Website review – Lazy Oaf

How friendly is the site?

In my opinion, the he Lazy Oaf’s website, is friendly because of the way they designed it. It is different to others I have seen, which goes perfectly with the kind of life / clothes / brand they want to show, communicate or improve.

But, for others, it may be weird and difficult to understand. Not because they have an awful organization of the tabs and website, but because of the type of pictures and their distribution throw out the page.

It is not really welcoming, although it surprises you only for the weird models and the clothes they are wearing. It makes you want to keep looking for more pictures.

The main page does not explain the benefits of visiting, but only by the way the pictures in the page are taken, and the clothes that appear in these pictures, you can imagine the weirdness of the brand.

As they are a modern, youthful and maybe a little bit childish brand, they use informal language and tone. As if you were talking to a friend.

They also  use too much white space. They could put another think instead of having too much white.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

Lazy Oaf is a very specific company, as well as their target group.

By entering their website you can imagine which kind of brand they are are and the lifestyle that they have.

Obviously, you can tell by the pictures, that they sell clothes and accessories. And you can tell by the design they  have, the types of colors they use and the models they choose for the shoots, what type of brand they are.

A grandfather of 80 years old would never buy something in the Lazy Oaf’s website. Not even to buy a present for his granddaughter. It is obviously focused in youth.

The brand has a really well established unique selling proposition and it spreads throw out the whole website. They claim the weirdness of people using  “CREAM” colors, extravagant and a little bit childish clothes and informal language.


How relevant is the content to your audience?

The site can quickly convince the visitor that they have come to the right place if they were looking for weird, unique and high quality type of clothes.

I think that the copy is more focused on being a friend for the visitor and an example to follow than the only purpose of selling.

Yes it is. Lazy Oaf has a lot of information in their help section. They explain perfectly the most frequent FAQS: about delivery, orders, returns, your account, to contact and wholesale enquiries, etc.

How beneficial is its interactivity?

There are not any kind of interaction. You, as a costumer or visitor, cannot comment on any type of picture or post. Were there really is interaction is in their social media pages, specially Instagram, which has a special tab in the website that redirects to this social media page.

Although, at the end of the main page, it has contact information about the company if you want to contact them.

The website encourages visitors to left details but not intrusively. I mean, a pop-up where you have to put your information does not appear as frequently as other web sites. It only appears if you want to get to more specific content (like news posts and articles). 

Lazy Oaf does not encourage the visitor to return. If you like it you buy it, if not, you can look at the clothes, it’s fun to watch.

What about navigation?

The site has a very specific and easy to use structure. Everything is really well explained and easy to find. They have visual links and others hiding in a picture, but it is easy to see them anyways.

The visitor has complete freedom to move throughout the site, every link or tab leads to another related page. It only concludes to a dead end when you are in the articles about the brand, because you have to log in with an account.

Design quality?

The design is simple, attractive, minimalist, with a very good structure and unique.

Even though, sometimes is hard to know where you are because the titles, in some pages, are really tiny, and you end up not knowing where you are.

There is a table of content, but again, the titles in this are really small too and with a really light type of letter. Also, the pictures that are down this table content are huge, and they distract your attention from finding what you want o share, so it is more difficult to find.

It also has some visual aids, but they are not really shiny or do not have your attention because of the hugeness and weirdness of the pictures. They are actually more  distracting than a visual aid.

The back button does take you back to where you where.

There is a really good cohesion of color and design. As I said before, they only use cream tones, which matches perfectly with the pictures and clothes that they are offering.

Copy quality?

The content is clear. As a young brand, they do not extend their copy explaining their accomplishments or their history. The thinks that they explain are clear, with informal language and they explain it as if they were talking to a friend, not with technical or really cult words.

Their tone is friendly and close to the person that is reading, just as I said before.

Every section has it’s specifics themes and designs, related to what they are talking about.


It is really easy to see and read the texts that are on the website, you don’t have to zoom in to read them. And they use the same font in every text and every title.

Attention to detail?

They make you check multiple types the information you gave in case there was an error.

I guess the copy has been proofread because I have not seen any kind of grammatical or orthographic mistake and all the information is correct and up to date.

Their logo, claim, brand logo colors and everything is included correctly throughout all the web page, not only the main one.


