which can be related to their social and entrepreneurial mission, but also more easy going topics related to their condoms like different sex positions, first dates etc. Very important for the brand is that people take active roles when it comes to sharing and commenting the blog, that’s why they often produce videos which are related and linked to their blog content.

 Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 23.30.25

7. Mission! (as an extra)

Einhorn often posts self-produced Videos about social and entrepreneurial Mission and because they are so unique they are often featured in magazines and newspapers, which again leads to more spread of their vision. But they also do inform about their mission in a classical way on their webpage. 

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 23.45.20

Objectives: Media Mania

Media Mania is a PR-firm that specializes in fashion. Their site is their main forum to attract potential “customers”.

As a PR-firm, Media Mania doesn’t send a product, they sell a service.

On their site, you can find information about what they are, what they stand for, etc. You can see their previour events for other brands, you can see a list of their partners, their team, and most importantly there is a contact box.

In conclusion, it is a clean, simple, professional looking site that shows what the company is in three seconds.


Their site is also linked with their other social media. They want people to have an interest, click on the links and follow/subscribe. they want to engage and interact with not only the brands they could potentially work with, but also with bloggers, journalists and influencers who could mention the company in a positive way.


This is not their main objectie though. For a PR firm, the most important thing on their corporate site, is the contact box. Through this contact box, anyone who is interested in working with Media Mania (brands, influencers, etc) can show their interest and reach the company. In the contact box, as well as the bottom of the site, their adress and telephone numbers are shared. This can also generate into a lead.


If you want to see the site for yourself, or if you’re just interested in the company, you are welcome to click the link below.


TVH – Objectives and conversions

The website of TVH is not like most websites who have a webshop. They do have a webshop but if you click on it they send you to another website for that. On that website you need a login and password so it’s not accessible for everyone. The main goal of this website is to inform clients or potential clients. You can see all the products they have but you cannot buy them via the website. The only thing you can do is download one of their catalogues that you need and then you contact the company to buy what you want. Besides that you can watch the history of TVH, what they do, see a world map with every company they have all over the world, etc… They also post videos and news about the company on a regular base. The objectives here are to inform the clients they already have and maintain their relationship with them and also gain new clients.

To make sure that everyone can find what he or she needs on the website they have a “can we help you” button where you can enter your e-mail address and your question and then TVH will answer with the information you need as soon as possible.

can we help you

They also have a big “search & order parts” button so clients can find what they need and they can contact the company after that to order what they want.

When you are on the site you also have the option to sign up for their newsletter and that is a very important thing for this company that as many as possible people do this so TVH can keep them up to date about special actions, promotions, news, ….


As you could see on the previous screenshots you can directly see all the social media that they use and when you click on it you can immediately start following them.

The most important thing is that people download their catalogues, see the offer they have and hopefully become a client.



EseOese – Objectives and conversions

Eseoese is a spanish fashion company, wich was born in Barcelona and has a total of 12 shops in Spain and it has been expanded to the international market, It is a brand that wants to be a part of the daily life of the people and for that reason, the essence of the brand is the comfort and the natural elegance.

It’s also a successful brand with a lot of growth potential as it increased its turnover by 33% compared to the previous year.

It’s a company which has been expanding year by year, in these last 2 years they have a challenge wich is improve online presence in Spain but also in Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla y Zaragoza, because they are planning to open a store. It’s important to them improve online presence because hey have an strategy wich is the launch of its online sales platform as a step prior to the start-up of physical establishments.

for that reason The main objective of this company is to continue his expansion and also to increase sales.





It refers to the principal objective of marketing, for that reason, as a fashion company one of their main objective is to increase sales using internet as a tool to increase them, it means increase their web traffic, in order to increase sales and customers in a physical store. We can do it throug discounts if they subscribe on our newslatter and special prices in some specific clothes only just one day of the week



everything related to customer service and satisfaction as part of the brand’s vision (be part of the daily life of the people and that they are part of us) In this case, the objective of eseOese is respond quickly to questions from users and use other tools to maintain greater interaction. Therefore, to build and maintain a good feedback. A way to increase this point could be with WhatsApp’s number on the website, where customers can clear their doubts as they do with their friends.


Sizzle: In this case, we want to win online advocates for the brand to gain an online reputation. The objectives should be focused on satisfaction levels, to enhance visits to the website. For example with recommendations and brand prescribers. Therefore, the objective of eseOese is delighting customers or potential customers through content and collaborations with fashion bloggers or influencers, with the aim of to enhance visits to the website.



The following actions are possible conversions because they have a direct connection with the objectives of the brand:

  • Ask for more information
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Get people to place an order
  • To convert a visitor into a client trough the purchase.



