Website review – Lazy Oaf

How friendly is the site?

In my opinion, the he Lazy Oaf’s website, is friendly because of the way they designed it. It is different to others I have seen, which goes perfectly with the kind of life / clothes / brand they want to show, communicate or improve.

But, for others, it may be weird and difficult to understand. Not because they have an awful organization of the tabs and website, but because of the type of pictures and their distribution throw out the page.

It is not really welcoming, although it surprises you only for the weird models and the clothes they are wearing. It makes you want to keep looking for more pictures.

The main page does not explain the benefits of visiting, but only by the way the pictures in the page are taken, and the clothes that appear in these pictures, you can imagine the weirdness of the brand.

As they are a modern, youthful and maybe a little bit childish brand, they use informal language and tone. As if you were talking to a friend.

They also  use too much white space. They could put another think instead of having too much white.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Lazy Oaf is a very specific company, as well as their target group.

By entering their website you can imagine which kind of brand they are are and the lifestyle that they have.

Obviously, you can tell by the pictures, that they sell clothes and accessories. And you can tell by the design they  have, the types of colors they use and the models they choose for the shoots, what type of brand they are.

A grandfather of 80 years old would never buy something in the Lazy Oaf’s website. Not even to buy a present for his granddaughter. It is obviously focused in youth.

The brand has a really well established unique selling proposition and it spreads throw out the whole website. They claim the weirdness of people using  “CREAM” colors, extravagant and a little bit childish clothes and informal language.


How relevant is the content to your audience?

The site can quickly convince the visitor that they have come to the right place if they were looking for weird, unique and high quality type of clothes.

I think that the copy is more focused on being a friend for the visitor and an example to follow than the only purpose of selling.

Yes it is. Lazy Oaf has a lot of information in their help section. They explain perfectly the most frequent FAQS: about delivery, orders, returns, your account, to contact and wholesale enquiries, etc.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

There are not any kind of interaction. You, as a costumer or visitor, cannot comment on any type of picture or post. Were there really is interaction is in their social media pages, specially Instagram, which has a special tab in the website that redirects to this social media page.

Although, at the end of the main page, it has contact information about the company if you want to contact them.

The website encourages visitors to left details but not intrusively. I mean, a pop-up where you have to put your information does not appear as frequently as other web sites. It only appears if you want to get to more specific content (like news posts and articles). 

Lazy Oaf does not encourage the visitor to return. If you like it you buy it, if not, you can look at the clothes, it’s fun to watch.

What about navigation?

The site has a very specific and easy to use structure. Everything is really well explained and easy to find. They have visual links and others hiding in a picture, but it is easy to see them anyways.

The visitor has complete freedom to move throughout the site, every link or tab leads to another related page. It only concludes to a dead end when you are in the articles about the brand, because you have to log in with an account.

Design quality?

The design is simple, attractive, minimalist, with a very good structure and unique.

Even though, sometimes is hard to know where you are because the titles, in some pages, are really tiny, and you end up not knowing where you are.

There is a table of content, but again, the titles in this are really small too and with a really light type of letter. Also, the pictures that are down this table content are huge, and they distract your attention from finding what you want o share, so it is more difficult to find.

It also has some visual aids, but they are not really shiny or do not have your attention because of the hugeness and weirdness of the pictures. They are actually more  distracting than a visual aid.

The back button does take you back to where you where.

There is a really good cohesion of color and design. As I said before, they only use cream tones, which matches perfectly with the pictures and clothes that they are offering.

Copy quality?

The content is clear. As a young brand, they do not extend their copy explaining their accomplishments or their history. The thinks that they explain are clear, with informal language and they explain it as if they were talking to a friend, not with technical or really cult words.

Their tone is friendly and close to the person that is reading, just as I said before.

Every section has it’s specifics themes and designs, related to what they are talking about.


It is really easy to see and read the texts that are on the website, you don’t have to zoom in to read them. And they use the same font in every text and every title.