The Lazy Oaf’s website offers a perfect user experience to the primary audience.

The selling site is secure, with no ads or pop ups, as well with the blue text.

How good is the marketing?

As I said before the site as well as the brand and their social media have a very clear proposition which is shown and explain multiple times. Without naming the competitors, they define themselves as a unique kind of brand with a unique youthful life and experience.

The message is clear: stay weird and live always like a teenager, young and full of life. It doesn’t have audience segments. They are not followed for any kind of age, only for a way to be, a personality and away to live.

You can share the content and clothes you want to your friends and family.

The branding

There is a clear brand identity projected. The one I have repeatedly said throw all the answers: stay weird and live life youthfully. With that informal tone, it delivers the emotion and that way to be.

If you have a mind set as the brand, you will engage easily.


It is really easy to access to the web page. It works perfectly in Windows, Mac and even on the mobile phone.

Loading speed

It loads perfectly, easily and fast. Even though, if it does not charge, it has nothing animated or something to be entertain with.

Use of multimedia

 Every picture or video in the website has the clear purpose to sell their clothes and spread their mentality.





The Weeknd’s website feels welcoming from the start, because of the easiness of use and the high quality design of the page. Also, the colours used are very related to the brand and to the message that their songs want to impart. There are clear benefits of visiting, because in the same homepage you can find videos, tour dates, merchandising and news, which is content that the people who’s interested in the brand will find important.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.16.16.pngRelated to the content of the site, the few words and messages that appear are written in a formal conversational style, though the band prefers to communicate with images and videos instead. That makes everything easier, since we won’t have to worry about the size of the text, and the message will be spread effectively anyway.

It’s not difficult to scan, since there are very few words, and a lot of images or audiovisual content. Also, the fact that the background is black makes seeing the information easier. In every tab youneed to scroll down a bit to see everything that is there, so the content probably wouldn’t fit in an A4, but that’s not something bad, since the process of navigating through this website is simple and the design is very attractive.


It communicates everything it needs, since it’s an entertainment site that is visited by people who are interested in knowing different information about the band. Every single content that the page offers is summarised in the homepage, so it can be considered as an effective website. Also, the fact that the design of the web is highly connected to the type of music The Weeknd produces, helps the people who go to the band’s page find exactly what they were looking for, in aspects of design and content.

We could determine that the site is definitely consistent in design (color, layout and fonts), has an clear and highly usable platform, the buttons and different tabs are easy to find, and it’s simple to understand in general. The only thing that is missing is a navigation bar that might help us find what we look for easier and faster. However, due to the fact that all of the contents are summarised at the homepage, it may not be necessary to have one.


Once we get into the webpage, the design of the platform and the content will be the decisive elements that will make us want to stay there. If we’re there to buy merchandising,the fact of getting inside of this atmosphere will increase or desire of acquiring these items, since that will make us want to be a part of it.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.17.28.png

People that click on the band’s website will want to discover new music, watch The Weeknd’s viedos, know the tour dates, read news about the band or buy merchandising objects, and every single video, image and text that we can find there will talk about these things, so we could say the content that is offered to the audience is absolutely relevant for them. It’s not the brand that goesto the potential client, but the potential client is the one who’s interested in the brand and will go to their webpage to find some more information, so clearly the content will be important for him.


In The Weeknd’s page you can either interact by subscribing to their newsletter, or by buying merchandising produtcts, and in both cases the interaction will be positive, since the client or potential client will have something in return, whether this is information about news, videos or albums, or a merchandising item. 

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.19.06.png

There is not a main action that the page wants the audience to take, since its main purpose is not only selling or making people subscribe, it’s more of an information platform. However, it does worry about having a good and pleasant connection with those who want to interact with the brand, and that’s why they make the process of subscribing non-invasive for the person, and also the buying course is easy and well designed.

Something that is very important and that this webpage misses is a tab with all the information about the brand, like who are its components, what kind of music do they play… we can assume that people that come to this website do already know who The Weeknd is, but I think it is important to remind them and that would be also a good opportunity to sell itself and to highlight its values and objectives as a music band. If that part was good, maybe the people who read it would be even more interested in buying its items or being part of this community. In the merchandising page we can see nonetheless what the components of every item are and where they are made and embellished, which I think is important information.

