Lush Cosmetics: Objectives and Conversions


Increase revenue

It is the main objective of any marketing strategy and of course also it is for online marketing. However, this media offers many more options that we must know how to take advantage of. Companies should know how to optimize their organic positioning and perhaps complement it with pay-per-click ads. In this case, Lush has a good usability and a very attractive website, which invites the visitor to try or buy their products. It is organized in such a way that it is easy to find any product that is wanted and also it recommends some related products. Keeping on date their Marketing Content & Social Media Marketing are also two important points that can reorient the reader towards the website and end their visit on a purchase. This also should be related to an increase in the average ticket per customer, so you can obtain more profitable visitors.

Build a strong brand image

This is a fundamental step. This rich media allows us to configure the space in any way so we can transmit to the consumer all our values ​​as a company. Lush does not have an own section in which all the corporate information of the company is found, but it is not necessary for them either because their entire page has a unified design that is consistent with their values.

Some of the elements that strengthen Lush’s image are:

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.20.39

All these points are helping Lush to create a strong brand image.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.27.14 

Increase targeted traffic

All companies want to see how their traffic numbers increase, but what we really should be worrying about is to increase the qualified traffic. By targeting the marketing to specific profiles and focusing the strategies on them, Lush can increase the ROI of their marketing efforts, as well as their final results.

Improve the online reputation

Nowadays everyone can post their opinions about companies or products online. This may create a problem or an opportunity to our reputation as a brand, depending on how we manage it. That is why we must know how to manage any kind of review we obtain, being present and connected with the consumer and responding nicely to any complaint that may exist, in order to reduce the negative impact.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.47.58

Become a resource or an authority in your field

Becoming an expert in a certain sector is complicated and requires a lot of work. These leaders often become influencers and experts on issues related to what they do, simply sharing information and advices for their visitors. This practice does not usually give an immediate result but if it’s carried out properly and consistently, the company will maintain or improve its positioning in front of the industry and in front of the consumers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 00.51.06

Increase your online visibility

Starting from the pretext that if nobody knows you, you do not exist, we can assure that consumers knowing us is very important for our activity. You must set goals defining where, when and how we want to be found and work to ensure that this happens.

Establish the brand on Social Media

Have a presence in social networks and develop an integrated strategy with the website. It is important that both are connected, that is, build a bidirectional bridge between your social networks and the website.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.25.25

Lush wants his visitors to share what they like and what interests them. Its purpose is to reach potential potential consumers.

Generate qualified leads and improve lead conversions

This is the most popular goal for almost every business website. Leads are something through which we can improve the website’s marketing performance. We have to make sure to get qualified leads so it can give us a competitive advantage.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve consumer satisfaction through their experiences on the website. For this the page must be well designed and have a good usability, which allows the visitor to find everything easily and in a very visual way.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 13.37.53


The entire Lush website is organized and designed so conversions are not too obvious: it does not have flashy banners or either aggressive messages with certain actions.


The purchase is the most obvious and essential conversion considering that it is an e-Commerce. From here there appear a whole set of secondary conversions, but no less important.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 17.29.59

Create an account

The page has an exclusive area for registered customers. Through this account the client can be benefited through the following areas: set a delivery address, add products to a wish list, make an order history and post comments and reviews.

Subscription to the Newsletter

Visitors can sign up for the newsletter in two ways: at the bottom of the page or in the customer area. Through the Newsletter, they will receive all the news of the brand, which creates a greater relationship between both.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 17.55.05

Reviewing or classifying

Customers can leave comments about the products and rate them, even in some cases these comments can be published next to the products on the company’s page. This always generates greater credibility for potential customers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 17.29.25

Share social networks

The company has many profiles in almost all Social Networks and encourages the consumer to share and maintain conversations with them.

Check your related articles

The page does not have an exclusive table destined to a blog but it does have numerous articles and tutorials that can be found around the products.



LEGO: Objetives&Conversion


The Lego page



1.- Increase the sells in the website

2.- Attract children with the colourful page


3.- To obtain leads via registration and newsletter



– The layout is quite easy to understand, it is separated by themes or interest, and have many other separation by bricks, extras like books, watches, keyrings, etc. and discover, whic is a link for example to Legoland and others.


– When you are the the product view, you can add to bag or to whislist if you have an account, and they offer you to keyword to see more product like the one you are looking for.


