Objectives: Media Mania

Media Mania is a PR-firm that specializes in fashion. Their site is their main forum to attract potential “customers”.

As a PR-firm, Media Mania doesn’t send a product, they sell a service.

On their site, you can find information about what they are, what they stand for, etc. You can see their previour events for other brands, you can see a list of their partners, their team, and most importantly there is a contact box.

In conclusion, it is a clean, simple, professional looking site that shows what the company is in three seconds.


Their site is also linked with their other social media. They want people to have an interest, click on the links and follow/subscribe. they want to engage and interact with not only the brands they could potentially work with, but also with bloggers, journalists and influencers who could mention the company in a positive way.


This is not their main objectie though. For a PR firm, the most important thing on their corporate site, is the contact box. Through this contact box, anyone who is interested in working with Media Mania (brands, influencers, etc) can show their interest and reach the company. In the contact box, as well as the bottom of the site, their adress and telephone numbers are shared. This can also generate into a lead.


If you want to see the site for yourself, or if you’re just interested in the company, you are welcome to click the link below.


Media Mania: audience analysis

What is Media Mania

Media Mania is a young PR firm located in the heart of Antwerp (Belgium). They specialize in lifestyle in the broadest sense: fashion, interior design, garden, multimedia and food.

Because of their expertise in fashion, they were able to take some famous brands under their account, including: Ray Ban, Guess, Esprit, Vogue, Armani, Adidas, etc.

They help established names and new talents connect with their target group, help them decide the right media to communicate their message, and most importantly put their brand on the map.

For who

Of course, Media Mania is directed to any lifestyle/fashion brand. But as a PR firm, they need to keep up to date with the people that will help keep these brands relevant.

Therefore, Media Mania mainly targets journalists, stylists, TV makers, successful bloggers and opinion leaders. They are also constantly looking for new talent and influencers. Media Mania then teams them up with a matching brand under their account.


They work offline as well as online, so they leave no stone unturned in proactively drawing attention to the clients brand.

A big trait of the company is their showroom.  This showroom is easily accessible for celebrities and stylists. Here they also organize open door days, bloggers’ events, personal appointments with journalists and editors. The loft feeling in their showroom ensures an optimum brand experience for each collection.

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