D’Estrëe Paris. ‘Objectives and Conversions’

As I mentioned in the Analysis Audience of D’Estrëe Paris  has two key special pieces, hats and bags. It is for this reason that the hearing focuses on women 20 to 35 years, mainly (some models of hats have been sold also among men).

For this reason, our objectives and above all the conversion, must take into account that target we are targeting and the personality of our brand and the needs of our consumers, to increase the interaction and conversion with the purchase of the products from D’Estrëe Paris.

D'Estree (up)

In the first place, the OBJECTIVES must be clear, possible and take into account the means that we are going to use.

1. Micro-target an Online Audience. Increase Instagram followers and visits on the web, in addition to increase the activities, through Stories and interaction with followers.

  1. Use the right #hashtags
  2. Use the right filters
  3. Post at the right time
  4. Steal your competitors followers
  5. Sponsored posts and product reviews

2. Integrate Across Channels. Get more sales through the Instagram account, that is to create the business profile and promote e-commerce linking the IG and connect to the online shop.


3. Philosophy. Create a specialised brand of art objects, where customers identified and themselves transmit the brand value through their social networks.

  • Customer Experience. Start from the customer activities discussed earlier: Learn, try, buy, get help and share ideas. This will provide you with a great definition of a “customer experience.”


4. Direct Views. Make a pop-up store of brand sells in different cities and share the experience through IG Stories.



5. App + Streaming. Creation of an APP where you can buy more easily (with Paypal or MasterCard), and where you can acquire information about each of the products and see the combinable outfits.


Secondly, the CONVERSIONS of each objective, not only what we want to achieve but we are going to do to get there.

  • 1. Collaborate with people with d’Estrëe products, that are the Instagramers:
    1. Nina Urgell (/ nincauc – 742K)
    2. Alex Riviere (/ ariviere – 124K)
    3. Maria de la Orden (/ Mariadelalord – 18.5K)

    And be actively commenting and answering both the profiles of our followers, and answer the Direct and Comments every day. To maintain a continuity and active presence. Achieving a higher interactivity and increase +50 followers a day, +1,500 per month.


  • 2. Promote discounts through collaborations with instagramers. Also with the company profile you can promote the IG account with X of the brand budget, and be able to see the statistics and the scope of the publications.


  • 3. To take care of the aesthetics elements of the page, creating content of interest, analyze the current trends around the world of contemporary art and the artistic needs of our consumers. If we do a follow-up with Google Analytics we can know what content on the web is the most viewed, and therefore make more interactivity with the content.
  • 4. Each month there will be an event, a Pop-Up Store, starting with Paris, London, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona. Where the products will be displayed, live raffles will be made through Instagram live. And in each city will make a video  which will later be shared on the web making a set of videos that show products and environment, are the real brand value.

    Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a les 19.38.54

  • 5. And if we want to boost online purchases, we must create an APP that is easy to use, and that helps the user to buy anywhere at any time. The APP will be free, once you have registered in the web newsletter, where you will then send an email to your mail with a code that you must redeem in the app and that will also give you a 15% discount on your first purchase .

Keep in mind that all conversions should be possible, and that they can be carried out taking into account the scope that the brand can achieve.
And always with a vision of the future of improvement, and basing the brand value as that key point, beyond getting more sales (economic objective), the important thing is to get consumers to continue to be, and get new.


Daniel Wellington Objectives and Conversion

The brand I will talk about is Daniel Wellington https://www.danielwellington.com/uk/.

Daniel Welligton is a watches brand created in Swedeland with the aim of offerint quality watches at reasonable price. The watches can be bought both in the physical stores and on the website, which we will talk about next. We can anticipate that one of the main objectives of e-commerce is to sell the products of the brand in a very careful and detailed way.


First of all, it is necessary to say that we don’t have enough information to determine SMART objetives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound), therefore they will be general and not quantified:

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 21.40.56.png


The first objective that they try to fulfill through #DWMoments and social networks, since they share the photographs of the users, as we can see in Figure 1. Another action they carry out is related to the Influencers, since they contract all types of Instagramers (from the best known to those who do not have many followers) to obtain an identification of users with these.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 17.22.53.pngFigure 1

The second objective is to increase sales can be achieved with the option of free shipping of products without minimum purchase. As we can see in Figure 2 the regular shipments of 2-5 days are totally free, and certainly, there is no great difference between express shipping. As they target a mostly young target, offering discounts to students (this offer is not on the Spanish website), sales are also increased. (Figure 3).

Regarding this objective Daniel Wellington offers a 10% discount and also a special gift packaging for the Christmas campaign. If you intend to give a watch, you do not have to worry about anything other than choosing it. (Figure 4). Also, if you have been thinking of buying one of Daniel Wellington’s products for some time, it is the perfect opportunity to save money.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.31.32.png

Figure 2

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.33.54.png

Figure 3

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 21.15.35.pngFigure 4

Through the sharing of consumer photographs with products we can achieve the goal of increasing mentions in social networks, engagement and improving positioning. (Figure 1 and 5).

