When you enter the page, the first thing you do is put your language so the page fits you. Then, you find a very cozy white background in which several pictures of different models appear with the dresses of the new collections. On this page it guides you to find what you are looking for, that is, it appears very clearly in each window what you can find. For example, if you are looking for a wedding dress, a party, a communion dress, etc. you can find it in the different windows. Finally, a questionnaire appears to request an appointment and be able to prove the dress with professionals that can help you decide. The content is written using a formal tone because it is a formal brand, therefore, its language is clear, serious and transmits quality. There is no help section itself, but there is a contact email for any question along with a form specifying if you are a client or provider and the type of doubt you have to answer as soon as possible.The whole page is white, very visual and with many white spaces to make it easier to use and not have an excess of information. The visitors can’t increase the text size, it doesn’t appears in the home page, but if you zoom with the mouse you can read it increased. It’s difficult to printoff onto porttrait A4 because there are two images on front of the home page so if you want to print off the two images would not look good.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.31.55.png


Yes it does betwen the style, the tone, the pictures and the colours, you know what is the porpouse of the brand. There are many photography that appears on the home page in which a model poses with a wedding dress next to a window that says: see collection 2018. So, it is a commercial or bussiness page but you can also find a entertainment or news in their blog.

Furthermore, on the home page there are models of the age of the target audience, that is, from 25 to 34 years old.


The audience of this site already knows what it is going to find when entering the web page since it has sought it expressly, therefore, once they enter they will stay. It could be said that the copy is focused on what the public wants to know since it is addressed to them.

In the frequently asked questions, we can find any doubt we have or resort to the nearest store as well as call the phone that appears.


The site takes the maximum advantage so that there is an interaction from the first moment you enter and you have to register, request an appointment or share the blog posts on social networks. Therefore, it is a positive interaction since it increases the followers in the different platforms and in the same website. The contact information does not appear on the homepage but in the frequently asked questions. Including the opening hours of the stores, the contact number and the company email. It is not so obvious that the actions of this company is to sell, since its values are to help the clients as much as they can and offer them an experience in a special moment such as the wedding. The privacy policy appears clearly in a section located at the bottom of the web page, therefore, it is easy to find.


The structure of the website is quite logical and clear. When you enter more than once you know where each section is. There is no map in itself but if you enter the section of “stores”, you will find mini sections in which you can choose in which city and country you want to look for the wedding / communion / party dress and they will give you the exact address. It is very easy to return to the main page when you are in another derivative since you only have to click on the name of the brand in the upper part of the left. All links are visible on the first page. Any visitor has the freedom to move around the site since it is super simple. That is, it gets the navigation buttons back and forth, it does not take visitors to blind alleys. There is also the search option in which several news appear next to the different dresses when you are looking for a specific dress.


Being a brand of wedding dresses, the design is attractive, simple, serious, transmits quality, confidence, elegance among other values. It has a clear title, description in each image with subtitles, so, you know at all times what you want and what you are looking for. There is a clear index at the top of the page in a horizontal way in which you can search the blog, ask for an appointment, look at wedding dresses, parties and communion dresses. Within each section there are several blocks of mini sections in which you find shoes, bags, headdresses, etc.

From the first moment it captures and retains the attention since the dresses are precious and the photos are of quality. Catch especially when seeing the different ranges of products that you can find being mainly a brand of wedding dresses. As I mentioned earlier, the brand is located in the upper left and does not use many visual aids to avoid distracting the client. It can be said that it is a successful web design since there is a great human interaction. In addition, there are no errors that make you leave the website. For example, if you click the space button, the page goes down to show more dresses. If you go back, it takes you where you were before. It clearly appears where to find new content since it shows it to you in a visual way. There is a certain cohesion between color and design, since they are the same color as the company’s color range. The images are within the defined image area, since it is not necessary to scroll to better visualize the image.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.32.07.png


Regarding the quality of the content, this is clear, concise and grammatically correct. Being a quality company, this can not fail. There is a certain emotional tone considering that weddings thrill in itself but this more. There are no intriguing titles but simple ones. Each section specifies what it is about and what will be found in it.


