Web site review: Generator Hostel


WEB SITE REVIEW OF: https://generatorhostels.com/

  1. How friendly is the site?

It’s the perfect site to feel that you’re in the right accommodation choice. Among all the hostels offer, this one can show to their users the feeling of take the best decision. Generator Hostel website is really welcoming. The information is given in an easy an informal way, and at the same time, the style of writing and the modern design makes people feel comfortable.

The fact that they have discounts and promotions is really good; it’s a reason that they get positive and extra points taking this type of actions.

And it’s very important to note that they give the option to select the language which you want to read the information and a section of: frequently asked questions.

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  1. Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Yes, the purpose of the website is very clear, by the time someone enter there can get the feeling that they are a hosting website.

The target are young and adventure people that want to live a social and different experience. The way that the site is designed makes clear that it’s not addressed for serious and sober people, because it has a lot of interactivity and activities that usually an adult doesn’t look for it.

In this website, you don’t have to waste time searching your needs, they provide all the information, that everyone want find, in a really easy way.

  1. How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content is the most important thing that any business website has to focus it. Generator hostel knows this fact and they take it to practice: their content is directed on what their audience is looking for.

Their purpose is to announce the services and the different experience that they offer. For this reason, the hostel page refers to their target in a clear and direct way.

  1. How beneficial is its interactivity?

The interactivity is good, they have a consultation area where you can contact them to explain your doubts, experiences or whatever you desire.

Besides, they offer diverse hostel service, if you are just a person you can find different rooms and prices that if you are a group.

So, the interaction is very good, but it could improve, for instance: providing an instant chat by the moment you open the website.

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  1. What about navigation?

Generator Hostel has a really good organization, where you can navigate without problem. It’s true that sometimes when you try to enter at the website is a little slow, and this one of the few things that they should improve.

Nevertheless, inside the site it’s not confusing and all is well explained to find the room you want in a really fast way.

  1. Design quality?

Generator Hostel website design is so clear, but at the same time, really modern.  When you enter, you know at all that their site design, and consequently their setting-up, are very innovative.

The website pattern is a parallel with the different style that has the hostel. They’ve managed to reflect in their site the essence of their business, with the structure of the text and images.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 13.03.05

  1. Copy quality?

They use more images than text, since in this way they can attract the attention easily, than with a lot of words. But the information given is well written and so clear.

  1. Readability?

As I said before, they don’t use too words. Generator hostel bet for a stunning design full of images.

Although, when they insert text, they write they do it as fluidly as the can, having a lot of sense with their style.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 13.20.09

  1. Attention to detail?

They focus a lot to detail, their objective is to give to every want interested in them, all the facilities and solve all the doubts that could appear. Generator Hostel are specialist to pay attention to particularities, since that way, they can satisfy everyone. For example, putting: check availability or “book your stay”.

  1. Credibility?

A hostel page doesn’t have to show trust. Generator are providing a place to stay, to sleep, to live. So, they have to be so close and transparence to their guests.

Last summer, when I was living in London, I’ve been there. Last week, as the stay in my apartment ended, I had to look for a place to live in, and I chose Generator hostel. I have to say that is so safe and all that they say is true.

  1. How good is the marketing?

They are doing a really good marketing, is one of the main reasons that explains why Generator Hostel has arrived so far.

They are promoting themselves as the most important hosting service in their sector. They are not competing with the hotels, because they know their weaknesses and strengths. For this reason, the company is positioned as the best and difference hostel enterprise.

They are aware that their services and activities are totally distinct to their competitors. Generator hostel want to reflect that if we choose them, we are going to live the best experience to our live.

  1. The branding?

The essence of the brand is projected everywhere, in each text or image. They want to transmit emotions and trust, they want to be seen as the most modern and actual page, and this fact is reflected very meticulously.

  1. Accessibility?

Sometimes, it’s a little slow the loading of the website. But, except that, it works really fast and good in all types of media.

Generator Hostel is so conscious about the multiplatform age, and they know at all that they have to adapt their design to every technology version.

  1. Loading speed?

When you click the link in Google, sometimes is a little slow to load. But, when you click the inside tabs, you can find all the content easily and fast.

  1. Use of multimedia?

Generator Hostel website is characterized for pay a lot of attention to the use of multimedia: a lot of photos and videos. They have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, so this is the perfect example to show their multimedia model. The company have a section called: social, where you can find all of their accounts.

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Website review: Media Mania

I will be reviewing the site of PR firm Media Mania. This is the firm where I will be doing my internship in april.


In my opinion, the site is very friendly. The site is simplistic, elegant and easy. The site has a lot of whitespace, which contributes to the simplistic style and avoids it from looking bussy and messy. Because of this, it immediately feels welcoming. They use an informal conversational writing style, which is more appealing to their potential partners.


Because it is a PR firm, visitors are more likely to know of the company before they visit the site. The ‘about’, ‘cases’, ‘events’ … and ‘contact’ sections in the top menu make it very clear how (potential) partners can look for the information that they want to know.

