How friendly is the site?

The website of the high-end brand of loudspeakers, Jarre Technologies, can be considered as friendly and welcoming. As you enter into the website you can see some images of the products that are constantly changing, you can see the menu, the brand’s logo, and the different language options you can see the website. It is important to say that the content is perfectly understandable, even though they describe technological features, and written in a casual style and tone. On the other hand, in their footer they offer a FAQ section where the customers can solve their doubts.

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Talking about the distribution and space, they use white space so that is seems less busy and that the visual impact is better. If the customer wants to increase the size of the page, they don’t have a concrete option to do it, and if you do it through the zoom of the computer the page adapts to the size excepting the images of the home, that stays the same. Over and above, if you want to print a page of the website, it adapts perfectly to the portrait A4.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

It is clear the purpose of the website: Business (selling), but it also wants to inform the customer about the brand’s creator music career. The audience of the brand is really focused, and so it is the information and the material that the website offers, seeing the products, the design of the website, and the data that they offer, we can say that matches exactly the consumer’s profile. Regarding the consistence of the site we can say that the layout is perfectly structured and both fonts and colors are accurately chosen. They locate the menu in the header, in the center of the webpage they show a sequence of images that are constantly changing, afterwards they name the shops where the customer can acquire the products, and finally in the footer they establish different categories such as Service & Support or My account, and the connection to their Social Media.

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How relevant is the content to the audience?

The content of the website is really important to the audience, because since we are talking about technological high-price products, they want to know the characteristics and everything regarding the qualities and maintenance of the speakers. That is why they offer a Jarre speakers section where they explain everything about all the different models of the brand, a Service & Support section where they include all the possible FAQ, and all the guides and manuals so that the consumer knows everything about what are they buying.

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Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 19.29.29.pngHow beneficial is its activity?

There is continuous interaction in the website but the customers cannot comment or share their opinions about their experience or the products. It is not difficult to know what the audience has to do, for example they want the customer to buy so they show a message in the home page where their offer free shipping, and this takes you to the terms and conditions page. They also show the other shops where the customer can buy the products, and if you click there they take you directly to the shopping page.


Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 20.51.19.png TAKES YOU HERE

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There is a special section dedicated to the contact information that appears at the footer of the home page. It includes the company name, the address, the telephone number and the contact email address, but it does not include the opening hours; they also have an application where the customer can write their personal information and any question or complaint they have and send it to the company customer service, so we can say that the site want the visitors to let them know the details or anything they want to.

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In relation to the visitor’s data, the policy is clearly detailed in the section of privacy policy that they offer at the bottom of the page.

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What about navigation?

The site has a logical structure that matches with the spirit of the brand. The navigation through the website is really simple and doesn’t creates any trouble, because the main menu is easy to use. Every page link can take you back to the home page, and you can get from any page to any other page in just one click because the main menu always remains in the top of the screen no matter the page you are.

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One negative site is that the website doesn’t include a site map and doesn’t have any search option button, considering that almost all the websites have this option they should include it because is easier to the consumer to find what there are looking for.

Design quality?

The website has been created with a design that represents and is coherent with the brand perfectly, the images are really “creative” and show the products taking care of every detail, including the decoration background. The style is minimalistic and uses neutral colors such as black, white and grey, to give more spotlight to the products. The titles and the descriptions are simple and short so that you can always know where are you, and to grab your attention by using attractive images and quotes.

On the other hand, they use the top left of the page to add their logo, and they maintain it on every page that the customer goes to, and they have defined an image-safe area so that the images can be seen completely without having to scroll down.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 21.40.38.pngCopy quality?

All the content on the website has an important meaning and wants to achieve something concrete, obviously the grammar is correct and is written in a tone that can reach the consumer and creates a “connection”. Every section has a title that describes and lets the customer know what will be about, so that they don’t have to be looking through the website to fins what they want. They also have a good lay out so that they have a good experience with the website and that they can navigate without problems.


We can say that they use the right amount of text in every moment, to make the text easier to read they use a minimum of 13-point type size and nearly always in black color, and have kept to only one sans-serif font type: Helvetica. They have tried to use light backgrounds so that is tis easier to read and enjoyable at sight, and nearly they never use italics or capital letters, just in specific titles or messages.

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Attention to detail?

Jarre is a brand that stands out for technology and design, that is why they take care of the details of its website and all the information is up to date. All the key colors that represent the brand have been checked to be web safe, and they include all the mandatory corporate identity requirements. They also include the copyright statement and have made all the legal checks, which they include in their website.

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The company has achieved the way to make people comfortable in their website, they know how to show the experience and competences they have by their reviews, their product explanations and their blog.

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They give the customer the perfect user-experience so that they feel safe and comfortable during the time they are on the website. As an ecommerce, they also have a padlock security icon on the side of the website link.