I think the incentive to take the required course of action isn’t sufficiently motivated to the audience of this webpage, since when we get inside it we don’t have any message or pop up telling us we can actually subscribe to its newsletter or that we can buy The Weeknd’s merchandising, we need to look for the buttons instead. So, taking into account that this is more of an information website and it’s main purpose is not to sell items or to make people subscribe to the newsletter, since what is the most important is the music, I think the fact that there were some pop ups or just a little window on the right that appeared when we got inside the webpage saying that we could subscribe by clicking one button or that we could buy elements by clicking another one, would be very important and would make the people more aware of it. That would encourage  visitor details to be left there.

The benefits of the visitors returning to the site are not specified, but I don’t think they are required to be told, since if the visitor wants to go back to buy some specific item, he would go by himself, and he will remember the website because what is offered here is not offered anywhere else.

The privacy policy is easy to find, because it’s at the bottom of the home page, and the regular buyers’ data is stored so that the brand can send them e-mails with new offers.


The site has a logical structure and navigation in it is easy and clear. The only thing that we could improve is that it doesn’t have any site map, and maybe it could have one so that the experience of navigating would be easier.

All the links link back to the homepage except for the merchandising one, that opens in a new tab, but we can go back to the homepage since the home tab is open still. They are easy to find and recognise, and you can go from one page to another in less than three clicks, which would be too much.

The visitor can navigate freely through the site, and they can undo or redo all the times they want, or add items to the basket and then cancel them in just one second. There’s no need for “back” and “forward” buttons in the merchandising page, since the ones from the navigator we’re using (Google, for example) already work. However, they do not have location Bread Crumbs.

There isn’t any search option, which I think it would be necessary to make the process faster. The usability, though, is effective and it has been used by a focus group to prove it.


Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.23.38.png

The design is simple, attractive and customer orientated since everything’s very easy to be found.  Visually, it offers pleasure to the potential client that visits the webpage. You can immediately know where you are ‘cause every tab has a title and though there are few texts, they say the what’s important in every single one of them. We could consider the main homepage as an index because it has in it a bit of what you will find in every tab on the top. 

It grabs and holds your attention from the first moment and it avoids clutter because everything is very well organised and visual, and the top and left of the page is used to determine brand identity and navigation (there is the logotype on the left and the name of the different tabs on the top). It has a lot of visual aids like color coding and typography, with colors coming from the same tonal range that makes us relate the web concept to The Weeknd’s music.

There are not any big errors, though sometimes when you try to buy a t-shirt the prize is only in US dollars, and not in euros or pounds, but then it gets fixed. The back button takes us where we were and it is very clear to understand how to find new information or content.

The site is more than 800 pixels wide and the images are more than 72 dpi since they are HQ images (same with the videos). However, the user needs to scroll down to see the whole picture in every tab, so maybe this is something that should be fixed.


Captura de pantalla 2017-12-01 a las 17.26.26.png

The content is clear, relevant and grammatically correct, even though there isn’t much text in general. It doesn’t have any emotional tone, it’s more impersonal, because it’s not the written part but the music the one that needs to connect emotionally with the visitor. The topic of every section is very clear and easy to be scanned. 


It’s easy to read though some of the users may need to zoom the page a little bit to get the information clearly, but the font is well chosen and it’s higher than 10 point size, and it’s always the same. The font used is a sans-serif typeface and it’s always used with capital letters, and there isn’t any marketing-speak word in the content since it’s not  marketing web and it’s purpose is to provide information about The Weeknd. The only bad thing we can point out is that the letters are white and the background is dark, which reduces readership levels.

It’s clearly known what the users will get by clicking on actionable items.


Everything un this web, including the copy, has been double-checked since it’s a worldwide known web. The information that appears is clearly up to date and also there are new links that appear (especially in the merchandising tab) with new updates about news or products of the band.

All of the colours have been checked to be “Web Safe”, and all of the mandatory and corporate identity requirements are included correctly, and the appropriate signs for registered brand are also in the right place. Related to legal checks, they have all been made.