It speaks for itself that the sites purpose is business/commercial related. They communicate about their partners, their previous projects, etc. This is interesting for the people/companies who want to work with Media Mania and therefore, the communication is well directed to their target group.


Their main goal is that companies/people who are interested in working with Media Mania contact them. Therefore, their contact data is an important given on the site. Their data (adress, telephone number and email are always visible at the bottom of the site. They also have a seperate ‘contact’ section in the top menu. It allows you to send a direct mail through the site and it also includes a map with the adress, so there would be no confusion of where to go.


The site only has a top menu. This is enough, since it is not a really big site. It’s very easy to go from one page to another. It’s also easy to return to the homepage. It has a logical structure, which makes it easy for visitors to find the things they’re looking for.

Quality of design

As said before, the site is very simplistic and inviting. The style they use is consistent throughout the site. It’s very clear where you are. They use titles and the section in the top menu is also underscored when you’re in that section. A thing that I’m not too fond of, is the use of very big pictures. The pictures on itself are very nice and high quality, which contributes tot he branding of the company (PR firm specialized in fashion), but the pictures are too big, which makes you wonder where the tekst is at first. I would advise them to put the pictures under the text in some sections.

media mania 1


Copy quality

The content is clear and relevant. They use an informal style, which makes it personal to read. The titles speak for themselves and it’s clear what they are talking about. This makes it easy and fun to navigate through the site.


Titles are in bold and sans serif, but the text itself is serif, which is not the best decision. Despite this, the site is easy to read in my opinion. This is probably because they use a large type size.

media mania 2
attention to detail

I assume that everything will be correct, because they are after all a PR firm and know how to communicate correctly.


There are no pop-ups when you open the site, no frames and no blue links. Only the titles in the top menu are underlined when you have opened that section, as mentioned before.

The information given on the site is also perceived as useful for the visitors.


The site is accessible on every browser and every medium. The format is adapted to smartphones, ipads, etc. It is accessible on every PC and Mac. I know this because this is the company where i will be doing my internship and had to look up a lot of information for my internship application.

Loading speed

The site loads very quickly. Also when you refresh the page, it will take less than a second to load the page. Ofcourse it depends on what type of device you use.

Use of multimedia

Every picture used on the site has a purpose. They specialize in fashion and the pictures used on the site promote the clothes/accessories of the brands they work with. In the section ‘showroom’, a picture of the showroom is displayed. This way, visitors know what to expect of the showroom, for example.


I think the site of Media Mania is very clear and elegant. Some things could be better, but in overall it’s a good site.


How friendly is the site?

The design of the website is good, it is sober and elegant. It is based on the idea of ​​less is more. As soon as you enter the website, you are transferred to a world full of art and culture. The content is written in a formal way, not very sophisticated but neither informal. The visitor can increase the size of the text easily.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

What they want to communicate is closeness, the need they cover through a click. And in fact, they get it thanks to the personal collections that you can create, the option to save artworks and share directly with your students. The website is very attractive and the design is totally consistent with what Google arts & culture offers. They communicate what their audience wants to see: artwork, news about museums, curiosities…

How relevant is the content to the audience

Quality and content are the keys for promoting customer loyalty and Google Arts and Culture has these qualities. If you like art and culture, you will love it. In the main site of the website, the user can see different sections: daily summary, featured topic, featured videos, featured stories, features themes, explore time and color, featured theme, artists, collections. As is logical, copies of curiosities are more creative than those of artwork because is the painting that has the leading role and there is not much to say beyond the technical specifications of the work. They do not have any section where frequent questions appear but there is an option to send a comment.

How beneficial is its interactivity

The website does not offer interactivity directly, you can not leave comments on artwork or in the news. But isn’t a very big problem, because Google Arts & Culture has the objetive of converting the visits into loyalty users. So, interactivity is not the most important for them. It’s the website more complete on art and culture, therefore, the target to which they are directed always returns because they are people who need valid and reliable information. Finally, they have a “who we are” section.

 What about navigation?

The structure is easy and visual, as I wrote in the main site while you are scrolling down  the user can see different sections: daily summary, featured topic, featured videos, featured stories, features themes, explore time and color, featured theme, artists, collections. Next up on the left of the web page the user finds other categories of interest: collections, themes, experiments, artists, artistic techniques, artistic trends, events and historical figures…

Through the website the user can go to the social networks of google arts & culture.The page also directs you to the existing mobile application.

Design quality?

The design is so simply, visual and responsive, separated in blocks by the white layout. The website is basically images accompanied by titles. If the user wants to know more, they will find more text once he has clicked on the topic that interests them most. The colors that predominate on the website are white, gray and blue. They keep these colors throughout the web page. In the design, the most important are the images they use. They are high quality and very attractive. In the design, the most important are the images they use. They are high quality and very attractive.

Copy quality?

The language they use is formal because the target is cultured people with studies that are interested in art. Anyway, anyone could understand it, it is not extremely sophisticated.

