Website review – TVH

How friendly is the site? 

When we go to the homepage of we arrive on a world map with a list of languages you can choose to visit the website. It is not unfriendly but in my opinion it is rather overwhelming for the visitor if they are welcomed with a list of 60 languages. They do give you the option to “remember my preference” so you don’t have to choose your language all over again when you visit the site for a second time.

welcome page tvh

After you select your language you are on the landingspage and you can immediately find what you are looking for, everything is ordered in categories. There is not so much text under the categories so it is not bombastic at all, if you want more information you can just click on it and find whatever you want. They use a lot of white space so I think the website looks very neat and it is not chaotic at all, it makes the website easy to use.

As a help section you can start a conversation with someone of TVH. After you enter your name and e-mail address and than you ask whatever you want.


Does it communicate everything we need to know? 

You can immediately see that this is a businesswebsite. It is very useful for people who are looking to rent or buy materials from TVH. New visitors can look for more information about TVH in the right categorie. The most important categories are written bigger than the other so you can click through very easily. The website is very consistent in the use of their colors. The logo of TVH is always grey and red, so on the website they only use grey, red and white besides the photos.

How relevant is the content to your audience? 

Most of the people who visit the website are already customers of TVH, so they are looking for a new parts, services, how to rent something,… They can find this very easy on the website because these categories are bigger than the others. People want to work together with TVH for the first time can find how to contact them, what do they have,… People who are already customer can also log in on the website. So I think they do a great job in giving people the content they are looking for.

How beneficial is its interactivity? 

The main thing TVH wants is to show customers and potential customers the product range they have and convince them to work together with TVH. They create interaction with their chat where you can chat with someone who works for the company and clients can log in but beside that no more interaction is needed. Under the button “contact” people can find easily who they need to contact in which situation because it’s a very big company.


The navigation on the site is very good. They use a lot of white space so it is not chaotic and on top of the page you always have your navigation bar. You can always return to the homepage by clicking on the TVH logo in the left corner of the screen. They also have a search option so if there is anything people can’t find in the navigation bar they can find it this way.


Design quality

The design is simple but still attractive. You don’t get overwhelmed by information so I think it invites you to stay on the website. If you click on something in the navigation bar and they send you to another page, the page will always have the title of the word you clicked on so you know exactly where you are and you can always return to the homepage by clicking on the TVH logo or when you click on another word in the navigation bar. You can also click on the back button and they take you back to the page where you came from. Because of the consistency in colors I have mentioned before we can’t talk about clutter at all, there is also not too much text but everything that has to be said is said.

Copy quality 

It is a businesswebsite for an international company so the grammar is always correct and the information they spread is focused on the business. Because they use not too much text and they do use a lot of white space the texts are easy to scan.


Like I said before: they use a lot of white space, the typoghrapy is easy to read and is sans-serif and the size of the lettres is big enough. They don’t use too much text so you can easily find what you are looking for. It is a B2B site so they do use jargon about some of the products they sell because the customers are in the same businessworld so they know what they are talking about.

Attention to detail

This is a website on international scale so all of these details must be and are correct.


The site doesn’t use pop-ups so visitors won’t be annoyed this way. In the content they also don’t use blue text or underlined text.


You can visit the website with every browser but if you want to open it on a smartphone or tablet the format of the site doesn’t adapt to the size of the screen which I think is really annoying.

Loading speed

Once you are on the website everything goes pretty fast but everytime I want to go to the website from another website it loads much slower than other websites.


I think it is a really easy website and everybody can find easily what they are looking for. They have to provide a lot of content and I think because of their easy design they have done this the best they could. I do think they need to work on their loading speed because people who don’t have much time may go to another website if they have to wait to long. They should also make another version of the website that people can use on tablets and smartphones.

TVH – Objectives and conversions

The website of TVH is not like most websites who have a webshop. They do have a webshop but if you click on it they send you to another website for that. On that website you need a login and password so it’s not accessible for everyone. The main goal of this website is to inform clients or potential clients. You can see all the products they have but you cannot buy them via the website. The only thing you can do is download one of their catalogues that you need and then you contact the company to buy what you want. Besides that you can watch the history of TVH, what they do, see a world map with every company they have all over the world, etc… They also post videos and news about the company on a regular base. The objectives here are to inform the clients they already have and maintain their relationship with them and also gain new clients.

To make sure that everyone can find what he or she needs on the website they have a “can we help you” button where you can enter your e-mail address and your question and then TVH will answer with the information you need as soon as possible.

can we help you

They also have a big “search & order parts” button so clients can find what they need and they can contact the company after that to order what they want.

When you are on the site you also have the option to sign up for their newsletter and that is a very important thing for this company that as many as possible people do this so TVH can keep them up to date about special actions, promotions, news, ….


As you could see on the previous screenshots you can directly see all the social media that they use and when you click on it you can immediately start following them.

The most important thing is that people download their catalogues, see the offer they have and hopefully become a client.



TVH Persona

TVH is a B2B company with a workforce over 3800 people and subsidiaries on all continents. TVH is the ambitious worldwide market leader in replacement parts and accessories for material handling and industrial vehicles, new and secondhand forklifts, new and second-hand aerial work platforms and internal handling equipment.

TVH sets the benchmark for continuous innovation and excellence in quality and service in this segment of the industry and remains fully focused on delighting customers and stakeholders. They want to create a surplus value for their clients and suppliers by continuing to optimize their processes, products and information. They to this by continuously investing in the preventive control of all incoming goods.

Everyone who needs one of the services on the TVH can contact them via the site, e-mail, telephone,… People who can use the services of TVH are usually contractors who work in the construction industry and need one of the machines as well as people who organize big events and need the machines to put up stages, tents, etc.


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