Web site review: Generator Hostel


WEB SITE REVIEW OF: https://generatorhostels.com/

  1. How friendly is the site?

It’s the perfect site to feel that you’re in the right accommodation choice. Among all the hostels offer, this one can show to their users the feeling of take the best decision. Generator Hostel website is really welcoming. The information is given in an easy an informal way, and at the same time, the style of writing and the modern design makes people feel comfortable.

The fact that they have discounts and promotions is really good; it’s a reason that they get positive and extra points taking this type of actions.

And it’s very important to note that they give the option to select the language which you want to read the information and a section of: frequently asked questions.

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  1. Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Yes, the purpose of the website is very clear, by the time someone enter there can get the feeling that they are a hosting website.

The target are young and adventure people that want to live a social and different experience. The way that the site is designed makes clear that it’s not addressed for serious and sober people, because it has a lot of interactivity and activities that usually an adult doesn’t look for it.

In this website, you don’t have to waste time searching your needs, they provide all the information, that everyone want find, in a really easy way.

  1. How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content is the most important thing that any business website has to focus it. Generator hostel knows this fact and they take it to practice: their content is directed on what their audience is looking for.

Their purpose is to announce the services and the different experience that they offer. For this reason, the hostel page refers to their target in a clear and direct way.

  1. How beneficial is its interactivity?

The interactivity is good, they have a consultation area where you can contact them to explain your doubts, experiences or whatever you desire.

Besides, they offer diverse hostel service, if you are just a person you can find different rooms and prices that if you are a group.

So, the interaction is very good, but it could improve, for instance: providing an instant chat by the moment you open the website.

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  1. What about navigation?

Generator Hostel has a really good organization, where you can navigate without problem. It’s true that sometimes when you try to enter at the website is a little slow, and this one of the few things that they should improve.

Nevertheless, inside the site it’s not confusing and all is well explained to find the room you want in a really fast way.

  1. Design quality?

Generator Hostel website design is so clear, but at the same time, really modern.  When you enter, you know at all that their site design, and consequently their setting-up, are very innovative.

The website pattern is a parallel with the different style that has the hostel. They’ve managed to reflect in their site the essence of their business, with the structure of the text and images.

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  1. Copy quality?

They use more images than text, since in this way they can attract the attention easily, than with a lot of words. But the information given is well written and so clear.

  1. Readability?

As I said before, they don’t use too words. Generator hostel bet for a stunning design full of images.

Although, when they insert text, they write they do it as fluidly as the can, having a lot of sense with their style.

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  1. Attention to detail?

They focus a lot to detail, their objective is to give to every want interested in them, all the facilities and solve all the doubts that could appear. Generator Hostel are specialist to pay attention to particularities, since that way, they can satisfy everyone. For example, putting: check availability or “book your stay”.

  1. Credibility?

A hostel page doesn’t have to show trust. Generator are providing a place to stay, to sleep, to live. So, they have to be so close and transparence to their guests.

Last summer, when I was living in London, I’ve been there. Last week, as the stay in my apartment ended, I had to look for a place to live in, and I chose Generator hostel. I have to say that is so safe and all that they say is true.

  1. How good is the marketing?

They are doing a really good marketing, is one of the main reasons that explains why Generator Hostel has arrived so far.

They are promoting themselves as the most important hosting service in their sector. They are not competing with the hotels, because they know their weaknesses and strengths. For this reason, the company is positioned as the best and difference hostel enterprise.

They are aware that their services and activities are totally distinct to their competitors. Generator hostel want to reflect that if we choose them, we are going to live the best experience to our live.

  1. The branding?

The essence of the brand is projected everywhere, in each text or image. They want to transmit emotions and trust, they want to be seen as the most modern and actual page, and this fact is reflected very meticulously.

  1. Accessibility?

Sometimes, it’s a little slow the loading of the website. But, except that, it works really fast and good in all types of media.

Generator Hostel is so conscious about the multiplatform age, and they know at all that they have to adapt their design to every technology version.

  1. Loading speed?

When you click the link in Google, sometimes is a little slow to load. But, when you click the inside tabs, you can find all the content easily and fast.

  1. Use of multimedia?

Generator Hostel website is characterized for pay a lot of attention to the use of multimedia: a lot of photos and videos. They have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, so this is the perfect example to show their multimedia model. The company have a section called: social, where you can find all of their accounts.

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GENERATOR HOSTEL: objectives & conversions


1.   Increase the App downloads –       Add the icon of the App on the website, under “book your stay” to redirect people who are using the phone.

–       Or when the Software detects that you are using the phone, a screen appears with the option to download the App.

2.   Create a link between the customer and Generator Hostel to attract them. –       Append a button (win a free stay) in the middle of the website, to participate in a contest with the objective to upload a photo in any of the Generator Hostels. It will be a winner for each hostel that who will be announced after a month. The award will be a free stay in the hostel you want.

–       It could be also a good option to add a video next to the button, explaining the steps you have to follow to participate.

3.   More bookings in a specific city (example: Barcelona Hostel) –       Set an option with: “book in Barcelona now and get 15% discount”.
4.   Convert visits to subscriptions –       Another good strategy is put on the top of the website, the option to “sign in and discover the world with us”, I mean, a type of lead, so in this way increase the number of subscriptions and the information or promotions given to those interested.
  1. Icon App under “book your stay” or screen in the middle of the website. Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 10.15.30.png

4. Here add the lead. Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 10.22.47.png

GENERATOR HOSTEL: audience analysis – Laia Atik


Generator Hostels is different to any other hostel. They combine affordable luxury rooms with unique social events for the travelers and locals of Europe’s coolest cities, for example: London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris…

They have got it all, from comfy places to rest your head, to spaces for you to party and connect with similar travelers and backpackers.


This hostel is for the explorers and the thrill seekers, the ones who are looking for peace and quiet and for people that can’t wait to discover something new. Moreover, their clients are the type of people that desires centrally located hostels, luxury, with the ultimate cool factor and always with a space that is perfect for the next big adventures.

For this reason, their audience couldn’t be anyone, they must to be especial, the ones who want the combination of design, technology and innovation to be distinctive.  So, the guests have between 20 and 30 years old and they are mid economical class; young, modern and social people.

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