The copies of the titles are not very creative either because the news they publish are powerful in itself. In summary, the copies are perfect but not too attractive.


The font is easy to read and is in perfect harmony with the image. In the main web page appears the titles in blue and the subtitle in white being the letter of this larger than the title. Once you click on a news item, the title is white and also the text. The letter seems to be Arial 10 pts.


Google is a really big company, they have gained the trust and credibility of the public for a long time. In the case of google arts & culture they only try to attract you through good information and content, therefore the credebilidad is total.

How good is the marketing

Google is the search engine par excellence. In the case of Google arts and culture, it is the first option among the public but it is not as well known. The message they transmit through the website is about closeness, quality and loyalty. They have their social networks linked to the main site and it helps to give more freedom to our user and more visibility  to our brand. I would recommend the page to someone who is becoming interested in art and a history teacher.

The branding?

Google has a great identity and it is projected in the site, with all really separated in block, being very useful and easy to use. the website manages to transport you to the art world and feel the culture.


when you search “google arts & culture” the official google arts & culture page appears in the first position. It works in PC, iOS and Android because it’s responsive. In the second and third option appears the existing application for Android and iOs.

Loading speed

The website loads instantly.

Use of multimedia

The user can find images and documentary videos or reports.

Website review – TVH

How friendly is the site? 

When we go to the homepage of http://www.tvh.com we arrive on a world map with a list of languages you can choose to visit the website. It is not unfriendly but in my opinion it is rather overwhelming for the visitor if they are welcomed with a list of 60 languages. They do give you the option to “remember my preference” so you don’t have to choose your language all over again when you visit the site for a second time.

welcome page tvh

After you select your language you are on the landingspage and you can immediately find what you are looking for, everything is ordered in categories. There is not so much text under the categories so it is not bombastic at all, if you want more information you can just click on it and find whatever you want. They use a lot of white space so I think the website looks very neat and it is not chaotic at all, it makes the website easy to use.

As a help section you can start a conversation with someone of TVH. After you enter your name and e-mail address and than you ask whatever you want.


Does it communicate everything we need to know? 

You can immediately see that this is a businesswebsite. It is very useful for people who are looking to rent or buy materials from TVH. New visitors can look for more information about TVH in the right categorie. The most important categories are written bigger than the other so you can click through very easily. The website is very consistent in the use of their colors. The logo of TVH is always grey and red, so on the website they only use grey, red and white besides the photos.

How relevant is the content to your audience? 

Most of the people who visit the website are already customers of TVH, so they are looking for a new parts, services, how to rent something,… They can find this very easy on the website because these categories are bigger than the others. People want to work together with TVH for the first time can find how to contact them, what do they have,… People who are already customer can also log in on the website. So I think they do a great job in giving people the content they are looking for.

How beneficial is its interactivity? 

The main thing TVH wants is to show customers and potential customers the product range they have and convince them to work together with TVH. They create interaction with their chat where you can chat with someone who works for the company and clients can log in but beside that no more interaction is needed. Under the button “contact” people can find easily who they need to contact in which situation because it’s a very big company.


The navigation on the site is very good. They use a lot of white space so it is not chaotic and on top of the page you always have your navigation bar. You can always return to the homepage by clicking on the TVH logo in the left corner of the screen. They also have a search option so if there is anything people can’t find in the navigation bar they can find it this way.


Design quality

The design is simple but still attractive. You don’t get overwhelmed by information so I think it invites you to stay on the website. If you click on something in the navigation bar and they send you to another page, the page will always have the title of the word you clicked on so you know exactly where you are and you can always return to the homepage by clicking on the TVH logo or when you click on another word in the navigation bar. You can also click on the back button and they take you back to the page where you came from. Because of the consistency in colors I have mentioned before we can’t talk about clutter at all, there is also not too much text but everything that has to be said is said.

Copy quality 

It is a businesswebsite for an international company so the grammar is always correct and the information they spread is focused on the business. Because they use not too much text and they do use a lot of white space the texts are easy to scan.


Like I said before: they use a lot of white space, the typoghrapy is easy to read and is sans-serif and the size of the lettres is big enough. They don’t use too much text so you can easily find what you are looking for. It is a B2B site so they do use jargon about some of the products they sell because the customers are in the same businessworld so they know what they are talking about.

Attention to detail

This is a website on international scale so all of these details must be and are correct.


The site doesn’t use pop-ups so visitors won’t be annoyed this way. In the content they also don’t use blue text or underlined text.


You can visit the website with every browser but if you want to open it on a smartphone or tablet the format of the site doesn’t adapt to the size of the screen which I think is really annoying.

Loading speed

Once you are on the website everything goes pretty fast but everytime I want to go to the website from another website it loads much slower than other websites.


I think it is a really easy website and everybody can find easily what they are looking for. They have to provide a lot of content and I think because of their easy design they have done this the best they could. I do think they need to work on their loading speed because people who don’t have much time may go to another website if they have to wait to long. They should also make another version of the website that people can use on tablets and smartphones.

