MTV audience analysis Paola Capuano


MTV is a worldwide brand that offers so many different services but the 4 main ones are; TV shows, award shows, music videos and celebrities gossip. This brand can be used by several different ways but costumers specially consume by TV, Internet website and social media.

Our consumers 

The brand age target is focus on teenagers starting from the age of 15 to 27 years old. Why is this? Well the content of the programs mostly contains bad behavior and language this means that most of the audience if facing puberty or experiencing some changes, that’s why MTV try’s to take this as an advantage and find a way to make the costumers feel related on what’s going on in the programs. Is also a perfect place to see what’s going on in the celebrity’s lives so we can segment another group of consumers in this category mostly people that is connected to social media must of there time.

We have so many different programs so it depends on the segmentations of the consumers so we can develop the perfect content. In my opinion the audience could be 65% woman, 35% man. And is focused on the socioeconomic level C+ and A/B because of the accessibility they have to have to the technology.

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