– When you are ready to buy, in Christmas, they gift you an special pack, and depending of the price, the free shipping. In order to engage better and obtain leads, they give you “VIP coins” to win special advantages.



Objectives and Conversions – Lazy Oaf

Website –>



The main objetive of this brand is to spread their sentiments, values and way to live life. They are:

  • A warped sense of humor
  • The attitude of poking fun and not taking anything too seriously
  • Inspiration by youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion and a sense of apathy towards conforming to the norm

They are also interested in increasing their sales, that’s why they are always collaborating with new influencers who can promote the brand, and they are changing their collections very often.

Lazy Oaf’s objective is also increase and improve their Instagram account, because is their most followed social media platform. And they also have a tab in their website called “Instashop” where you can shop items that appear in a picture posted in their Instagram.

They ship their products all around the world so, another objective is to be known in other countries.



At the time you enter into the main page of the website, there are four different tags that can lead you to conversion.

  1. The first one is the actual shop, were you can find their products. But there is nothing surprising that can draw you attention, unless you really seem to like the items.
  2. Then there is the “Oaf World”, where you can find every news, collections and campaigns they are working on. And, again, if you are not engage to the brand, it may not be interesting for you.
  3. The third one is the mentioned “Instashop”, where you can buy the items you saw in their Instagram. It is really useful and helpful for conversion because you don’t have to search product by product, which is the on you saw.
  4. And the last is the “Coming soon”, where you can see and reserve the next campaign clothes or accessories. It is useful for conversion too because if you don’t like this month or season products, you can take a look at this tab and find out the future ones. And you can look at this tab every season to be one of the firsts ones to know what is going to come next.



Another way to convert is by creating a account, where you can have easier access to the Lazy Oaf world and where the clients are called Oafers.

Lazy Oaf also those a sample and deadstock sale. They open their physic shop or rent another place only one day for selling those clothes that where never out of stock or sell. So they sell it for a extremely reduced price.




Rosa Clárá is not a common wedding dress shop, it is an internationally recognized brand of very good quality. Therefore, your goal is not to sell online, but generate greater knowledge by consumers and get to ask for an appointment or buy in the same store wedding or party dresses.

This brand works very much its corporate image in the social networks recording the prestige that has. Use famous photos on Instagram to reach a wider audience. Without forgetting that its objective is also to increase the number of visits of the web page and to increase the followers in social networks.

Another objective of Rosa Clará is to generate a link with the consumer through the appointments to advise them and to improve the loyalty.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 9.20.52.png



Rosa Clará shows on her website a different way of subscribing without sending you messages in the email about offers, that is, by an online appointment. In this form the consumer will put what type of dress looks for, in what city and through the personal data will be contacted to change the day of the appointment if it were not possible. Once again, the brand is positioned differently in front of the competition as it does not invade the consumer, but it makes branded content so that it reaches the brand of bridal dresses.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 9.24.54.png

Another way that the company has to make conversions is through the blog of its website in which several tips or styles of different brides appear. These posts can be shared through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube to generate more knowledge of the brand and interaction.


Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 9.26.15.png


Objectives and Conversion – TenTree


The objective of the TenTree brand is not to sell shirts, jackets or caps, it is to plant trees, reforest forests and help people in rural communities. That is why they donate all the money received to these same causes.

What the brand does is that it makes you aware of what is happening in the world so that you decide to make a positive change in it and help, earning as a consequence a product of the brand.

Tentaree was founded on the premise that every consumer wants to know that they are contributing to the wellbeing of our planet.

They believe that they can inspire a new group of consumers to tackle the environmental issues that they are now faced with, positively impacting our future.

TenTree does not discount any of its products because as I said before, it does not do it to sell clothes and accessories but to help.


When you go to the website, in the upper right corner they have a count of the trees they have planted, so they show you the change they are making in the world


Captura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.26.56.png

Also on their homepage they inform of the changes they are making and where the money they invest is going by buying TenTree products, which is not only to reforest but to feed very poor people.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.08.14.png


They have a map of the places they are responsible for reforesting and they explain to you by means of statistics why these places have dried up or what has happened to them so that they are in deplorable situations.



Captura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.21.03.png


Captura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.21.49.pngCaptura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.21.58.pngCaptura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.22.06.png

TenTree is made known through Bloggers, Photographers, communities that protect the environment and influencers who talk about ecology.

All of them are invited to the excursions and to plant trees so they can comment on their social networks.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-28 a la(s) 20.42.17.png