On this post, I’m going to make a review of the CLUSE website:


In my opinion the website is quite friendly. The brand uses a direct and informal tone, which promotes the engagement with its customers. They feel like they’re talking with a friend, with sentences as: restocked and ready to rock.

When you enter at the page, the home makes you feel welcoming; because of the copies, the pictures, the order… There CLUSE introduce you what can you do on its website: shop watches, straps & jewelry. There also appears the story of the company, the look-book and the ambassadors of the brand. These last two things promote also the engagement of the brand, the ambassadors because they are prescribers of the brand and the look-book because its built from & to consumers. On the home there also appears some benefits of the company as free worldwide shipping, but if you want to know more about the brand you’ve to go to the foot of the page and open: our story. Also, if you need help you’ve to go to the footer and click on FAQ, so that the solutions are not that easy to find.

On the whole page the pictures are nice and the blank spaces help the page to seems less busy and easier to scan.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 19.32.19

 Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 19.45.04


Of course, the purpose of the page is quite clear on it. When you enter, you immediately know that they are selling watches and jewelry, as you can see in that picture:

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 21.03.58

With the tone of the copies and the images, you also know what is the audience of the company: young ladies (click here if you want to know more about the audience of CLUSE – Audience Analysis Post). On its page, they give interesting things to its target as interviews to the ambassadors, pictures of the consumers…

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 19.53.28

The website is also consistent in terms of design and navigation. It’s really easy to navigate on it. It is quite well elaborated and you can go wherever you want with a click (on the menu or on the footer), the terms they use helps to have an easier navigation.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 19.54.13


The content is not that much relevant for the CLUSE audience. There’re not a lot of copies on its page, but the few there are, are quite interesting for the customers, as the interviews I had already said. The other content, which can be more interesting, if possible, for the CLUSE audience are inspirational images.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 21.21.10

The brand tries to convince from the inspiration, and for that there is nothing better than an image. As we said here “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

On the other hand, when the customer arrives to the website its easy to know that is the Cluse website, for its logo on the top and also for the images that appears on the home page. 

To finish with this point, I’m going to talk again about the FAQs thing. As I have said this area is not easy to find, but, in spite of that, the solutions are very well explained and there appears a lot of questions.


The interaction with the page is quite good, I don’t think that it increases a lot the value of the site, but this (usability) always helps to buy more easily. They want you to buy, obviously, so their products appear everywhere and all their links lead you to the same place: the registration form or the shopping cart or both.

The actions you must carry out on the web are well located, but if you need help you’ve an on-line chat with the customer service to resolve all your doubts.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 21.50.28.png

The customer can also contact with them through the formulary they have on its website, which is findable on the footer, or calling to the company’s phone number. But again, it’s quite complex to find this information. So, you cannot find information about how to contact with the company on the home page, information as the customer service telephone, the contact email address… this is a bad practice, because it’s helpful for the customers have a good access to that information, more in case as being an e-commerce. But, well, I understand that they “are not offering a service”, they are selling a product, so the doubts tend to be less.

Also, the CLUSE website encourage the visitors to left its details, as their names, email addresses… there are calls to action, that appears as pop-ups as:

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 22.16.25

The privacy policy, they need because of the fact that they are collecting data of their customers, is, again, on the footer of the website, so, not easy to find. Also, there doesn’t appear anything like “I read and I’m agree with the privacy policy” on their forms.

About returning visitors… There is something dangerous on the CLUSE page, and it’s that the buyer, once it has bought the watch, does not visit the website anymore. To try them to come back, the brand sell complementary products as straps and jewelry. They are also always innovating, launching new collections…


The site follows a logical structure. Its navigation is intuitive, easy, clear and trouble free. There are different spaces as the watches area, the jewelry area, you also have areas to buy by colors or by bestsellers and there is also a good access to the look-book and to the store locator.

All the things (specially the products) are easy to find, as you can go from one place to another in a few clicks. The links are also visible, which makes more easy the navigation. And they also use pictures to navigate more easily. From wherever you want, if you want to return to the home page you must click on the CLUSE logo or you also have a trail, under the main menu, that it usually starts on the home. Something bad is that they don’t put buttons to go back or forward, neither a searcher.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 22.51.08.png

About the sitemap… it is on the footer of the page and it’s quite easy to find.


As a “design brand” the design of the website is quite simple, in a good way, and attractive. The copies and the images are very seducers and they help to grab and hold the attention of the audience. In the home, for example, as I have said, appears the main blocks of the page, the content, and it’s really easy to find what are you looking for, since everything is very ordered in images.

Also, this pictures have the same tonal range, that makes all the page have a good cohesion.

But in terms of brand identity, I have missed more about it on the main menu of the website, as the ambassadors’ thing. You might only know where you’re because of the logo of CLUSE, because you don’t have any link to information of the brand on this menu.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 23.07.23

The design of the website is quite good, as I have said, and it helps to have a more usable page, which translates in more conversions. In my opinion this is thanks to the images and the buttons of the site.


As I have said, there aren’t a lot of text on the CLUSE website, because to sell a lifestyle the images are the better we have. The few copies there are, are about characteristics of the products and, as I have said, they put some interviews with some influencers that they use as ambassadors in different countries. This content it has no misspellings is clear, relevant and its tone is close and informal, as I have said before.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 23.27.15


The font (Sans Serif) is easy to read, but in my opinion CLUSE use a very small size, as we can see in the last picture of Dulceida’s interview. They use other fonts for the titles and play with sizes, colors…

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 23.41.48


The page seems to be revised. They have all the things in order, but as I have said they have overlooked important legal issues as the“I read and I’m agree with the privacy policy” thing. So, maybe they have to recheck some formal things as the legal things.