Evaluating a website – GOODREADS

How friendly is the site?

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.39.43

If you like books, in Goodreads you will feel welcomed because is all about books, opinions and people with the same interests.

The web is written in English but it reaches many countries. When you enter to this web you can get confused because it seems a page to sell books but if you inquire a few minutes you will discover quickly that is a page of reviews and opinions.

The content is written using an informal because the biggest part of web is written by people of community.

It’s like a big family readers.

At first, the web it could be difficult to understand but after investigating you discover what it is about. They have a bar to search for books and a help option. The help section is actually helpful because explains you how web does it works. You can see frequently asked questions.

The light brown color predominates on the website. The web uses brown tones according to the books so that it is harmonious and transmits the same sensations as when you read a book.

They do not give you the option of increasing the letter, although it is easy to read on both the computer and the mobile version.

As in most web pages you have the option to print and it is printed in A4 format.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 11.54.50

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.40.00

The purpose of the web is confusing. It’s all about entertainment and informational. It may seem like a way to sell or download books. I don’t think there is a defined target for this web. It can be aimed at young people who read a lot but also at older people. I also think that they are aimed at young people because the older ones may find it difficult to understand and use it.

If what you want is to know which book to read you are in the perfect place but if you want to download you aren’t.

The design is not bad but it is not enough attractive to want to be part of this immediately. It’s very rustic and the thematic is according to the books but maybe it’s too serious and boring. There are many options and that can also be confusing.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 11.56.49

How relevant is the content to your audience?

As I mentioned earlier, it depends on whether you like books. If that is focused on knowing future possible readings. You can know books and authors. They choose the frequently asked questions but it seems that yes.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 11.57.18

How beneficial is its interactivity?

You can be part of the community easily. You just have to register. Being part of the community consists of being able to comment, read and publish reviews. Increase the value of the site because it implies that it is a good tool to know and make known. It is an essential factor in the web to interact and publish. You have a profile and there you can interact with different users and see your previous movements.

If something does not work or you do not understand it, you can contact the person who has carried out this initiative. You can send a message introducing the problem and your email.

You are more likely to feel comfortable if you are part of the community, although you can enter and view the content without registering.

The privacy policy is easy to find just like the other help and contact options. All remain at the bottom of the web. There is a record of the data if you register.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 11.58.59

What about navigation?

The site has a logical structure and according to its purpose. Navigation can be difficult for many people but once you understand what the page is about it is easier. There are many links that transport you to other pages and allow you to buy books. You can also access social networks through the website. You can move around the site without having to register but you have more options if you do so. When you write a review it is easy to understand the writing mechanism. Does not include location. There is a visible search option that helps you find books, authors and topics.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.00.41

Design quality?

The design is in line with the theme of the web and what it is about: books. It has the name of the web in large and you can perfectly identify where you are but it is difficult to know what it is about. There is an index to move around the site. It catches you if you’re interested in what it’s about. It is correctly ordered by points and importance. Most times it is necessary to use ” about us ” to know the approach of the web. Regarding visual aids, it is important to highlight that the covers of the books are published and this helps to increase attraction and visibility. Each back button takes you back to where you were either the homepage or a review. It is very easy to search for new books or authors as well as the content you have in mind. There is cohesion of color and design betting on a color that reminds of books. They maintain a good image quality despite being book covers (many taken from the internet).

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.00.49

Copy quality?

The content is clear but its purpose is not. It’s all very well written and sold. It transmits good vibrations. There are different sections and well defined.



It is not difficult to find what you are looking for. The size of the letter is correct and the font is also according to the theme. It does not use Sans-serif but it is similar. If you understand the page, it is clear what users will get when they click on actionable elements. The lowercase ones predominate and they avoided using italics and capitals.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.09.48

Attention to detail?

The information and content is constantly updated. The role of those registered is very important. There are mandatory requirements and corporate identity included correctly as well as copyright are also. The links lead correctly to the place imposed.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.16.23


To want to be part of the community you must be interested in books, be a reader and want to know more about the subject. Successfully delivers the ” user experience ” to its main audience, which are the readers. The security icon is evident. No frames, blue text or underline.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.21.25

How good is the marketing?

The proposal is not entirely clear. It can be confused as a site to download or sell books. He does not have much competition and is the best at what he does. The message is confusing but understandable. It is constantly updated. You can share the review or the link. It’s easy to share with your friends and family, even on your social networks.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.25.40

The branding?

It is very distinctive the logo and what it is about (books). His tone is effective and the audience participates a lot with the personality of the brand.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.27.56


The web has been checked on the most common browsers. They have a app for mobiles that works for both Android and Apple devices. In computers it also works to perfection.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.30.37

Loading speed

It usually takes a long time to load the page and do not have a hobby in case it is not loaded.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.32.34

Use of multimedia

There is the option to put the voice in a review and read it alone. It is full of images of books and materials to challenge or participate in the community.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 12.35.15

Loki The Wolfdog

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 12.41.48.pngHow friendly is the site?

