Canon – Website review

How friendly is the site?

Canon ( is a site on the consumer feel welcoming, since it offers a personalized section and contents according to the profile of the user who visits the page.

The benefits of visiting are made immediately clear, thanks to the top tag menu.

Is the help section actually helpful? Yes, they have a “Support” button too that is really helpful, where show that they not only worry about the good functioning of their equipment, but also because of everything they can contribute to their clients.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The brand does communicate everything they need to communicate, although probably not in the most direct way.

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the web page covers all aspects that customers (of various segments) may want or need: types of products, subcategories, inspiration sections and even drivers and software that can make the experience more comfortable for customers…

How beneficial is its interactivity?

The page offers several points in which the consumer can interact with the page, not only buying or contacting, but with a questionnaire about their experience on the page, downloading files, etc. like drivers, software, etc.

What about navigation?

Browsing the website is easy if you know what you are looking for and have clear ideas. But there is too much information, too many topics and it is easy to get distracted.

We must also add that the page loading speed is fast, almost instantaneous.

Design quality?

The design of the page is minimalist and clear. Take advantage of the nature of the products and make the landing a visual and clear element, following the corporate line of Canon: colours, typographies…

Copy quality?

On the other hand, copy does not have a great weight, except when we talk about the technical characteristics of the products. In this specific case, they use a simple and schematic copy, very clear and specifically designed to be easy to compare with other products.

Attention to detail?

Given that they are located in a sector in which the details can make a difference, the company treats this aspect with great care and detail. Therefore we find different profiles (depending on the type of user), types of products, subcategories, inspiration sections and even drivers and software that can make the experience more comfortable for customers.

Credibility? Accessibility?

On the one hand, the page has a high credibility index. This is because it is a leading brand in the sector and with good reviews.

On the other hand, the brand is accessible to everyone, which is why they have a series of profiles designed according to the type of user that accesses the page, which can easily be changed with a simple click.

Canon – Objectives and conversions

My favorite website is Canon (

One of the goals of Canon on its website is to qualify leads better up front, because not everyone is the prime prospect for any products or services. That is why the Canon website has a specific and differentiated section depending on the type of information you are looking for. You can select three options: Consumer, Business or Pro Photo & Video. The page and the content are adapted according to the choice that you make to improve the experience in the web.

Example. Dropdown menu; let choose your profile

Also, Canon offers packaged information. Many companies consider that the customer is not interested in in-depth information about the product they are buying, but all Canon products are still a conscious and thoughtful purchase, even in many cases with specific needs. All specifications of the product can be consulted in the “Specifications” tab.

Example. “Specifications” tab

Canon is like any company: they wants to generate sales. Therefore, uses a strategy of promotions and discounts, highlighting the products that are on offer from the miniature tabs. It also shows the Bestsellers of each category, looking for the most undecided potential customers to decide what the majority prefers.

Example. Promotions and discounts

Finally, the company also seeks to have a good relationship with the customer: get feedback to improve the services, section of FAQ’s to solve doubts, various ways for the consumer to contact the company, etc.

Example. Useful consumer material
Example. Contact support

Canon Analysis Audience – Judith Navarro

Canon ( is a Japanese company specializing in optical products and image capture and reproduction. Includes photography, video, photocopiers and printers. It is currently the leader in photography.

Canon believe in the power of image: the power to communicate quickly and easily, to convey the slightest of subtleties, to elicit the strongest emotions and to simplify the most complex of tasks.

Audience analysis

As for geographic and demographic segmentation, we will focus on Canon Europe. Canon is aimed at men and women between 18 and 42 years, middle and upper-middle class, since they need to have a medium-high purchasing power to get their products. Its consumers usually have studies and interest in photography.

Finally, as far as the psychographic profile is concerned, we find people with a lifestyle determined by creativity. They are considered achievers, adventurers and strivers. Normally they used online platforms to publicize their work, learn trends, and meet new editing techniques…

In a world where personal life and experiences are shared, photography has become a routine element of everyday life. But it is not only important to share and make known, but also what you share. Quality and perfection is sought and determinates what shared or not.

Canon Persona.jpg