Attention to detail?

They make you check multiple types the information you gave in case there was an error.

I guess the copy has been proofread because I have not seen any kind of grammatical or orthographic mistake and all the information is correct and up to date.

Their logo, claim, brand logo colors and everything is included correctly throughout all the web page, not only the main one.


The Lazy Oaf’s website offers a perfect user experience to the primary audience.

The selling site is secure, with no ads or pop ups, as well with the blue text.

How good is the marketing?

As I said before the site as well as the brand and their social media have a very clear proposition which is shown and explain multiple times. Without naming the competitors, they define themselves as a unique kind of brand with a unique youthful life and experience.

The message is clear: stay weird and live always like a teenager, young and full of life. It doesn’t have audience segments. They are not followed for any kind of age, only for a way to be, a personality and away to live.

You can share the content and clothes you want to your friends and family.

The branding

There is a clear brand identity projected. The one I have repeatedly said throw all the answers: stay weird and live life youthfully. With that informal tone, it delivers the emotion and that way to be.

If you have a mind set as the brand, you will engage easily.


It is really easy to access to the web page. It works perfectly in Windows, Mac and even on the mobile phone.

Loading speed

It loads perfectly, easily and fast. Even though, if it does not charge, it has nothing animated or something to be entertain with.

Use of multimedia

 Every picture or video in the website has the clear purpose to sell their clothes and spread their mentality.


Objectives and Conversions – Lazy Oaf

Website –>



The main objetive of this brand is to spread their sentiments, values and way to live life. They are:

  • A warped sense of humor
  • The attitude of poking fun and not taking anything too seriously
  • Inspiration by youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion and a sense of apathy towards conforming to the norm

They are also interested in increasing their sales, that’s why they are always collaborating with new influencers who can promote the brand, and they are changing their collections very often.

Lazy Oaf’s objective is also increase and improve their Instagram account, because is their most followed social media platform. And they also have a tab in their website called “Instashop” where you can shop items that appear in a picture posted in their Instagram.

They ship their products all around the world so, another objective is to be known in other countries.



At the time you enter into the main page of the website, there are four different tags that can lead you to conversion.

  1. The first one is the actual shop, were you can find their products. But there is nothing surprising that can draw you attention, unless you really seem to like the items.
  2. Then there is the “Oaf World”, where you can find every news, collections and campaigns they are working on. And, again, if you are not engage to the brand, it may not be interesting for you.
  3. The third one is the mentioned “Instashop”, where you can buy the items you saw in their Instagram. It is really useful and helpful for conversion because you don’t have to search product by product, which is the on you saw.
  4. And the last is the “Coming soon”, where you can see and reserve the next campaign clothes or accessories. It is useful for conversion too because if you don’t like this month or season products, you can take a look at this tab and find out the future ones. And you can look at this tab every season to be one of the firsts ones to know what is going to come next.



Another way to convert is by creating a account, where you can have easier access to the Lazy Oaf world and where the clients are called Oafers.

Lazy Oaf also those a sample and deadstock sale. They open their physic shop or rent another place only one day for selling those clothes that where never out of stock or sell. So they sell it for a extremely reduced price.




Lazy Oaf is a British clothing brand. It sells any kind of clothes and accessories for men and women. Their  collections are notoriously colorful, cartoon-focussed. They don’t follow trends and their clothes always have a touh of wierdness. The brand’s claim is “Keeping it weird since 2001”.


The average target is, mostly girls, from 20 to 27 years old. With a middle and upper-class economic status.

The consumer in Lazy Oaf is someone who wants to be different. Someone that tries to be unique, not being like others. With an attitude of poking fun and not taking anything too seriously. Also with a seniment of youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion and a sense of apathy towards conforming to the norm. That’s why the clothes are really colorful and have a Little touch of humor

The Lazy Oaf’s costumer is someone who doesn’t care about society, someone who doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t care about what others think of themCOLLAGE, Marta Freijo - ACT