When you come into the website, it makes you feel welcoming, the content is written  with an informal tone so you can feel close to the public. Is white space used throughout the site so it seems less busy and easier to scan. If site visitors would like to increase the size of the text they won’t be able. Each page is easy to print off into portrait A4.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The purpose that the site serves is it not really clear, but you can find out looking at the different website tabs. Who the site´s intended audience is, is it clear since the beginning, and also they communicate what the audience is interested in. The site design is really good and the position of the navigation bar and action buttons are in the right place.

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The site does quickly convince the visitor that they´ve come to the right place an that there´s a good reason to stay because the content is really interesting. The copy is not really creative because there are more information about ONG and important topics.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

The interaction works between the social media or news letter and its very positive, increase the value of the site. The actions you want the audience to take are obvious. The contact information appear on the home page. The benefits to visitors to return to the site are clear. If you are collecting visitor data, the privacy policy is easy to find.

What about navigation?

The site have a logical structure, the navigation is easy and clear. Every page links back to the home page and the links are visibles. The visitor can move through the page with absolutely freedom. What is not in the site is a search option.

Design quality?

The design is really simple and attractive for the customer, you can tell immediately where you are because of the clear title, images…And it grab and hold your attention. The top and left of the page is used for brand identity, also, the brand use visual aids. In the site, each back button takes you back to where you were. There is a perfect cohesion of color and design, with all the images kept within the defined image-safe area.

Copy quality?

The content is clear, relevant, concise and grammatically correct, using the right emotional tone. En each section is it clear what is about. The copy written its easy scanning but sometimes a bit dense.


Does not become a chore scanning the page for what you want and the letter size is at least 10-point type, they use different font size and different typeface. When users click on actionable items it is clear what they´ll get. The site avoids using white out of a dark background for body copy, and they used perfectly italics and capitals.

Attention details?

In general, they pay attention to the details: you can find all te information up to date, all the key colors are coherent, you can see included all the corporate identity and mandatory requirements, in each section of the site you can find the copyright statement…..


The site proves their competence, capabilities and experience and the visitors see the site ´s content as useful. The pop-ups, the frames, the blue text and the underlining have been avoided.

How good is the marketing?

The site proposition is clear. As they haven´t competitors, they don´t have to make a difference. But they give clearly what benefit you can obtain from the brand.

The branding?

The brand identity project is clear and does deliver the brand emotional tone. The audience will engage with the brand´s personality.


The site has been checked on the most common browsers, and on the older ones but has not been checked on a range of monitor sizes. Will work well on Mac, PC and Mobiles. Finally, the stress have not been carried out to ensure the site can handle more than predicted level of traffic.

Loading speed?

The homepage loads instantly with a normal wifi connexion and also with a home PC with dial up modem.

Use of multimedia?

Every audio file, video file and graphic, serve a clear purpose and make a definite contribution to the benefit visitor.


How friendly is the site?

The Adidas website has a grayscale, black and white design. By having these colors, the photographs that can be seen on the web stand out more. The access tabs to purchases or other important actions are highlighted in blue. This fact is very important because it facilitates the visitor’s actions, and makes the visit to the web is satisfied. In the beginning you can clearly see the search engine, the account for those buyers that have and the different sections that you can find on the page. It also gives you the possibility to comment and subscribe to the newsletter. Another important fact is that when you enter the web, sections in motion keep coming out, allowing you to see different contents and new.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Adidas communicates everything you need, and apart it does so in a clear and visible way. Being a brand of sportswear and athletic footwear, the way to sell content on your website is clearly visible and simple, since it uses photographs of your products with prices and in some cases the possibility of personalizing them.

All this simplicity, without decorating the content, and giving a clear and direct focus, showing your products and nothing else, is something positive for communication with the client, since it does not lead to confusion. In addition, as mentioned in the previous section, the structure of the website and all the actions to be done are completely visible, within the reach of the visitor

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the website is simple and dynamic at the same time. It is a place where the visitor is comfortable doing their shopping and looking at products. It is a web suitable totally for the audience, with the contents designed for the Adidas target. It is a website created for the millennials, but at the same time it is easy for people between the ages of 45 and 60, because its content is easy to find and the actions you can take are simple and have no complications to carry them out.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

The website makes clear the actions you want the audience to take. And there are others to buy, download the Adidas app and get hooked to the content and new products that come from Adidas.
Interactivity through this website is very effective, in addition to that you can easily see that there are sections for the visitor to comment and personalize their purchases, in addition to giving their opinion on the satisfaction of the brand. If the client wants to contact someone from Adidas, he can do it easily. All this has a positive benefit for the brand, and of course, also for its sales.

What about navigation?

You can simply browse the web and in a comfortable way because the structure is simple and convenient. The colors of the web do not stun the consumer and this makes having a quiet visit without wanting to leave the web and continue looking at products. The fact that in the beginning there are moving images with different novelties helps the consumer to see what new content Adidas has and what else it can do. It is a web that besides being simple is modern, and you feel that way, like a millennial.

