The LEGO page: Evaluating a website


¡The LEGO page link!


How friendly is the site?

The site definitively looks really friendly. You can search easily different stuff via browser or via sections. The colours are so clean too. The content is written in an informal way, talking to you directly, but, I didn’t find an option to increase the letter on the page.  At least they have a really useful responsive webpage.


Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Simply yes. They want to sell and engage with you, and that is what they do. The site is focused in attracting young people, they try to be very visual, and they do it with a really accurate distribution of their products. The design is, quite beautiful too, oriented to children, but clean a useful.


How relevant is the content to the audience

If you like toys and construction, you will love it. In the main site you can see different products already built and to have an idea of what are you buying. They don’t use a really creative communication, they just show you the final product and how beautiful is.

In the down site of the page you can easily see the FAQ, which are divided in four diferent categories and another one with the favourite helping themes. Of course, you have a phone number in case you need it.


How beneficial is its interactivity

The website offers you interactivity; they have VIP users who can enjoy different advantages. As I said before, the objective of this website is first of all to sell products, so they are really focused in this; they have some interactivity options but is not the most important for the Lego page. I use to return to the site because they are always improving and changing de catalogue. When you join the page a message of cookies pop up you, and you can find de privacy policy in the bottom .


What about navigation?

The structure is quite easy and logical, First of all you have the new products, always with a button which will redirect you to the product page or to “know more”, and in the top you have the finder, your account button and the cart.  When you scroll down you can see exclusive products and a toolbar to register yourself. Following down you can see different offers and personal recommendations. Finally, on the bottom you have more options like attention. You don’t really need link because you have buttons to redirect and the images redirect you too. Is too easy to navigate on the page, you have the search toolbar and don’t have it much letter, is more visual.


Design quality?

The design is so simply. Separated in blocks by the white layout. Because they have lot of images they grab you to keep in in finding new thing. The most interesting thing in the website is, of course the first image you can see with the new product and the exclusives. In this two images you can scroll to right and left to see more product related. When you are in a product page is so easy to see the information, and they always maintain the colour palette of black, blue and a little bit of red. The images doesn’t annoy anything. As I said before, the website is responsive, so they took care of images, they don’t annoy nothing, this photos always improve the experience.


Copy quality?

Lego is a really big company, so the content is really polish and grammatically perfect, and they try to transport you to the world of the “Lego what you want”. Apart of this, the content is easy to understand and clear.



The font is easy to red and bold-normal, because the most part of the text is above a photo, so they need to make it easy to read. They use to use white and grey dark-grey fonts, the first one for which is above a photo, and the second one which are in the white background. Have two different sizes, a bigger one, like 14 pts and bold, and second one just a little bit smaller in normal, not bolded.



As I said before, LEGO is a really big company, so when you enter the website you always know they have an awesome credibility, and they transmit it. You have a good user-experience, always thinking about the page was planned for a young target, but is quite beautiful and the page surface is so intuitive. You don’t need to avoid pop ups.


How good is the marketing

In Spain Lego don’t really have great competitors. Maybe the bigger is Playmobil, but the products are quite different. But the pages really look like very similar, are not much different with the font, layout and colours used. The message as I said before is really simply, focused in sellings and of course I would recommend it to a friend, or even a child because is too easy to navigate and understand, but they don’t have their social networks linked to the main site.


The branding?

LEGO has a great identity and it is projected in the site, with all really separated in block, being very useful and easy to use. As I said before, the site is not very emotional but tries to transport you to different worlds. I don’t really know if the audience engage with this page.



When you search “Lego” in any kind of browser, the official Lego page is the first option appearing, and you can see it in different type of monitor because is a responsive site, so works perfectly in PC, iOS and phone.


Loading speed

It depends a lot of your internet company. For example, the website loads instantly, and has a lot of images, but if you connexion is worst, would be normal if it take a bit long to load.


Use of multimedia

The site only has images, no video or audios. But it has a lot of images to show you how their products are.

LEGO: Objetives&Conversion


The Lego page



1.- Increase the sells in the website

2.- Attract children with the colourful page


3.- To obtain leads via registration and newsletter



– The layout is quite easy to understand, it is separated by themes or interest, and have many other separation by bricks, extras like books, watches, keyrings, etc. and discover, whic is a link for example to Legoland and others.


– When you are the the product view, you can add to bag or to whislist if you have an account, and they offer you to keyword to see more product like the one you are looking for.


– When you are ready to buy, in Christmas, they gift you an special pack, and depending of the price, the free shipping. In order to engage better and obtain leads, they give you “VIP coins” to win special advantages.