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Regarding pop-ups and banners they don’t permit them to appear, because that gives a bad image to a well named brand, they avoid using frames, blue text and underlining, but in specific texts that they want to highlight they have used the blue color.

How good is the marketing? 

The message their offer is simple and concise, and is clearly customer focused; they don’t have different scenarios for the different targets, because even though not all the customers are the same, they don’t have such a big difference in interest.

There doesn’t exists a mechanism for the readers and users to recommend the page to its friends, but they give the “buttons” to go to their Social Media, so we can say that the site has been checked for SEO.

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The branding?

Talking about the identity of the brand, we can say that they have projected their personality and character in all the parts and structure of the website. They have tried to transmit the brand’s emotional tone to every text and message they try to give to the customers so that they can engage with them. It is important to say that they also give special value to the brand’s creator and that is why they give a separate section in their home where they explain who and how are they and they link to the official website creator, Jean Michele Jarre.

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We haven’t find the information about if the site has been checked on the browsers or not, but we can say that the website works correctly in both Macs and PCs, and it adapts to the mobile’s screen.

Loading speed

Jarre’s homepage loads instantly, there are no problems in the process of acceding to the page because they haven’t used any complex graphics neither animations.

User of multimedia

The website has a lot of contents, including text, images and videos, and every one of those have a contribution to benefit the customer.We have to say that it is a mainly visual website, they also include texts, because the products of the brand have a cared design and it is important to show the audience what they offer in order to gain credibility.


Objectives and Conversions – Jarre Technologies


  • Increase sales number
  • Increase the number of followers on social media
  • Increase number of registers in the website
  • Increase the data base of clients
  • Creating a good relationship with the customer, and make them be loyal and rely on the brand.
  • Increase the number of visits to the brand’s blog
  • Position the brand as one of the best in music technology devices

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They try to fulfill the first objective by offering free shipping on special occasions and for limited time, this can make customers buy more because they don’t have to pay for shipment taxes. Eventhough they want to increase sales, they don’t offer any type of discounts because the brand doesn’t add that type of actions to their strategy.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 19.41.03.pngFree Shipping
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In relation to social media, they try to interact with the audience and they invite them to follow them by offering the direct link to all their SM. They also share videos and images about their new products and news about the brand.

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The brand wants to have a big number of customers, and having a data base is a good way to make them loyal. In the website they offer the option to register and create and account so that you can have a history of the previous purchases and also, have access to the maintenance and the Customer Service.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 18.41.39.pngThey want to create a good relationship with the customers so that’s why they offer a live chat where the customers can ask as many questions as they want about the products. They also have a section in where they explain and give answers to the Frequent Asked Questions, Manual Guides and registration and support. They also offer 2 years warranty to assure the customer that the product will be working perfectly, but in case it won’t they will have a service that supports them and solve any problem that occurs.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 21.58.51.png Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 22.36.29.pngCaptura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 19.47.46Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 19.47.02.pngRegarding the blog, they want the customers to know them and be aware about all latest updates of the brand and how they can maximize the use and the potential of the products, that is why the offer a section related to their history and other facts about them.

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As they are not very known in the market, they want to increase the knowledge about the brand and position it as one of the best in music technology devices, that’s why they are associated with famous distributors that sell the products around the world. In the website, they also redirect the customer to the distributor’s websites, because they want you to buy in any of the places.

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Website page:

Jarre Technologies Audience Analysis

Jarre Technologies history, initiated since 2005 by Electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre and Music Life Company, was brought to public with the launch of revolutionary AeroSystem One® speaker in 2010. It’s philosophy since its starts has been to conceive, produce and bring to the market and to the people a differentiated technological style products that combines both a contemporary style and ultimate performance, without forgetting simplicity.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-09 a las 18.24.17.png
AeroBull HD Speakers from Jarre Technologies

We can say Music Life & Jarre Technologies represent the fusion of contemporary design, acoustic prowess and innovative audio technology, offering a distinctive product that has nothing to do with all the other brands of the market.

Regarding the target and the consumer profile of the brand, we can say that it is really focused and particular because it is a kind of product that only fits with a determinate style. Our brand is addressed to both men and women between 18 to 50 years old, which belong to a medium-high or high social class and have considerably high incomes.

They are cosmopolitan and avant-garde people who are looking for the best technologies but at the same time they want a very careful and elaborate design. They also look for certain exclusivity in products, since the price of these is considered high not everyone can buy it, and this denotes distinction.

Concerning the factors that determine the customer behavior we can say that they are hardly influenced by the cultural factors because they belong to a social status and are associated with a type of people who value the quality of the products as well as being in the latest fashion in every way, especially in the technology. The social factors are really important because they show how the people really are, we can say that Jarre consumers are trendy and stylish people, who loves shopping and adore music, that’s why they want to have the better technology for listening to their favorite hits but that at the same time is visually attractive. Finally, the psychological factors are clearly having the latest tech for music and of course the brand is a motive because they prefer and choose it rather than another.