LEGO: Objetives&Conversion


The Lego page



1.- Increase the sells in the website

2.- Attract children with the colourful page


3.- To obtain leads via registration and newsletter



– The layout is quite easy to understand, it is separated by themes or interest, and have many other separation by bricks, extras like books, watches, keyrings, etc. and discover, whic is a link for example to Legoland and others.


– When you are the the product view, you can add to bag or to whislist if you have an account, and they offer you to keyword to see more product like the one you are looking for.


– When you are ready to buy, in Christmas, they gift you an special pack, and depending of the price, the free shipping. In order to engage better and obtain leads, they give you “VIP coins” to win special advantages.





Rosa Clárá is not a common wedding dress shop, it is an internationally recognized brand of very good quality. Therefore, your goal is not to sell online, but generate greater knowledge by consumers and get to ask for an appointment or buy in the same store wedding or party dresses.

This brand works very much its corporate image in the social networks recording the prestige that has. Use famous photos on Instagram to reach a wider audience. Without forgetting that its objective is also to increase the number of visits of the web page and to increase the followers in social networks.

Another objective of Rosa Clará is to generate a link with the consumer through the appointments to advise them and to improve the loyalty.

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Rosa Clará shows on her website a different way of subscribing without sending you messages in the email about offers, that is, by an online appointment. In this form the consumer will put what type of dress looks for, in what city and through the personal data will be contacted to change the day of the appointment if it were not possible. Once again, the brand is positioned differently in front of the competition as it does not invade the consumer, but it makes branded content so that it reaches the brand of bridal dresses.

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Another way that the company has to make conversions is through the blog of its website in which several tips or styles of different brides appear. These posts can be shared through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube to generate more knowledge of the brand and interaction.


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