Website review – Eseoese

In this post we are going to evaluate Eseoese’s website analyzing different sections. First of all we have to know that Eseoese is a Spanish  clothes company founded in 1988 in Barcelona.

The sections that we are going to analyze are:

  • How friendly is the site?

Eseoese’s site is a friendly site, because it feels welcoming due to the organization of their items and because in every of their sections there is a white space is used throughout the site to make it seem less busy and easier to scan, as we can see on the picture below.


Something to improve..

The presentation of the page as the home page takes a lot “scroll”.

In addition the images that are presented do not show any order and on the contrary they confuse.

Each of the boxes redirects to a “section” but the image presented in each box is not clear enough as we can see in te on the picture below.


Furthermore, the benefits of visiting it are immediately clear; those are to have special discounts by signing up in their newsletter and to show new trends through their products.


It is also a friendly because the content is written using an informal, conversational style and tone. They describe their products in an easy way, as we can see in the picture, they describe the product very simply and clearly.


It also have a help section which is very helpful, because you can contact with them through different ways like e-mail, pone number or chat so it makes the visitor closer to the company and “safe”.


  • Does it communicate everything it needs to?

This website communicates everything it needs to because the purpose in which the site serves is business/comercial and it makes very clear that what they want visitors to do is to buy their products. It is also immediately clear who the site’s intended audience is;  they also transmit this idea through the models that are used to show the clothes.

The site is consistent in Design (colour, layout and fonts),  and in the sequence of doing things, because they organize their products in a logical way, as we can see here:

Additionally the position of the navigation bar, action buttons and terminology  is also correct.

  • How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the website quickly convince the visitor that they have come to the right place, because as we have said in the begging, the site is friendly and it transmits to the visitors that is a good reason to stay; it also submit to the visitors what they are looking for, because the products are really good shown. But it must also be said that this perception depends on the age of the visitors, if they are on the age of the target or not; unless they are looking for something to give away, because if not, the content must be not relevant for them.

The copy is also focused on what the audience wants to know, not on what he or she wants to transmit, because they show what people want to know, like pictures of the products, the price of them, the materials, sizes, colors, if is available or is in stock, it gives the option to put in on the Wishlist or on the shopping bag, the shipment and return policy and the contact. All this information is the one that the visitors are looking for and expecting.

  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

The company website makes very clear the actions that want the audience to take. Those are; make the visitors buy or/and subscibe to their newsletter.

The interactivity through this website is very simple, easy and clear, as we have said before, there is a section in which visitors can interact via email or telephone with the company but there is also a section on the bottom of the site on which visitors can also contact.

9 y 10


  • What about navigation?

Eseoese’s site has a logical structure, as we have said before, and navigation is intuitive, easy, clear and trouble-free. It also has a site map at the end of the page, when you click, it lands you on Google Maps.

Another good point that the website has is that every page link back to the Home Page through clicking the logo of the company.

Visitors can also get from any page to any other in no more than three clicks, and a complete freedom is given to move about the site.



  • Design quality?

The design used to build this website is simple, attractive, inviting and customer orientated. Visitors can immediately know where they are because there are clear titles and they are mostly of the time visibles. In addition each back button takes the visitor back to where he were.

It is also clear how and where to find new content, because there are a section about “novedades” and “editorial” in which they put interesting content to their customers.


  • Copy quality?

As we have said before, the content is clear, relevant, concise and grammatically correct and this allows visitors to know what each section is about.

  • Readability?

The site shows a legible letter with a correct size, just in some cases we found little titles in bold, just to remark where the visitor is situated.

The site makes clear what users will get when they click on actionable items; for example, when they click on the button “BUY”, it immediately appears a little “page”, as we can see on the picture below.

The most interesting thing it’s that they show the time you have to make your purchase.



  • Credibility?

As the site is selling online, a security icon should be shown, but there is not visible on the website



  • How good is the marketing?

The proposition of this site is crystal clear, is it to buy and to subscribe to their newsletter, and, to achieve that, the message is simple, concise and customer focused.

Besides this, the website offers a mechanism for visitors to recommend some product of the company to friends and family by posting through their own social platforms which are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as we can see on the example below.



The branding?

On this website there is a clear brand identity projected and the audience engages with the brand’s personality, because in fashion, if you don’t like the brand, you won’t engage the brand personality, but you will do it if you like the brand and you wear the it, because our clothes shows our personality.


The company website works well on all Macs and PCs and on mobile phone, it is a responsive site.


EseOese – Objectives and conversions

Eseoese is a spanish fashion company, wich was born in Barcelona and has a total of 12 shops in Spain and it has been expanded to the international market, It is a brand that wants to be a part of the daily life of the people and for that reason, the essence of the brand is the comfort and the natural elegance.

It’s also a successful brand with a lot of growth potential as it increased its turnover by 33% compared to the previous year.

It’s a company which has been expanding year by year, in these last 2 years they have a challenge wich is improve online presence in Spain but also in Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla y Zaragoza, because they are planning to open a store. It’s important to them improve online presence because hey have an strategy wich is the launch of its online sales platform as a step prior to the start-up of physical establishments.

for that reason The main objective of this company is to continue his expansion and also to increase sales.