Throughout the website there are no italics but capital letters. They are written with a smaller size so there is not much information or it is difficult to read. The size of the letter is at least 10 points and varies in the different areas of the website. Instead, the source is always the same, something like Arial. The background is white with cream or very light tones.


All the information that appears on the website is updated at all times and the forms are verified. In addition, everything that appears in it is legal and “safe for the web”. The requirements of corporate identity appear gradually, as do the declaration of author’s rights and the legal controls already carried out.


This brand aims to deliver a certain user experience since you only get married once and transmit it to you through its functions, images, etc. Therefore, if you still do not know how to make your wedding, in the blog appear several news and tips so it is quite useful. Nothing appears in blue text, but it is underlined in subsections (in black and it does not look like a link) . Frames also appear in relevant words to make it more visual. Pop-ups have been avoided to avoid tiring the user.


It is quite good because it differs from the competition in several things, that is, it is a quality brand that you can not buy online and they help you at all times when you attend the store. On the other hand, the competition is not so expensive and perhaps it does not have as much cache or differential products as are party dresses, communions, etc. Therefore, the proposal of the site is quite clear, with a simple message and focused on the client at all times. In addition, there is a specific target but other segments of the audience can also find benefits. Through social networks such as instagram, pinterest, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. Readers can share or recommend their friends or relatives whenever they want.


The identity of the brand is clear and appears repetitively throughout the web page as well as on social networks. Obviously, the audience that seeks this brand has the same values or personality as her.


This site is available in all types of computers, both mac and windows and mobile phones and in different countries as well. Therefore, it has been verified in the different versions and modalities.


The home page loads very quickly with a PC with dial-up modem, so you have no problem accessing it. There are no unnecessary animations because it loads instantly.


Being a brand of dresses and bridal accessories, there are no audio files, but some videos about the different collections, therefore, benefit them and consumers.



Rosa Clárá is not a common wedding dress shop, it is an internationally recognized brand of very good quality. Therefore, your goal is not to sell online, but generate greater knowledge by consumers and get to ask for an appointment or buy in the same store wedding or party dresses.

This brand works very much its corporate image in the social networks recording the prestige that has. Use famous photos on Instagram to reach a wider audience. Without forgetting that its objective is also to increase the number of visits of the web page and to increase the followers in social networks.

Another objective of Rosa Clará is to generate a link with the consumer through the appointments to advise them and to improve the loyalty.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 9.20.52.png



Rosa Clará shows on her website a different way of subscribing without sending you messages in the email about offers, that is, by an online appointment. In this form the consumer will put what type of dress looks for, in what city and through the personal data will be contacted to change the day of the appointment if it were not possible. Once again, the brand is positioned differently in front of the competition as it does not invade the consumer, but it makes branded content so that it reaches the brand of bridal dresses.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 9.24.54.png

Another way that the company has to make conversions is through the blog of its website in which several tips or styles of different brides appear. These posts can be shared through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube to generate more knowledge of the brand and interaction.


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Glossary: Browsers

What it is? 

Is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the Word WIDE Web.


What is its purpose? 

Bring information resources to the user (“retrieval” or “fetching”), allowing them to view the information (“display”, “rendering”), and then access other information (“navigation”, “following links”).





Available web browsers range in features from minimal, text-based user interfaces with bare-bones support for HTML to rich user interfaces supporting a wide variety of file formats and protocols.






Glossary: e-Marketing

What it is?

eMarketing refers to the use of the Internet and digital media capabilities to sell your products. This is oriented to online communications, using a direct dialogue with users in order to find potential customers.

eMarketing vs Digital Marketing

Unlike Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing, eMarketing includes digital customer data management and customer relationship management (CRM) systems as well as Internet, email and online media.


