The broandband is the single biggest change influencing our job. It was born in the decade of 1970, and was been evolving until 2001, arriving finaly to the homes with Ethernet.


It has changed everything, but mostly important, the communication. Because nowadays is not just communicate to sell something in your neightbourhood, now you can do a product in China, do the comunication in Spain and sell in United States.



The speed of the broandband is continiusly evolving, but now the most typical speed is arround 100-300 mb/s, but Google Fiber is starting to offer 1.000 mb/s. Nowadays this kind of connexion is as much important as a law, like in México, where the goverment and the state has to ensure the broandband to all and is a right of the citizens to enjoy it.



The mass creativity is a digital art concept and one of the changing elements that influence our work (communication, marketing,…). The creativity in mass works from very few years ago, although the origin goes back to the XX century, the truth is that, there is still much to exploit.

-Mass Creativity is a series of outreach workshops designed

to inspire imagination and creativity-

2015-mass-creativity-logo-RGB.pngSpecifically, creativity, as a concept and already installed in the minds of consumers. It is the concept of ability to create, and produce new things that up to date, nobody has created, and also, takes into account in this creation variables and creative abilities to innovation, through art, creation that satisfies a need – in this case – need of the consumer.

On the other hand, the concept of mass, are a homogeneous group with similar characteristics of a primary (family and friends) or secondary group. In relation to this concept with the digital world, it has the same meaning, but in this case, consumers share their opinions, experiences and  own evaluations. Add or subtract value from the brands.

( Mass + Creativity )


In the one hand, the hyperconnected society, the digital mass generates a technological concept that we had not seen until the 21st century. And it generate a revolution, but not only the way of understanding communication at the same time offers a different ​​possibilities -that until now did not exist- but has created new jobs, new university degrees, and of course, new needs and channels to communication.

It should be based on the Creative self-expression that is privilege. And that you can’t talk about creativity without the concept of intelligence. For this reason, I am going to make a point about creative intelligence.

And this desire to achieve new and revolutionary things, are the ones that base the fundamental pillars of the creative personality of each one. Also thanks to her (the personality) we can create from laptop, social media, …

‘It is based on the desire to achieve something different.’
Alan J. Rowe

In short, the online world. It should be noted that in the entrepreneur and business world opens up possibilities that until now were impossible to imagine if you didn’t have a large capital with which you financed.


306372-market-and-economicsThis fact produces falling production costs ← → growing demand for superior experience getting an idea, through the right channel in global online market and a quality of production and this is the weapon of mass creativity.

In short, mass creativity must be a weapon to be able to spread and give more value to our brand.

And as Harvey Specter would say ‘Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results’.