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.32.54

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.32.38

Figure 5

Finally, in order to increase subscribers to the newsletter (Figure 6), the registration option should be shown in a more striking way, since it goes very unnoticed and is important to obtain data from users.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.31.48.png

Figure 6

Other objectives to take into account are the inspiration, which is sought through the photos shared on social networks and the website. One very positive thing that can lead to the increase of the loyalty of the clients of Daniel Wellington is the live chat service (support), or the complementary information that they offer as data on maintenance or videos on how to adjust the strap of a watch. .

Objectives and Conversions – The Weeknd Merchandising

the-weeknd-daft-punk-starboy.pngThe Weeknd

The Weeknd’s webpage is not only made for people to buy the merchandising items from the band, but it is much more. Once you go inside the page, you can go through different tabs that will lead you to a whole lot of information, from news about Abel Tesfaye (the main singer), to all the dates of his actual tour. However, we will focus on the Store tab, since it’s the one where the brand objectives and conversions can be applied upon.

Web objectives of the brand

The main objectives that the brand wants to achieve through the content of its website are:Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 12.11.10.png

  • Sell: the ultimate purpose of every product/ service from every brand is to be sold, so in this case it’s not different.  Even though The Weeknd’s brand is focused on spreading around their music, their merchandising products (found in the Store tab) are created to be sold, and The Weeknd’s website encourages the visitor to buy them, creating an attractive atmosphere for him, and leading him towards their products from their homepage.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 21.02.07.png

  • Reach: as The Weeknd is not a band created mainly to sell products but to create music, we could not compare it to any other clothing store, so we cannot base our results on their SEO nor their SEA. The people who is interested in their products need to know about the website (maybe through social media, word or mouth or just by themselves) and go there on purpose. But the way of reaching the audience in order to buy their products is by their online page design, that makes the people want to be part of it.
  • Give visibility and engage: one of the main objectives of the webpage is making people aware of the values that carry wearing one of their products. All through this site we can see Abel’s new productions and videos and also news about new products, and dates of the tour he’s making. So that’s how the brand engages the potential client, leading them towards buying their clothing so that they will share these values that The Weeknd has.
  • Generate trust: all of the products that the brand sells are under a secure seal, so that they know their purchase will be protected at every moment.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 21.16.55.png


There are three ways of generating a conversion from The Weeknd’s webpage:

  1. Their newsletter, where the user will be able to subscribe and recieve new information about the brand and the singer.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 18.52.14.png

2. Their own account, from where they will be able to buy their products.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 18.51.23.png

3. Social media, where they will be able to follow the singer and get updates from the products he sells.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 18.52.29.png











Objectives and Conversion – Mr. Wonderful

The Mr. Wonderful website has different objectives.
The first one we can talk about is that they want people to associate the good mood of the web, thanks to their colors, design, messages, with the brand and all their products.
In addition, a very obvious objective of the website is selling. Because of that, they inform of the location of all Mr. Wonderful stores and they have a very simple online shopping method. They also put on the top of the web the most sold products to encourage visitors of the page to buy.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 21.00.30.png
We can also talk about engagement. Through the website they want to create this feeling with the consumer. That’s why they have an online chat in which you can communicate directly with the company. There is also the “wonder people” where people can post photos on social networks when they buy a product of the brand by adding a hashtag and the company shares it on the website.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 21.00.08.png
Nowadays, brands don’t look only for their products to be consumed, but also want to create a loyalty with consumers, they want their customers to be loyal to them. Here we could refer to the newsletter because it informs the customers of the news.
On this web page, we find four types of conversions.
First of all, we talk about the conversion in sales, which means, that people not only enter the website but they also buy the product. To do this, you simply have to click on the product and follow the steps to pay.
Secondly, there is the possibility to register, to create an account. In this way, we can store things that we like and when we buy online is much faster because we don’t have to give our data every time.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 20.58.56.png
Third, we can talk about social networks. The website informs about all the platforms available and with just a click on them you can follow them, register and see more information about the brand and its products.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 20.59.10.png
Finally, we talk about the newsletter. The website of Mr. Wonderful allows us to subscribe very easily to this section to send us information about all the news.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 20.59.19.png

Lush Cosmetics: Objectives and Conversions


Increase revenue

It is the main objective of any marketing strategy and of course also it is for online marketing. However, this media offers many more options that we must know how to take advantage of. Companies should know how to optimize their organic positioning and perhaps complement it with pay-per-click ads. In this case, Lush has a good usability and a very attractive website, which invites the visitor to try or buy their products. It is organized in such a way that it is easy to find any product that is wanted and also it recommends some related products. Keeping on date their Marketing Content & Social Media Marketing are also two important points that can reorient the reader towards the website and end their visit on a purchase. This also should be related to an increase in the average ticket per customer, so you can obtain more profitable visitors.

