Glossary – Marketing Engagement

What is engagement?

Engagement marketing is the practice of using fact-based analysis and insights to develop actionable strategies that promote brands and build meaningful consumer relationships.

This is accomplished by creating live consumer interactions and experiences that take place in and out of the store.

Why is it necessary?

  • It builds influence
  • Mantains audience attention
  • Builds relationships with the audience
  • Helps understand the brand’s audience

How can we do it?

We can connect with the clients and consumers of the brand through multiple engagement touchpoints, that are:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Conferences and events

Every brand needs to develop a long-term relationship, and they have to do it through creative and unique marketing avenues.

What is the engagement sequence?

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We can create engagement by sharing and idea and a message that together creates a concept that differentiates the brand form the others.

So we can say that engagement and trust if it is focused in the brand’s target, it will create a major brand impact.



Engagement marketing can be effective and simplified tool to stay in touch and potentially convert potential prospects and current clients. So, we can say that engagement is the commitment that a consumer develops towards a brand, and that at the end leads to different types of benefits to the brand such as loyalty.