It refers to the principal objective of marketing, for that reason, as a fashion company one of their main objective is to increase sales using internet as a tool to increase them, it means increase their web traffic, in order to increase sales and customers in a physical store. We can do it throug discounts if they subscribe on our newslatter and special prices in some specific clothes only just one day of the week



everything related to customer service and satisfaction as part of the brand’s vision (be part of the daily life of the people and that they are part of us) In this case, the objective of eseOese is respond quickly to questions from users and use other tools to maintain greater interaction. Therefore, to build and maintain a good feedback. A way to increase this point could be with WhatsApp’s number on the website, where customers can clear their doubts as they do with their friends.


Sizzle: In this case, we want to win online advocates for the brand to gain an online reputation. The objectives should be focused on satisfaction levels, to enhance visits to the website. For example with recommendations and brand prescribers. Therefore, the objective of eseOese is delighting customers or potential customers through content and collaborations with fashion bloggers or influencers, with the aim of to enhance visits to the website.



The following actions are possible conversions because they have a direct connection with the objectives of the brand:

  • Ask for more information
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Get people to place an order
  • To convert a visitor into a client trough the purchase.

Glossary – share of voice


Share of voice (SOV or Voice participation) it’s a level of participation about a company, user or Brand in a specific channel versus our competitors.

“It is how much your company is noticed, how visible or notorious it is, how much it is made to hear (or see)”.

share 1

The definition has recently been extended to include visibility in general, incorporating organic searches, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and social networks because in marketing Online

It’s very important to know what is the impact (repercussion) of our actions because we’ll obtain the information about:

  • If users mention us
  • how they do it and how often
  • how many times
  • When they speak about us it’s in a positively or negative way?



We have to know that the most important part it’s choose the right metrics to measure our actions and it’ll be the base of our success. The most common are:

  1. Feedback: Number of users they clicked “Me gusta” in our publications
  2. Number of followers in each social network
  3. Number of times people share our brand
  4. Number of mentions: number of times my brand ins named in different social network (tool: Social mention)
  5. Value of our post (tool: PostRank Analytics)





If you do not have enough budget to calculate the (SOV) with the necessary tools, it can also be done manually.

1. Choose your keyword

First of all, decide what keywords you want to calculate your share of voice for. I’m going to use my brand “EseOese” as an example.

  • Fashion clothes
  • Casual fashion
  • feminine fashion
  • Bohemian clothes
  • Clothing online

2. Choose our competitors (Competitors of eseOese)

It’s important to know the URLs for the online properties of all of your competitors; a competitor might have more than one domain, or might use sub-domains.


3. Record the ranking for each keyword

 For each of the keywords you selected in step one, you need to record whether you rank for them, and if you do, in what position.

share a

share bshare c

4. Calculate share of voice for each keyword

Now, is better to use a tool to automate the process because the last step is a large process if we use many keywords.

“We are goint to calculate the rate of clicks (CTR) that corresponds to each keyword”.

It’s important to know that the different positions of keywords receive different numbers of clicks. I.e:  If we have 3 keywords in the top 5 and so did our competitor that doesn’t mean your share of voices are the same – it all depends on the rank

For this reason, we will calculate share of voice using average click through rates (CTRs) for each keyword with the tool

5. Finally, the result 

we’ll get something like that to make conclusions.

share d



To measure “the level of participation that a user has in a specific channel” in a general way we can use the following formula:

share 3.JPG




We can also use these tools to measure the number of conversations about us versus our competitors

  • Social Mention
  • Google Alerts
  • Rankur
  • SamePoint
  • Xopie



If during December on Instagram the “hashtags” about “bohemian clothes” has been about 8.000 and our brand has been in 4.000 of them it means that we have a 50% percent of share of voice in Instagram.

share f


By: Isabella Plasencia

Brand: eseOese –>

Audience analysis – eseOese

Eseoese is a Spanish brand of clothes created by Eva García y Willy López in 1988. They opened their first store in Barcelona in few years they expanded and reached to the international market.

This company had a lot of problems when they started because of the economic crisis, an unemployment rate of 24% a public debt of 68% and three devaluations (peseta) but instead of that they increased 14% of their turnover.


Their target is focused on young girls between 15 and 30 years old, but the major part of their clients are in theirs average 20. Due to the price of the product their have a medium-high income revenue, these girls are students (they normally study at private school) or workers, they have a higher education and live in good áreas.

They like to be fashionable, they like trends and they have an urbanite spirit, they also are very sociable and fun girls who love to enjoy and share unique moments with their friends and also with their family because they usually are very familiar people.

The target cares a lot about his image, they want to show that they belong to the same social circle as their friends, they have the same lifestyle or very similar, they go the same restaurants, discotheques, they travel a lot outside country on vacations and go out to the same places as their friends. They want to show that their are fashion and modern,  that they look good and that are cool, they like to go shopping with their friends and follow the same fashion bloggers or influencers by Instagram like Dulceida, Paula gonu and so on.


Finally, as they are generation “Y” and “Z” they are addicted to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, they are always showing what they do or where they are, so they like to share pictures about their lifestyle on Instagram or Snapchat.