Build a strong brand image

This is a fundamental step. This rich media allows us to configure the space in any way so we can transmit to the consumer all our values ​​as a company. Lush does not have an own section in which all the corporate information of the company is found, but it is not necessary for them either because their entire page has a unified design that is consistent with their values.

Some of the elements that strengthen Lush’s image are:

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.20.39

All these points are helping Lush to create a strong brand image.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.27.14 

Increase targeted traffic

All companies want to see how their traffic numbers increase, but what we really should be worrying about is to increase the qualified traffic. By targeting the marketing to specific profiles and focusing the strategies on them, Lush can increase the ROI of their marketing efforts, as well as their final results.

Improve the online reputation

Nowadays everyone can post their opinions about companies or products online. This may create a problem or an opportunity to our reputation as a brand, depending on how we manage it. That is why we must know how to manage any kind of review we obtain, being present and connected with the consumer and responding nicely to any complaint that may exist, in order to reduce the negative impact.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.47.58

Become a resource or an authority in your field

Becoming an expert in a certain sector is complicated and requires a lot of work. These leaders often become influencers and experts on issues related to what they do, simply sharing information and advices for their visitors. This practice does not usually give an immediate result but if it’s carried out properly and consistently, the company will maintain or improve its positioning in front of the industry and in front of the consumers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.51.06

Increase your online visibility

Starting from the pretext that if nobody knows you, you do not exist, we can assure that consumers knowing us is very important for our activity. You must set goals defining where, when and how we want to be found and work to ensure that this happens.

Establish the brand on Social Media

Have a presence in social networks and develop an integrated strategy with the website. It is important that both are connected, that is, build a bidirectional bridge between your social networks and the website.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.25.25

Lush wants his visitors to share what they like and what interests them. Its purpose is to reach potential potential consumers.

Generate qualified leads and improve lead conversions

This is the most popular goal for almost every business website. Leads are something through which we can improve the website’s marketing performance. We have to make sure to get qualified leads so it can give us a competitive advantage.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve consumer satisfaction through their experiences on the website. For this the page must be well designed and have a good usability, which allows the visitor to find everything easily and in a very visual way.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 13.37.53


The entire Lush website is organized and designed so conversions are not too obvious: it does not have flashy banners or either aggressive messages with certain actions.


The purchase is the most obvious and essential conversion considering that it is an e-Commerce. From here there appear a whole set of secondary conversions, but no less important.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 17.29.59

Create an account

The page has an exclusive area for registered customers. Through this account the client can be benefited through the following areas: set a delivery address, add products to a wish list, make an order history and post comments and reviews.

Subscription to the Newsletter

Visitors can sign up for the newsletter in two ways: at the bottom of the page or in the customer area. Through the Newsletter, they will receive all the news of the brand, which creates a greater relationship between both.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 17.55.05

Reviewing or classifying

Customers can leave comments about the products and rate them, even in some cases these comments can be published next to the products on the company’s page. This always generates greater credibility for potential customers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 17.29.25

Share social networks

The company has many profiles in almost all Social Networks and encourages the consumer to share and maintain conversations with them.

Check your related articles

The page does not have an exclusive table destined to a blog but it does have numerous articles and tutorials that can be found around the products.


Link: https://uk.lush.com 

Goodreads: Objectives and conversions.

Web: http://www.goodreads.com


This website is about a community where you can post and see reviews of the books you have read, for this reason I think the best objectives would be:

First, give visibility to the best books. It is obvious that it is the best way to know them. Also, give visibility to unknown books. Today there are many books and thanks to the opinions of readers we can know about them. We can discuss them with other people with our same interests. From here we can emphasize the next objective. Create a bond with people with your same tastes and also with writers. Many writers have their own account and publish the summary of the book for people to think and review. So as a reader you are able to comment on your best readings. Another objective is create a very big community of readers. As many people comment the book, more better and credible it will be the opinion.So, the important thing is to create a strong link with readers and writers. And finally but no less important, you can buy the book through link to amazon or iberlibro.com.



This website I think that has three ways of converting.

First, the conversion to opinion, which means to be able to review and read reviews that interest you. Every time you post or comment the community is fuller and more complete.

Also, the conversion to sale. You can buy a book through a link to Amazon or iberlibro.com. In this case this conversion is when clicking on the book that interests you.

Finally, we have to consider the registering to the community. They want the community to be very big and that there are many reviews and users. You can’t publish if you are not a user.