EINHORN – Objectives & Conversion

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Einhorn Condoms sells condoms in colorful designed crisp bags, which are not only vegan but also fairtrade and sustainable produced. The CEOS of Einhorn consider theirselves as social entrepreneurs. This means that they invest 50% of their profit to non-profit-organizations, taking care of worker’s rights in their supply chain and of high quality ingredients. But their mission do not end here: Einhorn also provides democratic structures in their own business hierarchy! This means that employees and CEOs will conjointly agree about the lengths of vacations and salaries. Because of their unusal business approach Einhorn became very public in Germany. Einhorn was featured in several business magazines, amongst them Business Punk, and they even offer consulting courses on their Einhorn Webpage.


Due to Einhorn’s unique business mentality their Macro-Objectives are not just focused on generating sales but also on spreading their Mission of humanity and social entrepreneurship! The Macro-Objectives are converted by a lot of different Micro-Objectives. In the following I want to focus on the most important.

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1. Receiving Good Reviews & Ratings

In order to receive good reviews and ratings you have to give your costumers the opportunity to rate! You can rate Einhorn Condoms on different, independent pages e.g. Amazon or eKomi. Showing good ratings does not only look good it also leads to more Sales and to a better costumer relationship because the brand show that is cares about the costumers opinion!

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2. Purchase

One goal is often to sell more products, which is very effectively converted through discounts. Einhorn gives discounts for normal visitors, but also special accounts for newsletter subscribers. Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-01 um 22.45.49.png

3. Subscription

Very important are subscribers for Newsletter (e.g.). Newsletters allow the brand not only to save data of their customers but also to reach to them over and over again, if they not recall their consent form. Einhorn gives the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter and offers special prices and receiving the latest news first as incentives to subscribe. It is also very important for keeping the audience updated to the brand’s mission!

(Some extra information: I signed up to the newsletter 2 weeks ago but never received one – so they definitely have to work on that one!)

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4. Social Media (Share)

One of the most crucial and effective Objectives for Sales and Mission is the social media appearance of the brand. The more comments, likes and shares on social platforms the merrier! To improve those numbers should be one of the most common goals. Einhorn has a direkt link to Snapchat on its website and is in general very active on Facebook and Instagram. Interacting with the audience – through questions/surveys, snapchat stories, open source marketing etc. via social media – is also a very important tool Einhorn uses to deepen the relationship between the brand and customers. 


5. Customer-Relationship-Service

Improving customer relationships is also an very important objective. As I already mentioned Einhorn is very active on social media when it comes to commenting, questioning, doing surveys, providing videos etc., but they also have their own “Contact us”-Part on their normal webpage.

(Some extra information: I messaged them on Facebook an article about unicorn shaped dildos and they actually replied!)

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6. Blog

Einhorn has a very huge (almost overloaded) Blog anchored in their normal webpage. Content of their blog is mainly everything which can be related to their social and entrepreneurial mission, but also more easy going topics related to their condoms like different sex positions, first dates etc. Very important for the brand is that people take active roles when it comes to sharing and commenting the blog, that’s why they often produce videos which are related and linked to their blog content.

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7. Mission! (as an extra)

Einhorn often posts self-produced Videos about social and entrepreneurial Mission and because they are so unique they are often featured in magazines and newspapers, which again leads to more spread of their vision. But they also do inform about their mission in a classical way on their webpage. 

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Rosa Clárá is not a common wedding dress shop, it is an internationally recognized brand of very good quality. Therefore, your goal is not to sell online, but generate greater knowledge by consumers and get to ask for an appointment or buy in the same store wedding or party dresses.

This brand works very much its corporate image in the social networks recording the prestige that has. Use famous photos on Instagram to reach a wider audience. Without forgetting that its objective is also to increase the number of visits of the web page and to increase the followers in social networks.

Another objective of Rosa Clará is to generate a link with the consumer through the appointments to advise them and to improve the loyalty.

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Rosa Clará shows on her website a different way of subscribing without sending you messages in the email about offers, that is, by an online appointment. In this form the consumer will put what type of dress looks for, in what city and through the personal data will be contacted to change the day of the appointment if it were not possible. Once again, the brand is positioned differently in front of the competition as it does not invade the consumer, but it makes branded content so that it reaches the brand of bridal dresses.

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Another way that the company has to make conversions is through the blog of its website in which several tips or styles of different brides appear. These posts can be shared through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube to generate more knowledge of the brand and interaction.


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