Website Review – Mexicouture

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  1. How friendly is the site? It’s really friendly; when you enter you feel like you’re in the right place to buy clothes from Mexican brands. A tagline would be helpful, making it clear what the slogan of the brand is. The site is really easy to scan, you can quickly see what you’re searching for. The content is written in an informal but casual way. Although the site is very welcoming and friendly they don’t have a “help” section, which is essential for every site, and more important if they’re a site that sells clothes, people tend to return a lot of things.

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2. Does it communicate everything it needs to? Yes, the purpose of the site is very clear, sell and promote Mexican brands. When you enter the site you can get the feeling that the target of the site are women and men that love fashion and want to wear clothes out of the conventional brands. By pictures, the different blog posts and even directing them to Mexicouture’s Instagram, they’re communicating what the audience is interested in. Among all of these, the site is really consistent in their design, they use the same font and colours.

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3. How relevant is the content to your audience? The content is the most relevant thing to the customers because they make clear since the beginning what the purpose of the web page is, sell exclusive Mexican designer clothes. If they’re searching for a FAQ’s section in the page, they will find one, when they tell you about delivery methods, time of delivery and refunds; although they don’t tell you about the shipping places.

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4. How beneficial is its interactivity? The interaction is good but could be better, because the site is really basic in terms of providing information to the customers about the page and where to find the different designers. Although Mexicouture is very clear about the actions they want the customer to make, which is buy.

5. What about navigation?: At first, it appears that is really easy to navigate because of the main tabs, but once you click in them you can quickly see not every tag is as easy as the others. In the girls section you have everything sorted by tabs and even by designers, and in the guys tab you don’t, you only have two options and clothes are not even sorted by category. But navigating through, the tabs is very easy, you can always get to the home page by clicking the logo, there’s a search button in the top right corner and the tabs with the different sections are always visible, giving the customer completely freedom to move throughout the page.

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6. Design quality? Mexicouture’s design is really simple but very elegant, when you get to the place you automatically feel like you’re in the right place to buy fancy clothes. The images placed throughout the page are very consistent and have a lot to do with the purpose of the website. It is very easy to find the information you’re searching for and every single page has the same style as the other, making it feel like the site really has consistency in terms of design, images and redaction.

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7. Copy quality? The site is very easy to scan, by one look you can clearly see what you’re searching for. The page has excellent grammar and every piece of information in every section is really concise and clear.

8. Readability? Mexicouture is really easy to read, you it is very consistent in terms of size fonts, typography, colours and style of the font. When the users navigate through the tabs they know the content they’re going to be redirected to.

9. Attention to detail? The facts of the page are correct and very clear, although they don’t share a lot of information. All the information of the site is up to date because by being a luxury fashion page they need to update the new collections, inform about Fashion Week and make the pre sales of all the designers, so this point is essential to the site. The only thing that’s missing is that the web version in english doesn’t work right.

10. Credibility? This point is one of the main reasons why Mexicouture is such a hit. The Mexicans Sara Galindo and María José Hernández, two very recognized women in the fashion industry, designed the site, they’re socialites that work at fashion magazines as editors. By knowing what they do you’re really confident about buying clothes from designers they think are “hip” at the moment. Also the site is very secure in terms of what you sell is what you get; every single piece of clothing is displayed in the site just as it is, also you can get to know the designers though their page and when you buy clothes from the site there’s a confidentiality between the customer and the page where all your information and refund policies are secure.

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11. How good is the marketing? The marketing is excellent, by promoting themselves through the most relevant fashion magazine in Mexico, Vogue. They are also one of the promoters in the Mercedes Benz Fashhion Week, by being the only ones that sell the designer clothe through their page and by using different fashion bloggers and socialites as their image; this point is one of the strongest of the page since the bloggers announce their page via Instagram and also, monthly, one is invited to be the curator and editor of a collection in the webpage. Mexicouture, has no competitors, because there’s not a page like theirs in Mexico.

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12. The branding? Since there are a lot of designers selling their brands, Mexicouture wants to get you to know them by having a section exclusively designed for you to know the story and collections of each designer. That way you can really get attached to one brand since you already know their story and what kind of clothes thy design.

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13. Accessibility? The site works perfectly in a computer but it is harder to make it work in a cellphone since the site doesn’t have a mobile version.

14. Loading speed? It is excellent, when you click the tabs you automatically enter to the page, you don’t need to wait for the content to load.

15. Use of multimedia? They make a good use of this since they have blog posts, Instagram account showing different images and visuals, the homepage has a header when you can see different images related to the season, you can also check the monthly blogger posts that usually have and audiovisual and all of the products are displayed by different images showing the clothes in different perspectives.

Michelle Illanez.

Mexicouture: Objectives and Conversion

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Link to Mexicouture:


The main objectives of Mexicouture are to:

  • Sell
  • For people to get to know the different brands that they promote and one of the most important ones
  • To promote the mexican culture/fashion around the world.

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How do we manage to fill each one of the objectives? By engaging with the customers, by making them feel that every time they wear our clothes they’re being trendy and that they can be part of the fashion industry just as any other insider/blogger.

We’re going to create a campaign based on your favourite bloggers, where we’re going to use one of the most famous social medias right now, Instagram. Why Instagram? Because it’s worldwide and it has no frontiers or cultural divisions.

The campaign will consist in picking the most famous bloggers and influencers worldwide and posting pictures of them wearing Mexicouture; they will tag the brand in the picture and make an Instagram story, The Instagram story will feature the picture of the blogger wearing the outfit and the legend “swipe up to buy the look” will appear. When you see the picture and you swipe up to buy the outfit, the link will redirect you to Mexicouture page showing each of the items that person is wearing.


With this campaign we’re targeting our three objectives:

  1. Selling
  2. Getting to know the brand
  3. Promoting Mexico’s fashion around the world


Michelle Illanez

México Couture audience analysis – Michelle Illanez

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About them

México Couture is a digital business platform model that concentrates the promotion, commercialization and distribution of the most important luxury brands of the Mexican design.

The purpose of this website is to make these brands accessible to the whole world. México Couture is the best website for México’s fashion luxury, where fashion experts, along with a monthly guest editor, create a curated collection of the best pieces of the Mexican designers.

The audience

This website was created for those who love luxury/couture fashion and want to explore new designs by very talented, but sometimes unknown designers.

By being a digital platform that sells luxury brands (prices range between €230-€900), México Couture’s audiences are women and men between 22 and 36, who belong to the high economical class (A+ and AB+), they only sell clothes online, so that means that the clients must have a credit or debit card in order to make purchases.

The clients of México Couture have an expensive taste , and want to discover something new besides the high fashion brands they already know. Most of the potential buyers don’t like ordinary clothes or fast fashion brands, they tend to search for different trends that are unique and limited edition.


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