Design quality?

The design used to build this website is simple, modern, millennial, technological and visible. It does not give rise to doubts of what brand it is and its content is clear and precise. There are clear titles and they are mostly visible in time. In addition all the sections and different blocks of content are in view and in a single click you can access them.

Quality copy?

The contents are totally clear and concise. The way of writing is correct and at the same time relevant and attractive to the user. The visitor knows where he is at each moment, and what each section is about.


The web shows some visible titles with a different color to what is written or accompanying text. Each section is with a large letter and visible to the consumer. The purchase buttons or other actions are specified correctly and within the reach of the customer. By clicking on these buttons, you are immediately redirected to another place to carry out what you want to do.


The website is a credible site, not only because it is the official one and it is shown on the web, but it also shows you the security certificate when making purchases and has the original certificate.

How good is the marketing?

The website offers a perfect marketing, since it not only sells sportswear and footwear, but you can also see and feel its philosophy, which is not only a brand but a lifestyle, a way of living the sport. It also makes you feel millennial, fanned, technological, futuristic, and makes you feel all this with the different applications, actions and access to social networks through the web. That is to say that you can combine the visit of your website with sharing it in social networks, or be able to go to the brand’s own social networks and be able to see much more content and interact.

The brand?

The brand is clear from the minute one that you enter the web. Both the colors and the structure and design of the page have a lot to do with the brand. There is a clear brand identity projected.


There is no problem to access the web. You can access from any device and use all the commands.



Website review: Brandy Melville


How friendly is the site? 

When you come in to the website it makes you feel welcoming, and if you have doubts about what you will do in the web you know clearly with the structure of the website that the objective is that you can see all the clothes of the brand and you finally buy them. The brand use an informal tone and if you need to increase the size of the text or print the page you can.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Yes, it does. With the pictures, the style, the texts, the colors, etc. you can clearly know what is the purpose of the site, its audience, the needs of its audience, etc.

How relevant is the content to your audience?

It is essential because it is the way to show what the brand sells in their shops. For this reason the copy is focused on what the audience wants to know and if the haves a problem or a question they have a clear site for the FAQs, where you can solve whatever you need.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

A lot, because the interactivity generates traffic and the traffic generates more purchases. With the structure of the site it’s obvious what actions the brand wants that the audience take (buy). As a negative point we have to say that the website is not an incredible site so you, like a visitor, will not give your details except if you buy, because the site doesn’t encourage to do it. You will not return to the website if you don’t want to buy the brand’s clothes. And finally you will not bookmark the size because the website neither encourage you to do it. On the other hand, there’s a section where explains all the privacy policy very clear.

What about navigation?

The navigation for the website is a little bit difficult because there are some important sections like the contact or the FAQs ones that are a little bit difficult to find on the web. A part of this, the pages don’t link you back to the home page unless you click to the site “home” and you cannot get from any page to another one in less than 3 clicks, for example if you want to know where is a concrete store. As a positive point the visitor have complete freedom to move about the site and you have a search option because if the structure difficult to find something.

Design quality

In general it is okay: the site isn’t more than 800 pixels wide, the images aren’t more than 72 dpi, and as a visitor you can immediately tell where you are and you have how and where to find new information. But, the design isn’t so simple, there isn’t and index or other clear indicators of the site’s contents and the site doesn’t use lots of visual aids .

Copy quality

It is. The content is clear, relevant, concise and grammatically correct. They use the right emotional tone and is very clear to know what section is about.


There aren’t things that difficult the readability: the brand uses 10 point type size, they use just one font size and one type, the Georgia one, and they use white background for the clear readability. There is just one negative point about that, the brand use with some frequency the italics and capitals, so may be this fact makes the readability a little bit difficult.

Attention to detail

In general they pay attention to the details: all the information is up to date, all the key colors have been checked, all the corporate identity and mandatory requirements are included, the copyright statement is in each section of the website, etc.


They are super sensitized about taking care of what they do and how because they know that all can affect their credibility. For that they don’t use blue texts or underlines. But on the other hand, and as said before, they don’t have an incredible website so, they aren’t delivering the ideal ‘user-experience’ to their primary audience, for example.

How good is the marketing?

From my point of view it is not so good. They have nothing to differentiate themselves from the competition. They don’t give clearly what benefit you can obtain from this brand and not from the competitors, they don’t deliver benefits for every different audience segments, etc.

The branding

Everything is done on the perfect way here: they project perfect the identity of the brand, they deliver perfectly the brand’s emotional tone, and with this, surely the audience will engage with the brand’s personality.


It’s okay, not the best and not the worst. We can see that the website works well on Mac, on PC and on mobiles, but we cannot know if they checked it on a range of monitor size, for example.

