Website review – Fjällräven

Evaluated website:

How friendly is the site?

The website of Fjällräven is friendly because make the consumers feel welcoming since the very first moment. The benefits of visiting are immediately clear, the content is written using an informal, conversational style and tone. They use white space throughout the site to make it seem less busy and easier to scan and each page is easy to print off onto portrait A4.

We have to tell that the website has no any help section and neither a clear option to increase the size of the text if the visitors want to. The company have to improve this two items to make the site friendlier.


Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The website communicates clearly the propose for what has been done, which in this case is to sell products of the brand. When you enter to the site, you see clearly who is the intended audience and they communicate what the audience is interested in, like: promotions, new blogs, products proprieties, promotions and others.

Another point to note is that the site is consistent in terms of design, sequence of doing things, positioning of the navigation bar and action buttons, and terminology. So, we can say that the website communicates and transmit so well what the brand wants to explain and what represents.


How relevant is the content to your audience?

The site convinces quickly the visitor that they have come to the right place and that there is a good reason to stay, because since the first moment and without disturbing, a lot of important and curious information is appearing in a way that the only think the audience can do is explore and learn.

The copy is focused at the same time in two perspectives: tell the audience what they want to know and what the brand wants to tell them.

I have checked with the customer Services and all the FAQs have been covered. In this space, appear questions like:

  • How do I search for a product?
  • Do I need an account with you?
  • Do you have a size chart? Or
  • Can I wash my Känken? Among many others.


How beneficial is its interactivity?

The interactivity of the Fjällräven website is very beneficial and positive, and increase the value of the site to the visitor. Really make the most of the medium to encourage the interaction and is obvious what actions the brand want the audience to take, because the structure of the website drives you to it. That’s the reason why I know that the incentive to take the required course of action is sufficiently motivating to the audience.

The place encourages the visitors details to be left and to bookmark the site. The benefits of returning to the website are abundantly clear and the privacy policy is very easy to find.

Two things that make the website interactivity less beneficial are that the contact information doesn’t appear on the home page and that don’t give regular visitors “accelerators”. I think that the second reason is because the company is a worldwide business and because it’s a little complicated to segment customers.


What about navigation?

The navigation of the site, in my humble opinion, is perfect. Is easy, fast, clear and attractive.

The site has a logical structure, with a site map included and easy to find. The navigation is intuitive, easy, clear and trouble free. Every page link return back to the Home Page and the links are visible. You can get from any page to any other in no more than three clicks.

The visitors have complete freedom to move about the site and there is a search option that makes the search easier and faster. Finally, I tested the site with a focus group (my family) and we check the usability. The conclusions were that it is very intuitive, clearly and very easy to use.


Design quality?

The design of the website is simple, attractive, inviting and customer orientated and a pleasure to use, is very minimalist. It grabs and hold your attention, at the same time that avoid clutter. There is a table of contents that indicate clearly the site’s contents and you can immediately tell where you are, because it’s simple.

On the top and left of the page there is the brand identity and the navigation and the place uses a lot of visual aids, like 3D buttons, arrows and color coding. The navigation bar is restricted to a small number of links, to make de page more visual and simple.

The errors of the site that cause visitors to leave the site have been removed by research and testing. Each back button takes you back to where you were, without opened a new browser window.

Is very clear how and when to find the new information and content, the site is more than 800 pixels wide, the ire cohesion of colors and design, and the colors came from the same tonal range. Finally, the images and table are on the defined image-safe area.


Copy quality?

The content of the website is clear, relevant, concise and grammatically correct and all narrated and written with the right emotional tone. It is very clear the content of each section and the copy is written and laid to a very easy scanning.



About the readability of Fjällräven website, is not a chore scanning the website for what you want and all the time uses at least a 10-point type size, so It’s easy to read. But not all the time is the same font and the same size, the size increases and decreases depending on the importance of the text, maintaining a clear outline in a visual way.

The typeface is not a sans-serif generally, but it is only in the products descriptions. They have avoid using italics and capitals, generally, but on the important titles they use capital letters. They have avoid using white out of a dark background for body copy.

On the content, don’t appear words of marketing-speak. It is clear all time what users will het when they click on actionable items.


Attention to detail?

Fjällräven is a brand established in the market and with experience, and that’s why it has a lot of care for the details of its website and all the information is up to date.

All the key colors have been checked to be “web safe”, all the mandatory and corporate identity requirements are included correctly and all the links have been checked and double-checked. The copyright statement that appear on the page is a Copyright © FOSTRAIL, 2017. All the legal checks have been made and are signed by the Authorized representative: Martin Axelhed.

On the other side, the “presumed correct” facts haven’t been double checked (just one time) and the copy haven’t been proofread.



About the credibility, the company know how to make people feel comfortable and safe using the website. People trust on the brand because they have proofs of all their responsive actions, and the site prove their competence, capabilities and experience.

They give to their audience an ideal “user-experience” and they see the site’s content as genuinely useful. Fjällräven’s website is an e-commerce, and on the link of the searcher there is a padlock as a security icon.

To win credibility, they have avoid having: pop-ups, use frames, blue text and underlining. There is no fix underlining text, but when you pass the mouse over some text with links it’s underlined.


How good is the marketing?

The site’s preposition and that this benefit is more valuable than that offered by competitors are crystal clear. The message is simple, concise and customer focused and deliver benefits for each of the different audience segments. The different scenarios for each target has been reviewed against the site.

The parts of the site that have been updated are clearly marked and there is a clear and useful mechanism for readers to recommend it to friends and family. The site has been checked for SEO.


The branding?

The company have a good branding because there is a clear brand identity projected, the brand’s emotional tone is delivered and the audience will engage with the brand’s personality.



About the accessibility of the website, we are not a member of the company, so there is some information that we cannot get, like if the site has been checked on the most common browsers or on the older versions of this browsers.

What we can say is that the website work well on all Macs and PCs, and in mobiles too, no matter the software (IOS and Android).

Neither, we can’t talk about if the website has passed a stress test to know if can handle more than the predicted level of traffic, but we suppose that yes, the company have done a stress test and the website have overcome it, because the page work really well.

Loading speed

About the loading speed, the homepage load instantly, load quickly on a home PC with a dial up modem and that all this is possible because the creators of this website have avoided unnecessary animations and complex graphics.

Is a simple but well-configured web page.

Use of multimedia

This website is very visual, while full of content but without overwhelming consumers. It must be said that it is a brand that uses images to detach its values ​​and to show its audience what it does and how it does it, in order to gain its credibility. That’s why it’s full of graphics, images and videos files that serve clearly to make a definite contribution to the benefit of the visitor.


Fjällräven – Audience analysis

About the company


Fjällräven – – is a Swedish company founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin. He started out by making backpacks, but with time the vision and ambitions with the company grew to be a solid developer of products for the outdoor sport/lifestyle in order to make nature more accessible for humans.

Fjällräven is mainly producing multifunctional clothes and accessories aimed at outdoor activities.  Their products are jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, hats, gloves, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and other high quality outdoor accessories.

Audience definition

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-09 a las 18.26.50.png

Fjällräven target group are men and women between 17-60 years old, but mostly men. This brand embrace people in very different stages and social classes, but they all share a passion for the outdoor activities during their free time.

This people is very fixed on standards of quality, because they use these clothes professionally.

The consumers are hardly aware of the fact that Fjällräven is putting a lot of effort into being sustainable and social responsible.

More concretely, Fjällräven has one product that has become very popular during the lasts years, which is the Känken backpack. This one has a unique design that was very popular in the Hipster segment, but has grown to be very mainstream among mostly students, like me.

Persona analysis