The site clearly proves the competence and experience not only of the web designer who made it, but also of The Weeknd brand. It definitely offers a unique participation to these who are interested on the band, giving a delicate balance of functionality, design, content, structure and usability. In addition, the visitors probably find the information on this website useful, since they will probably be The Weeknd’s fans and they will find most of the content interesting.

In the selling tab, the security icon is evident and as this is an official band’s website, there are no pop-ups. There aren’t frames, nor blue text or underlined words.


The site’s proposition is to offer information about the brand, and also offer the possibility to buy items from it, and its benefit is more valuable than the one offered by competitors since The Weeknd’s products are unique.

There isn’t a defined message for all of the customers since the main purpose is not selling, but the brand tries to make this experience the best one for the visitor anyway. These visitors can be from any age, and it will be easy for them to navigate through this platform.

The updated parts of the site are clearly marked, and there isn’t any mechanism to recommend this page to friends or family. The site might clearly have been checked for search engine optimisation since when you search “The Weeknd”, this page is the first one to show.


The brand identity is clearly projected, not only through the logotype, but also through the typography and colours used. The emotional tone is connected to the band’s songs: dark and mysterious, which will make the audience (that will probably listen to The Weeknd’s songs) feel  highlyconnected to the website.


The site has been checked on the most common browsers, and the website always appears in the first page of all of the results when we search for “The Weeknd”. I don’t know if it has been checked in older versions of the browsers, but I guess so, since there must be a lot of people working in this site. It will work on every device and will be compatible with every operating system.


The homepage loads instantly, and there aren’t any unnecessary animations and complex graphics.


Every video, image and text item serves a clear purpose and a definite contribution to the benefit of the visitor.

Canon – Website review

How friendly is the site?

Canon ( is a site on the consumer feel welcoming, since it offers a personalized section and contents according to the profile of the user who visits the page.

The benefits of visiting are made immediately clear, thanks to the top tag menu.

Is the help section actually helpful? Yes, they have a “Support” button too that is really helpful, where show that they not only worry about the good functioning of their equipment, but also because of everything they can contribute to their clients.

Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The brand does communicate everything they need to communicate, although probably not in the most direct way.

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the web page covers all aspects that customers (of various segments) may want or need: types of products, subcategories, inspiration sections and even drivers and software that can make the experience more comfortable for customers…

How beneficial is its interactivity?

The page offers several points in which the consumer can interact with the page, not only buying or contacting, but with a questionnaire about their experience on the page, downloading files, etc. like drivers, software, etc.

What about navigation?

Browsing the website is easy if you know what you are looking for and have clear ideas. But there is too much information, too many topics and it is easy to get distracted.

We must also add that the page loading speed is fast, almost instantaneous.

Design quality?

The design of the page is minimalist and clear. Take advantage of the nature of the products and make the landing a visual and clear element, following the corporate line of Canon: colours, typographies…

Copy quality?

On the other hand, copy does not have a great weight, except when we talk about the technical characteristics of the products. In this specific case, they use a simple and schematic copy, very clear and specifically designed to be easy to compare with other products.

Attention to detail?

Given that they are located in a sector in which the details can make a difference, the company treats this aspect with great care and detail. Therefore we find different profiles (depending on the type of user), types of products, subcategories, inspiration sections and even drivers and software that can make the experience more comfortable for customers.

Credibility? Accessibility?

On the one hand, the page has a high credibility index. This is because it is a leading brand in the sector and with good reviews.

On the other hand, the brand is accessible to everyone, which is why they have a series of profiles designed according to the type of user that accesses the page, which can easily be changed with a simple click.


How friendly is the site?

The website SkinnyDip London is really welcoming and friendly. As we can see, when we search the site, the first thing that appears are two pictures that are moving on. Both pictures are colourful and stylish they show you the new things and if you click on one brings you to shop the collection, and the other brings you to the new products. This colourful welcome transmits energy and desire to continue discovering the novelties of the brand that are offered on the website.

If you keep going down on the main page, another photograph appears offering you a different and original collection that if you are interested, you can click on it and redirect it to your products. If you keep downloading without entering any of the sub-tabs on the website, it shows us the three best-selling products and a little further down we see the #skinnydiplondon and photos of the agent that has uploaded brand products in Instagram with this hashtag.