Loading speed

This a very good point for them, because their direct competitor (Brownie) have a very bad loading speed. Their homepage load instantly and their site load quickly on a home PC with dial up modem, so they don’t need something to look if the site doesn’t loading speed, because it always do it.

Use of multimedia

They don’t use anything that don’t benefit themselves and their consumers, so everything that appear in the website is because is needed, and contribute to the benefit os the visitor and the brand.

Website review – Hollister

How friendly is the site?

The Hollister website is very colorful, modern and transmits desire to keep browsing. When you get in the website, the first thing that appears is novel clothes and some models with these clothes. If you click on shop guys or shop girls it will take you directly to the clothes photographs. In the webpage header, it always appears the phrase “free delivery on orders over €50!”. This friendly welcome transmits good vibes and desire to continue looking the new garments.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.06.18.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.06.45.png

If you keep going down to the main page, you can see the same as on the first page but with another type of new products. Also, appear the options of shop guys and shop girls to make the purchase easier and faster. If you slide a little more down, you can see another section that is a gift guide because Christmas is coming and Hollister wants to help people with the purchase of gifts. Hollister invites you to visit their social networks, see the latest on their Instagram, and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter & more.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.11.45.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.11.56.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.12.15.png

When you enter on the web the first thing is offered to you is to sign up for the newsletter and get 10% off in entire purchase. The products of this brand are completely for young people, but the middle-aged people also buy products as well.

The website is clear because it is well organized by sections. The colors of the web change depending on the seasons of the year. The colors that Hollister uses now are red, dark blue, dark green for Christmas.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The commercial purpose of Hollister is simple and visual because when you enter on the website you can see quickly that they are selling clothes for young people. It is known that it is for young people because of the models or, also, the prints or sentences that the clothing presents. They offer exclusive offers depending on the dates of the year but throughout the year there is a section of offers.

However, you can see clearly that the clothes are very youthful for the style that the brand follows. The colors that Hollister uses are flashy and cheerful. The lifestyle of the brand is cool.

From my point of view, the website is very effective because it covers the needs of customers. All sections are very well organized and the strategies to attract customers are well done. For example, the click of shop guys & shop girls that directly takes you to a next page with the product shown in the photograph.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.22.49.png

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the website is what young men and women are looking for because it is intended for them.

Hollister produces its own content, giving the brand more visibility and greater credibility. Each time the conten created by Hollister is more adapted to their target. For example, in Black Friday they created a computer game that consisted of picking up all the Hollister shopping bags without hitting the obstacles.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.28.30.png

At the end of the page, there is information about the company. One of the information sections is about order help, shipping & handling, returns & exchanges. Another section is about the company and about the its privacy.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

The interaction of the Hollister Instagram platform is very positive because they create interesting content and they receive many comments from their clients. In Instagram they have 4 million followers, which is a lot for a clothing store. In Instagram, they inform you about all the news and even always in all the photographs, it appears the price of each garment and this is very useful.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.37.35.png

The information about the company and the contact, for example, to return a garment or to work with them, is at the bottom of the page. They also have an online chat.

The brand is interested in having your email to send you the newsletter and you are interested because when you give your mail you receive a 10% off for your next purchase.

What about navigation?

The structure of the page is very simple and all sections are ordered. Surfing in the website is not difficult because when you want to look for a particular item of clothing you just have to click on the drop-down menu and click on the product category. On the main page, there is also a search engine to make the search faster. If you want to return to the main page, it is as easy as clicking on the mark that is on the left.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 9.42.34.png

Design quality?

The design of the website is done especially for the Hollister target and has a cozy style. The colors of the logo are red and the letters of Hollister in broken white. The page follows a very lineal style. In other words, it always appears text, photo, and the button to go directly to look at the clothes of the photos. The type of letters is correct along with the style that the brand follows.

Copy quality?

The content of Hollister website is understandable, close and educated. On the main page, the brand does not use many words because it is more visual to putting cheerful photographs. Every section is clear of what it is about and people do not feel confused when entering the website.

In each garment there is specified the material, how to wash it and the size guide.


The typography of the Hollister website is always the same. The titles of the sections are written in capital letters and also in bold too. The most important words are put bigger than usual. The description of the products is long and the letters without bold.

Attention to detail?

Hollister really takes great care of content, design and language, everything has to be perfectly.  They have everything very well thought out and detailed.


The content of the page is 100% credible and it is also totally safe to purchase. From my point of view, they don’t have errors in the website and in the shipments. The people around me are happy with the service and they have never had problems.

How good is the marketing?

Hollister marketing is very good because they do really good campaigns. They have done social campaigns for example by supporting the LGTB group and also a campaign against bullying. In the store, the clothes are strategically placed so that you have to move to the end of the aisle. On the other hand, they have a wide range of colors and that is why it is easy to find a garment with the color you want. It is a brand that is noticed because it does not want to be just a simple brand.

The branding?

Hollister is not just a brand because it is a lifestyle. It is a cool and fresh brand at the same time. Through this brand has been generated a very large community. People are passionate about mentioning the brand in their Instagram photos. Currently, the hashtag Hollister has been used 2,020,170 times.