What does it consist of?

eMarketing is the process of marketing a brand through the internet, therefore, this allows you to attract new customers, retain current customers and develop your brand identity.

To apply the eMarketing in a company, it is necessary to take into account these six channels:

  • Search Marketing
  • Online Public Relations
  • Online associations
  • Interactive ads
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


What it is purpose?

The Internet has become a medium that can reach millions of people every year, furthermore, eMarketing implies being at the forefront to know how your customers interact. For example, researching their behaviors, characteristics, knowing what makes them loyal to a brand, etc.


Advantages versus Traditional Marketing.

The benefits that eMarketing offers versus traditional marketing are many. These are the most important:

1. Globalization

The Internet has revolutionized companies as they now have a global reach. With eMarketing, not only large multinationals can reach potential consumers around the world, but so can small businesses.

2. Greater reach

eMarketing allows the seller to reach consumers in many ways to offer different products and services. It includes:

  • Information management
  • Public relations
  • Customer service
  • Sales

3. Interactivity

Compared to traditional marketing, eMarketing facilitates conversations between companies and the consumers. While Marketing looks for the message of a brand is present to sell.

Also, companies feed on the responses of their consumers in order to create more dynamic campaigns.

4. Immediacy

eMarketing is able to create a great immediate impact in ways never before imagined. It is not the same to see an ad in a publication or a fence that can be found on a website or in a mobile application.

5. Segmentation

The Internet pushes its users to organize into very focused groups. Thus, observing marketers will easily deal with desired niche markets.

In short, we only need to know what kind of audience we are interested in, the rest is already given by the digital platforms (Google, Yahoo, social networks or specialized companies), as they contain a lot of data from their users.

6. Adaptability and measurement of results in real time

The eMarketing allows to adapt the initiatives on the march and to know the data of their impact. Additionally, the answers can be analyzed in real time.

Therefore, everything spent on the campaign can be effective. The maximum efficiency of eMarketing is that it creates new opportunities to take advantage of the strategic competitive advantages.




The mass creativity is a digital art concept and one of the changing elements that influence our work (communication, marketing,…). The creativity in mass works from very few years ago, although the origin goes back to the XX century, the truth is that, there is still much to exploit.

-Mass Creativity is a series of outreach workshops designed

to inspire imagination and creativity-

2015-mass-creativity-logo-RGB.pngSpecifically, creativity, as a concept and already installed in the minds of consumers. It is the concept of ability to create, and produce new things that up to date, nobody has created, and also, takes into account in this creation variables and creative abilities to innovation, through art, creation that satisfies a need – in this case – need of the consumer.

On the other hand, the concept of mass, are a homogeneous group with similar characteristics of a primary (family and friends) or secondary group. In relation to this concept with the digital world, it has the same meaning, but in this case, consumers share their opinions, experiences and  own evaluations. Add or subtract value from the brands.

( Mass + Creativity )


In the one hand, the hyperconnected society, the digital mass generates a technological concept that we had not seen until the 21st century. And it generate a revolution, but not only the way of understanding communication at the same time offers a different ​​possibilities -that until now did not exist- but has created new jobs, new university degrees, and of course, new needs and channels to communication.

It should be based on the Creative self-expression that is privilege. And that you can’t talk about creativity without the concept of intelligence. For this reason, I am going to make a point about creative intelligence.

And this desire to achieve new and revolutionary things, are the ones that base the fundamental pillars of the creative personality of each one. Also thanks to her (the personality) we can create from laptop, social media, …

‘It is based on the desire to achieve something different.’
Alan J. Rowe

In short, the online world. It should be noted that in the entrepreneur and business world opens up possibilities that until now were impossible to imagine if you didn’t have a large capital with which you financed.


306372-market-and-economicsThis fact produces falling production costs ← → growing demand for superior experience getting an idea, through the right channel in global online market and a quality of production and this is the weapon of mass creativity.

In short, mass creativity must be a weapon to be able to spread and give more value to our brand.

And as Harvey Specter would say ‘Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results’.