WEBSITE REVIEW: Coquo Catering

First of all, the page work well on all Macs and PCs (and mobiles), is web responsive. The web site fell you welcome, because there are some white blanks where you can relax your look, there aren’t much text and the colours are neutral. But they only use it to give information about: contact, where the client receives an attention more personalised for the accomplishment of his order, where they are located, and the social networks that they are in.

There’s no navigation because everything’s appears at first sight. So, the benefits of visiting the site are immediately clear, which are bring the client information of contact.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 15.56.07.png

They have link directly to his social networks; Twitter, You Tube and Facebook, where the user can find additional information about what the company do, and content of interest for the target (also they use Instagram, but it’s not announced in the site).

So, in the site you can only see the contact and the social networks of Coquo Catering.

If I focus on the positioning of the web site, there are a few interesting things. In Google we can find the business:

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If we search “catering vilanova i la geltru” in Google, one of the first results are Coquo Catering.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 15.52.40.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 15.53.10Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a les 15.53.26

They do a good SEO positioning; we can see that the company are on different platforms, as Facebook. They are too in “Eix Diari”, it’s a diary of Vilanova i la Geltrú (where the company is) so they use this platform as a partner to make them know.



baixaCoquo Càtering s principal objective is to gain positioning in the market, be announced. For this reason, he chooses the on-line communication as a tool to extend brand presence.

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If you don’t report, you don’t exist. The company has entered in the social networks; they are in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Where he reports to his clients, not only what he offers also the image of the company. With this, the company use internet as a tool to provide pre-and after sale to customers and to get closer to the customer, establishing dialogues, learning about them, asking them about their needs and concerns, etc.

For this motive, Coquo Càtering determines certain objectives to expire monthly:

Increase 10% the number of visits in their social networks. As InterAct objective, the company propose to increase 20% the likes in his Facebook page, also increase 50% the likes in Instagram. Because they think both are the most usefull sites to comunícate this type of services.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a les 16.39.45

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In my opinion, if they want to grow, it will be useful to create an e-commerce. Also, they can use their website to position themselves above their competitors and be chosen; doing a post-buy questionnaire (evaluating his satisfaction of purchase), and will be grate to create a blog with photos of the events they do.




The company have two types of clients. On the one hand, schools with an exclusive contract for their daily lunch, it means that they will always contract COQUO services for their students. Many of the schools are located in the Garraf region.

On the other hand the individuals, they are considered as clients men and women between 25 and 70 years with a middle-income, who live in Garraf district. Those people are not the main client for the Company because their orders are isolated and many of them with a low volumen. But anyway they are also important because they provide benefits during the most isolated periods, such as local parties, Christmas… At the same time, COQUO is known by his sophisticated service, because of it, many people contract them for weddings and events of importance.

These customers are defined as; current (they are up to date with developments in social networks), sociable (who spend part of their free time to be with people) and with a sophisticated taste (value quality food).

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