baixaCoquo Càtering s principal objective is to gain positioning in the market, be announced. For this reason, he chooses the on-line communication as a tool to extend brand presence.

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If you don’t report, you don’t exist. The company has entered in the social networks; they are in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Where he reports to his clients, not only what he offers also the image of the company. With this, the company use internet as a tool to provide pre-and after sale to customers and to get closer to the customer, establishing dialogues, learning about them, asking them about their needs and concerns, etc.

For this motive, Coquo Càtering determines certain objectives to expire monthly:

Increase 10% the number of visits in their social networks. As InterAct objective, the company propose to increase 20% the likes in his Facebook page, also increase 50% the likes in Instagram. Because they think both are the most usefull sites to comunícate this type of services.

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In my opinion, if they want to grow, it will be useful to create an e-commerce. Also, they can use their website to position themselves above their competitors and be chosen; doing a post-buy questionnaire (evaluating his satisfaction of purchase), and will be grate to create a blog with photos of the events they do.



Objectives and conversions – Sand Cloud

Jessica Arias Guillen

SANDCLOUD – https://www.sandcloudtowels.com/

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Objectives Conversions
Generate sales -Bar at the top of the page offering free shipping in the US if you spend more than 50 dollars.

-Putting the 4 top sellers on the home page with the prices, the reviews written by users accessible to read and the qualification shown with 5 stars.

-When you have visited the website several times, a roulette appears for you to participate and earn a rewards, for example discounts. For the roulette to spin and to have a chance to win, you have to put your email. After they give you the reward (a promo code), they tell you that code is only available for you to use in the next 10 minutes or it expires. This is a great technique to motivate the visitor to decide buying something quickly.   (IMAGE 1)

If the visitor doesn’t use the promo code in those 10 minutes, as the email was given to the website, they send you a welcome mail and offer you a discount on your first purchase of their online store. They give you a second chance and push even more to buy a product. (IMAGE 2)

-Through the rewarding account (explained on the second point of “create relationship customer/brand”) where the brand gives you points and that way you earn discounts, helps increase sales and for people who have already bought before, do it again.


Let the visitors know the brand’s mission

-Playing a very well produced 2 minutes video on the home page, for the visitor to watch it and understand the concept of the brand. The video includes: beautiful scenes of nature and the animals; the co-funders explaining the story of Sand Cloud, their mission and what they have accomplished; one of the ambassadors giving her testimony of how much she loves working with the brand and why she joined them.

Create a relationship customer/brand

-Through the roulette game that I already explained, you give the brand your email. That way you are added to their data base and you will receive their newsletter and discounts.

-The visitor has the option to create an awards account registering through email. The purpose of that account is to earn points by doing different actions like sharing on facebook, following the brand on instagram, also if it’s your birthday they give you a lot of points. Once you have 500 points, it’s a $10 dollars discount. This helps to have an active relationship with the community but also to increase sales.


For people who like the brand and know it to become a brand ambassadors

-The website has a section called “ambassador”. They invite you to become one by applying with your name, email address and instagram account. The goal is to help spread Sand Cloud through social media and with people the ambassador knows. They motivate the visitor to become one by giving them the chance to be featured on the brand’s instagram and offering discounts on all products.

Also, they show a testimony of an ambassador, with a great photo of her with one of the products and a text explaining what is her favorite thing about being part of Sand Cloud.       (IMAGE 3)


For visitors to aspire owning their products

-“ROOM GOALS” design, showing how great the towels look if you use them as decoration in your room.

-Showing every product with nice photographs by the clients. This makes the visitors look at the lifestyle of the users and picture themselves using the products as well.

-At the bottom of the page, instagram posts are displayed where the Sand Cloud community participates sending their photos. This way, the viewer has an idea of how the customers enjoy the products and that makes him or her to desire be part of the community.