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My favorite website is Expedia: https://www.expedia.es/

What does conversion strategy means?

Conversion strategies work to add value, create a good customer experience and turn browsers into repeat buyers. Each goal is a vital element in a well-developed conversion strategy. Employee training and development programs, high customer service standards and differing pricing strategies all drive conversion rates. From an even narrower perspective, the store layout, merchandise displays and inventory availability influence conversion. Together, these elements create a total customer experience that often determines whether first-time or repeat customers will return.

Objectives and conversions

One of the main objectives of the brand is to generate sales. When we enter the website we can see at the top a notice that if you make a member of Expedia+, you get an additional discount of 10%. And if we go down a little we see that informs us that if we book flight + hotel we have a discount of 15%.

It is clear that when reading this you enter the link to inform you, since if we see the word discount we get the attention. Another action that carries out the brand are the last minute trips, which also generates sales, since as they are trips for very specific dates are usually cheaper.

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Another action to generate sales are the offers you promote, as you can see below. For example, if you hire a vacation package, you can get a discount of 20% or make the reservation before a specified date. You also get a gift when you buy something, or even a 50% discount on selected hotels.

kl.pngAnother goal that Expedia has is creating a good relationship with the customer A good customer service should be a primary objective in companies, because depending on whether they are happy with the purchase service or not they  decide to buy or not.

On the web we see that there is the option that places “Support”, in it we find two things, on the one hand, customer support with series of usual questions, travel tools, basic information for travel and advice. Expedia also provides a telephone and an email to be able to contact the customer. And, on the other hand, “Feedback” in which you can propose to the company any kind of change or improvement.


Finally another thing to note from Expedia is the great variety of services provided to the customer. In the menu we can see that not only sell airline tickets and hotels, but also vacation packages, as I mentioned earlier, last minute trips, tickets, car rental, train tickets and vacation rentals.

There are the conversion strategy of Expedia, that in my opinion are very good.


EXPEDIA Audience Analysis Carla Brea Marín


Expedia, Inc. is an American travel company that owns and operates several international global online travel brands, primarily travel fare aggregator websites and travel meta search engines including Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Trivago, Venere.com, Travelocity, Orbitz, and HomeAway.

The company operates about 200 travel booking websites in about 75 countries, and has listings for about 350,000 hotels and 500 airlines.

According to Rich Barton, the first CEO, the word “Expedia” is derived from a combination of exploration and speed.



Is the ideal website for those people who want to buy airline tickets, hotel, car reservations, cruises or even vacation packages.

It offers the comfort of finding in a simple click your perfect trip, through the mobile and anywhere. So it is ideal for people who make their purchases by mobile.

On the other hand offers the cheapest prices within the field of online travel search.

As the biggest online travel site in the world, Expedia attracts a variety of demographic groups, the most important are the Millenials. 

The millennial generation shows a great concern to travel and to know new places. In fact, the  majority of young people between 18 and 30 years old have traveled at least once. In addition, a characteristic that defines this collective is the ability to be constantly connected, as they search and learn on the internet. Another  feature that identifies them is their interest in discovering different enclaves and experiences. 

There are a curious generation who are eager to discover and travel the world. Very well equipped and well communicated, their  way of travel is different from other generations. 

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