Only by entering the web we clearly see that the main benefit of entering and buying the products of this brand is that they are completely exclusive and original with a great personality. Also in pink appears information of a 20% discount for students.

The website is also considered useful because of its good organization and all the colours they use that get their attention. The colours of the web always have a homogeneity with white tones, light pink and bright colours and electric to attract attention.Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.05.11.pngCaptura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.05.25.pngCaptura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.05.34.pngDoes it communicate everything it needs to?

The commercial purpose of SkinnyDip London is really clear, with just entering the website you understand in seconds that they are selling clothes, bags and accessories. The audience is really clear the first time that you click on the website because you see that the site is made more for teenagers just for the design of the page. As I have said, all students have 20% discount, so it is obvious that the majority of the buyers are young people.

The way that the site is organized makes it clear that it’s not made for adults, because of the colours that they have used, the type of clothes, bags and accessories that they sell are more for teenagers.

From my point of view, the site know that these colours are made for capturing the attention of teenagers, the way that they have organized the website it’s perfect because if you want to see the new things you only have to click on the first picture you see, if you want to search bags or accessories they are specifically organized to find what you are looking for.
Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.22.41.png

How relevant is the content to your audience?

The content of the website is exactly what the target is looking for because the website is made especially for young people with different tastes. In addition, a 20% discount is offered for students.

SkinnyDip London at the end of the page has different information departments where we find FAQs When we entered we observed a long list of more than 15 questions answered in the best possible way and in a detailed way.

If that was not enough, in the same section of “help”, in which we have entered for the frequently asked questions, we see a department to contact them. In this tab, the brand provides us with the address of the store, schedules and emails.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.37.35.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.39.47.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 10.47.32.png

How beneficial is the interactivity?

As I said, SkinnyDip London has a very positive interaction section, doing slide shares of images and giving a lot of fashion ideas. Everywhere you put your mouse, you have the option to click like to visit their blog, see the new collection, and people are very curious and like to interact with the website. A strong point that makes interaction with the latest developments, promotions, contests, discounts and new unique collections that attract the attention of the consumer.

The information to contact or know information about the company and the brand, even if you want to work with them, as I said before appears on the main page at the end of everything.

It is also important to bear in mind that you subscribed to the other news emails with a 10% discount on your first purchase.Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 11.05.45.pngWhat about navigation?

The site has a logical structure, as I said before. It’s not confusing and you don’t have to spend hours searching for a dress or shoe. If you want to search for a particular product you just have to click on the drop-down menu and click on the product category, you can also search the search engine that is also in the drop-down. You are on the tab that allows you to return to the main page by clicking on the title of the brand SkinnyDip that you face up on the tab in which you are.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 11.23.29.pngDesign quality?

The design of the website as it says is meticulously designed to adapt it to the style of the branded products and the destination to which it is addressed. The colours use white and white to create an identity and an image and then images and bright, strident colours for the user’s attention.

The tabs, categories and subcategories are very well organized and in all the following page appears SkinnyDip at the top and if you click on you are redirected to the main page, also the drop-down lists appear in case you would like to search for a product through the search engine or find it by means of the categories of the drop-down.

The content of SkinnyDip website is clear, relevant, grammatically correct and have a right emotional tone. The brand doesn’t use many words, they work more with images to capture easily the attention of everyone. Every section is clear of what it’s about and people don’t feel confused when entering the website.

In each category, such as the purses of the bags, there is a commentary on the products that motivate us and a sympathetic and accurate comment.Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 11.49.32.png


The typography of the SkinnyDip London website is always the same. The letter in the whole web is in capital letters, but some in bold, the long texts such as the titles left by the brand in each category or the answers in the frequently asked questions are in lowercase. The typeface is simple and easy to read. The background in which they are usually written in white with the exception of some cases in which the background is pink.Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 12.08.16.png

Attention to detail?

The SkinnyDip London website has all its content updated and correctly written. The identifying colours of the brand are present in all the categories in which you enter and in all the links that the web derives you. All the sites where you can click to enter to visit a new collection with just one click it directly leads to the page.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a les 13.06.09.png


The content of the web page is clear. Every section is clear of what it’s about and people don’t feel confused when they enter into the website. The functionality of the website is perfect, as a user I have not noticed any problem.