The site is perfect for the audience it’s focused in. It’s simple but elegant & the most important thing is easy to use.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 23.44.25

The website has a good security, which increase the credibility of the website. In terms of pop-ups, the site has one, but only to join the news of the brand (so, we understand that the customer can be interested in this information).


The proposal is clear and appears in all its communication: they sell simplicity. So, the message is simple and concise. The customer is well focused, as I have said, this watches are for young ladies.

This brand have deliver benefits, which they express on the website, as free shipping, which some competing brands doesn’t have.


The brand identity appears quite clear on the CLUSE website, but, in my opinion, what they are putting on it it’s not enough. CLUSE, as I have said before, is trying to create engagement with its customers since its website, with ambassadors and also with the creation of a look-book. While it’s true that the look-book is completely free, because they take advantage of pictures of their customers, they are spending a lot of money on branding with influencers, but they are not exploiting it at all. They only have the famous interviews about them on their website… But the influencers are always creating content about their lifestyle, talking, in some occasions, about the brand. For example, Dulceida, the ambassador of Spain, is always showing its watches from CLUSE on the videos: (and this is only an example). So the question is, why are they not posting that? In my opinion they should create a blog to post those kind of things. With that they would improve their branding, their engagement, and also other technical things as they SEO.


The website works well on the most common browsers, either by PCs or by mobiles. It’s, also, responsive, so it adapts at all the monitor sizes, which is quite good, because day by day there are more people that prefers to buy by mobile.

In terms of traffic level… I don’t know if CLUSE have ever done a stress test, what I know is that on the Black Friday the website didn’t fall, which is a good sign.


The homepage load quickly, as we can see on Pingdom (website that measures the speed which web pages are loaded) results:

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 1.41.18


As I have been saying during this post, this website is full of images which have a clear purpose: inspire to convince the customer. In my opinion without that images the website it would lose all its value, so the benefit its quite clear in there.

CLUSE Objectives & Conversions – Marta Naharro Dávila

My favorite website is CLUSE:

CLUSE, as I have said in other posts, use its website as an e-commerce, where it sells watches and jewelry to all over the world. Therefore, the main objective of its website is to sell, releasing branding to a second level. On this post, I’m going to talk about the objectives of the brand and its conversions.


Objectives don’t make sense without a context & they also have to be smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound), but as we have a lack of information we are not going to be able to define specific objectives. So, I’m going to point some general (imprecise and non-concrete) objectives:


In E-Commerce, the conversions are the goals we achieve on our website. So, we are not talking just about sales, we are also talking about information we want to share, information we want to collect… here we have some examples (on the bubbles appears the objectives they achieve with this conversions):

The most obvious one, as we have said, is do it a sell. (CLUSE don’t set a budget to get free shipping, as other brands do, as it makes free shipping to the whole world). In the PICTURE 1 & PICTURE 2 we can see buttons that helps to achieve the objective of increase our sales, but the conversion itself is the buy of a watch or of one of their pieces of jewelry. So, the programmer has to put the conversions counter on the page that puts: Thanks for buying! Or something like that. That is going to help us to improve SEM, also our KPIs…





Another conversion is a register on the website as a customer. We have that option on the header of the website (PICTURE 3), but also in the purchase process (PICTURE 4).





But they have more strategies to increase the database of their users… Another conversion is: a subscription to their newsletter. To achieve that goal, they put some messages (PICTURE 5) on their pages and they put a little box on the footer of its website (PICTURE 6).





An upload to their lookbook, of an image, (PICTURE 7) is also a conversion. And it helps to create engagement & also to inspire a lifestyle.



But, a click on a video (PICTURE 8) it can also be a conversion. This video, for example, shows a limited-edition box they did with Negin Mirsalehi (instagramer).




Also we have:

To sum up…

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 11.24.20.png

CLUSE Audience Analysis – Marta Naharro Dávila

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-11 a las 15.13.48


CLUSE is a new brand of classic watches and now jewelry, as they are starting to introduce some. It is an Amsterdam brand, that is where they make their watches. Their slogan is “find beauty in simplicity”, which does not mean to be boring, it has nothing to do with it, it means to be sophisticate and faithful to oneself. How can they achieve that? Manufacturing elegant and minimalist watches with a high quality. ¡They sell to the entire world!

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-11 a las 15.09.25


To understand what our target is we need to analyze different things:

1. Cultural factors: these ones have a huge influence in our customer and its consumer behavior, as it determines the desires of a person. This clock can be adapted to all races, nationalities, religions… because it is a quite simple product. In terms of social class, despite being a quite economical watch I think that it is not for lower class; this watch is more for middle or upper class, because of their tastes.

2. Social factors: here we have to talk about the influence groups, as the purchase of this watch is influenced by some of them. First of all, about the membership groups, and specially about friends; because it is common to buy this clock because your friends are wearing one. But is extremely important, more in this case, talk about the aspirational groups. These groups are made up of people our customer would like to look like, because of their lifestyle… CLUSE have started to co-work with influencers/instagramers, as they know how important they are in the actual society. Instagram and instagramers have a huge influence in the consumer behavior, so as a brand we can take that as an opportunity. And is important to know that as a public necessity, which means that this product is something that people will see, the influencers have a huge influence on the brand election, but not that much in the specific product.

3. Personal factors: this watches are for young girls, between 16 – 30 years old, that can be studying or working (but they have to able to spend 100€ in a watch). Also, they have to be metropolitan people, which love shopping (also they have to be interested in fashion) and have an active social live. They usually are hedonist people, who care about having a good image and satisfy their desires.

4. Psychological factors: the motivation of this purchase could be the necessity of wearing a new watch. But the motive to buy this one and not another one it has to be the brand, because there are a lot of watches quite similar.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-11 a las 15.07.39


Captura de pantalla 2017-10-06 a las 13.22.53