Website review NYX COSMETICS

How friendly is the site?

Nyx Cosmetics page is really friendly. If you are part of the brand’s target, when you enter its official website you feel that it is ideal for you. It is a creative and original web, every text written on it is done in a close, with a modern and colloquial language, they address their audience in a very personal and friendly way.

It is also easy to scan and to print off onto portrait A4, it is not a page that seems too complete, and it has a very clear order. For users it is very easy to find the products they are looking for.

They don’t have a ‘’HELP’’section, but they have a special email for that, and also they have a ‘’shipping & returns’’ section very well explained.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The page communicates everything that should communicate about product and brand, but should increase the information about their contests, since this information is often explained more in depth in social networks.
All the information about new products, promotions, the most sold, etc. Everything is very well detailed, understood and easily found. For the format, colors, the way of expressing and designing the web page, the type of audience to which it is addressed is identified, in addition, the brand itself publishes pictures of its users using Nyx products on its website.

Every single detail of the site is worked to the maximum, the colors are linked to the indentify of the brand (pink and black), the fonts always follows the same line and always has at the start of the page something striking, something similar to a banner, announcing news and promotions.

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the page is totally directed to their audience, and users feel identified both by the web and by their social networks. The design is created according to the identity of the brand, but also under the consumer’s, the quality-price variable is very good and the way to address your audience is correct, in a colloquial and close way. The FAQs section is really well done, it solves in a very explicit way all kinds of frequent doubts and, in case there is anything not solved, there is a phone to call or an email to write.

What about navigation?

In Nyx Cosmetics site it is really easy to navigate due to the main tabs in which the sections are indicated according to the product you are looking for. Besides that, the way of ordering all the products is very logical and it is easy to find all kinds of products. The web allows you to return to the beginning of the page whenever you want, just click on the logotype at the top of the web. Another positive thing is that both the logo to go to the central page and the different tabs always appear. The search icon appears in the upper right corner.

Design quality?

As for the design of the web, it is a very elaborated and worked design but at the same time it is very simple. At the time you visit the site you know that there will be a lot of variety products and all kinds of color and texture. It is a simple but daring design, plays with the images of the best selling products, with images of the users themselves, etc. It also has a romantic tone because it uses a lot of heart-shaped icon, which links a little to the brand with that young and cute style. There is no index, but its sections are well divided by the boards at the top of the page. The quality of the images are very good, you can download them and they are still seen in high quality, the same happens with the design.

Copy quality?

The texts, despite being colloquial and close, are completely correct and well written, everything is perfectly understood.


The type of font and the colours used are in accordance with the brand. All the content is very clear, and the user can navigate without difficulty.

Attention to detail?
All the information published on the page is correct, Nyx shares all the relevant information of the brand regarding products, news, discounts …

All the information is updated in due time. For example on important dates such as Black Friday or Christmas, dates in which new product kits or special discounts are launched. It also details everything about the products, both the finish and the method of use and ingredient.


The page works perfectly in a computer, phone and tablet, but one bad thing is that it only allows purchases from a computer.

Loading speed

Speed is the ideal, by clicking on any section or product, redirect you automatically.

Use of multimedia

The use of multimedia files is very well carried out on the brand’s website, the photos that users send are published, they announce new products with images, announce contests or teach the finalists and winners.





NYX COSMETICS: Objectives and conversions



  • Create an app for the brand. In this app Nyx will post new information about products and discounts.
  • Increase followers on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Generate more engagement, not only with the product, also with the brand to generate different content with the user.
  • Increase the subscriptions in the website and keep these to make loyalty users.
  • Make new contests, but more specific to not professional users.



  1. First conversion to sale is going to be by the new app. In the official website there will be a picture with the advice of the new app and all the users that download it will get a 20% of discount with they first purchase.Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 17.08.41
  2. With the subscriptions: Every user registrated in the website will get information before nobody else, like new collections and this is a good opportunity for the user to book the product before it’s on sale, and some special promotions for being VIP clients.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.51.02Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.51.213. The professional users can become a member of a ‘’MAKEUP CREW PRO’’, with this type of subscription they can receive a 30% of discount on NYX Professional Products online and in-store.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-31 a las 16.59.00.png

4. With the new contests for non-professionals we can get the user to buy NYX products to participate, users who do not dare to participate in other competitions for the required level, but who are still lovers of makeup. Then we will get more engagement with them and we will increase the sales.


Official page:

Nyx Cosmetics

buyer persona



Nyx Cosmetics is a company founded in Los Angeles by Tea Mijatovic and Milica Cup. At first, started as a small company in 2010 but in 2014 the company sold their products in 70 countries.

The first products developed and sold were jumbo eyes pencils. These products were initially sold to beauty or make-up professionals, all the products were being sold at drugstore prices.

Nyx used social media to promote their products and also sending for free products to beauty Youtubers, vloggers. The brand continue doing that tipe of social media acts, including youtube tutorials with their products.

Actually every product of the brand is a low cost product, but with the same quality of a high level brand. Also is important to say that Nyx Professional make-up is certified and acknowledged by organizations, such as PETA, as a cruelty-free brand. They do no test any of their products on animals.

The target audience is people between 16 and 30 years old, people who are passionate about the world of make-up, professionals or just people who want to learn more about how to make-up. Despite having a part of their audience that is not professional or lover of makeup, most of them tend to have love for creativity and take it as a way of life.
Also its target is middle class to upper class people, because the quality is equal to or better than many higher cost products.