The website is very functional and works perfectly. Since I am a regular customer and I have never had any problems.

Loading speed?

The loading of the webpage is fast so customers customers do not have to wait. It is a strong point because other web pages do not work well. Some pages of the competition have a low quality and design.

Use of multimedia?

The page is quite visual with some photographs accompanied by text. From my point of view, there should be a space dedicated to the social networks of the clients and post the most outstanding posts.


Website review – Eseoese

In this post we are going to evaluate Eseoese’s website analyzing different sections. First of all we have to know that Eseoese is a Spanish  clothes company founded in 1988 in Barcelona.

The sections that we are going to analyze are:

  • How friendly is the site?

Eseoese’s site is a friendly site, because it feels welcoming due to the organization of their items and because in every of their sections there is a white space is used throughout the site to make it seem less busy and easier to scan, as we can see on the picture below.


Something to improve..

The presentation of the page as the home page takes a lot “scroll”.

In addition the images that are presented do not show any order and on the contrary they confuse.

Each of the boxes redirects to a “section” but the image presented in each box is not clear enough as we can see in te on the picture below.


Furthermore, the benefits of visiting it are immediately clear; those are to have special discounts by signing up in their newsletter and to show new trends through their products.


It is also a friendly because the content is written using an informal, conversational style and tone. They describe their products in an easy way, as we can see in the picture, they describe the product very simply and clearly.


It also have a help section which is very helpful, because you can contact with them through different ways like e-mail, pone number or chat so it makes the visitor closer to the company and “safe”.


  • Does it communicate everything it needs to?

This website communicates everything it needs to because the purpose in which the site serves is business/comercial and it makes very clear that what they want visitors to do is to buy their products. It is also immediately clear who the site’s intended audience is;  they also transmit this idea through the models that are used to show the clothes.

The site is consistent in Design (colour, layout and fonts),  and in the sequence of doing things, because they organize their products in a logical way, as we can see here:

Additionally the position of the navigation bar, action buttons and terminology  is also correct.

  • How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the website quickly convince the visitor that they have come to the right place, because as we have said in the begging, the site is friendly and it transmits to the visitors that is a good reason to stay; it also submit to the visitors what they are looking for, because the products are really good shown. But it must also be said that this perception depends on the age of the visitors, if they are on the age of the target or not; unless they are looking for something to give away, because if not, the content must be not relevant for them.

The copy is also focused on what the audience wants to know, not on what he or she wants to transmit, because they show what people want to know, like pictures of the products, the price of them, the materials, sizes, colors, if is available or is in stock, it gives the option to put in on the Wishlist or on the shopping bag, the shipment and return policy and the contact. All this information is the one that the visitors are looking for and expecting.

  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

The company website makes very clear the actions that want the audience to take. Those are; make the visitors buy or/and subscibe to their newsletter.

The interactivity through this website is very simple, easy and clear, as we have said before, there is a section in which visitors can interact via email or telephone with the company but there is also a section on the bottom of the site on which visitors can also contact.

9 y 10


  • What about navigation?

Eseoese’s site has a logical structure, as we have said before, and navigation is intuitive, easy, clear and trouble-free. It also has a site map at the end of the page, when you click, it lands you on Google Maps.

Another good point that the website has is that every page link back to the Home Page through clicking the logo of the company.

Visitors can also get from any page to any other in no more than three clicks, and a complete freedom is given to move about the site.



  • Design quality?

The design used to build this website is simple, attractive, inviting and customer orientated. Visitors can immediately know where they are because there are clear titles and they are mostly of the time visibles. In addition each back button takes the visitor back to where he were.

It is also clear how and where to find new content, because there are a section about “novedades” and “editorial” in which they put interesting content to their customers.


  • Copy quality?

As we have said before, the content is clear, relevant, concise and grammatically correct and this allows visitors to know what each section is about.

  • Readability?

The site shows a legible letter with a correct size, just in some cases we found little titles in bold, just to remark where the visitor is situated.

The site makes clear what users will get when they click on actionable items; for example, when they click on the button “BUY”, it immediately appears a little “page”, as we can see on the picture below.

The most interesting thing it’s that they show the time you have to make your purchase.



  • Credibility?

As the site is selling online, a security icon should be shown, but there is not visible on the website



  • How good is the marketing?

The proposition of this site is crystal clear, is it to buy and to subscribe to their newsletter, and, to achieve that, the message is simple, concise and customer focused.

Besides this, the website offers a mechanism for visitors to recommend some product of the company to friends and family by posting through their own social platforms which are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as we can see on the example below.



The branding?

On this website there is a clear brand identity projected and the audience engages with the brand’s personality, because in fashion, if you don’t like the brand, you won’t engage the brand personality, but you will do it if you like the brand and you wear the it, because our clothes shows our personality.


The company website works well on all Macs and PCs and on mobile phone, it is a responsive site.