How good is the marketing

What the site sells is fashionable clothes, bags and accessories. The audience definitely engages with the brand’s personality, because people like to connect with brands, and connecting with SkinnyDip London is really easy because they organize their site in order to relate with their clients and with his personality.

SkinnyDip London has a lot of competitors but what makes them different is a great personality, the unique designs of the bags, glasses, purses, of each of the products that are sold under the name of the brand. All products have a personality and each person gives them their personal touch that makes them so special.

All the messages that they pass are simple, concise and focused on the customers. SkinnyDip London gives great importance to the interaction and dissemination of content on social networks that is why it allocates a section on its main page to motivate users who buy a product to upload a photo with what they have bought with the hashtag Also a little below, invites you to enter to the blog and also shows you the social networks in which the brand is present and with a single click redirects you to the profile of the brand in each of them.

Also, the page invites you to enter to the blog and also shows you the social networks in which the brand is present and with a single click redirects you to the profile of the brand in each of them.

The branding?

The brand reflects on the style and type of product sold.SkinnyDip London wants to express that is not only a brand is a personal lifestyle, it is the different and distinctive touch that of your personality and your appearance. The style of the audience can be corroborated above all with the participation they have in hanging photographs with the products and a long time ago #skinnydiplondon


The functionality of the website and all the links are perfect, as I said before as a user I have not noticed any problems.

Loading speed

The loading of the webpage is really fast and you don’t have to spend much time waiting for your search. This is positive point compared to some pages of the competition that the quality of its website is low and the loading time is longer than the SkinyDip of London.

Use of multimedia

The whole page is full of colourful images that draw attention, the use of images makes it much more visual and easy to understand. We also find the collage of photos and creative and colourful editions.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a les 16.29.06.png

Link web page SkinnyDip London:



Jessica Arias Guillén


  • How friendly is the site? Does it communicate everything it needs to?

The sand cloud website in general, is very friendly and welcoming. The page is bright, using very adequate pastel colors and white for most of the backgrounds, the combination of them, transmit a nice, happy and positive vibe. The white space they use makes the page look clean and easy to read, not too much information and nicely organized so the visitor can take a look at everything without problem. The top bar has a promo or a sale that changes when needed, but it is always there reminding the reader the benefits of purchasing there and also, after the main menu there is a big and attractive announcement about special offers or messages that has the same effect (or even stronger) than the top bar. The language used is casual and welcoming, with a friendly tone that feels natural. The only problem two problems with the friendliness would be that: a. There is no option to make the font bigger; for me, that isn’t a problem, I think the size is perfect, but if someone with not very good sight would visit the page, that would cause problem to them. b. When you click “shop” it takes you only to the towels, when they have much more products, but I will deepen on the navigation section.

All the information they give is very useful and complete I like that there is even a high quality and entertaining video explaining everything about the brand in case you want to know them deeper. It is clear they know their audience really well and know what they want to hear and the way they want to hear it, the terminology they use is simple, easy to understand, the fonts they use are consistent through all pages and is very well chosen, as it looks pretty and clean, but when they have to make a message more attractive a stronger font is used to create contrast and impact. When navigating the webpage I thought about several questions visitors could have and everything I asked, the information was available for me to read, for example, the shipping, their mission, how could I get involved, sales, their social media, reviews on the products, etc. Except for one thing: what is the process of producing the towels? I couldn’t find that information anywhere, and I think it’s really important because they are supposed to be eco friendly and unique handmade towels, for a curious person like me, that is important and it adds more value to the brand; a little and simple video would fit perfectly.


  • How relevant is the content to the audience?

All the content published is nicely presented, in a casual but convincing way where you feel inspired to contribute with the cause. There is the right amount of information, not too much where they repeat everything a lot of times, but enough for it to be stuck in your mind. In general, the information is really relevant and complete. I can notice the information has been filtered, compacted and is really focused, I think they give the most valuable facts for their audience, except for the process of the making of the towels, as I already expressed. At the end of the page, there is a menu with all the extra information like FAQs under the name of “support” where they respond all the doubts a visitor could have in a very clear and detailed way. Also in that bottom menu, there is a section called “videos” where they publish some really great and beautifully produced videos that are related to the brand, like nature, adventure and the use of the towels. Another thing I really liked, was the “wholesale” part where you can contact Sand Cloud if you want to sell their products on your own store.


  • How beneficial is its interactivity?

The interactivity on this website could be better, it has some debilities as well as positive elements:

-The communication is passive in general; they give the information but don’t allow the visitor to express comments or data if they don’t buy anything or want to participate on the wholesale or the ambassador program.

-The first thing that appears is their latest deal or sale, it’s the biggest and most attractive part of the home page, they want you to click it and if you do, it takes you to the online shop but the problem is that they don’t make it obvious that you have to click it, because there isn’t a “click here to shop” button, so I may think it is just a picture announcing it and I have to look on the rest of the page somewhere to click to take me to the shopping.

-The contact information isn’t visible on the home page, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, click “support” and once you are there, look for the question where they give their email, which is the only data they provide; the customer services telephone number is extremely useful and it isn’t anywhere.

-A really good thing they have, are the forms for you to fill with your information so Sand Cloud contacts you if you want to sell their products or to become a brand ambassador.

-It is clear you should return to the website if you want to purchase something because of the sales that they always offer on the home page, the special packages they put together for holidays or other important dates, also they put up new products and new colors to the ones that already existed, and they have a blog with news about their actions and the environment in general, which helps a lot for people to come back again or even bookmark it. The only problem is that the blog section is quite hard to find because it is on the bottom of the page with no attractive font and small size, so I think they should put more emphasis on that.

-The privacy information is clear and easy to find because it is positioned where the majority of the websites put it.

-The shopping process is not complicated at all, and they have tools that help accelerate. For example, if I buy something, when I finish putting my billing information they ask if I want the page to remember for future purchases.


  • What about navigation?

The site has a logical structure, where –as I have mentioned before– at the top, there is a little bar with the sale or offer of the moment, then there is the main menu, which I think could be a little bit more attractive and bigger and the “blog” section added there instead of at the bottom. After that, there is the big announcement of the current sale, then the top sellers, the video of their mission, their instagram posts, some commentaries of the media about Sand Cloud, the bottom menu with all the extra information, and the links to their social media. If you exit the home page, it is really easy to go back by simple clicking the logo on the top left corner; the visitor will never end up on a dead end. A feature that is really helpful is the search bar at the top, for you to search a product directly to the details of the product to just click “add to cart” without having to browse through all the website and looking at the rest of the products, nevertheless this is aimed for people who already know the name of the them and are sure of what they want to purchase.

Everything is great, all the links are visible, you can navigate the site in a very simple way, with no complications and very intuitive, except for the “shop” section. When you run the mouse on the words, the different categories they have for their products will appear, and that’s great but if you click it, instead of showing you all those sections organized, it only shows the towels and can be a little bit confusing, a new visitor may think they are the only products Sand Cloud offers. They should have a different system, where if you click “shop” you have all the categories displayed and from there you choose which one you want to explore.

  • Design quality?

The design is very adequate to the theme of the brands and even the colors they use for the products are used on the website; their communication through design (fonts, structure, pictures, icons) is quite integral and coherent: feminine, pastel colors, simple and fresh. They way the page is structured works as a clear guide, the names of the sections, pictures and even videos are immediately tell you which part of the page are you browsing. The site in general, is attractive, but there are some elements that would be better with more contrast or a way that the sight of the visitor is taken there, like the two menus of contents: the one on the top and the one in the bottom. Also, some more icons like arrows and buttons like “click here” would be beneficial for the visitor to do what the page wants. All the pictures and videos are high quality and are nice to see, the pictures fit perfectly avoiding the visitor to scroll down to see it entirely.


  • Copy quality?

The copies are simple, straightforward and emotional when they need to be, but not too emotional that sounds fake. They are nicely written with good grammar and clear. If they had a tagline next to their logo would be a good way to catch the visitors attention and to let them know in a fast way what the brand is about before going to the sales or promos.


  • Readability?

They use the right amount of text for the home page, for people to read the information without feeling tired, they are very dynamic texts, where they play with just two different fonts (the recommended is not to use more than 3, so it’s perfect). I think, the size of the letters could be a little bit bigger in the table of contents and on the products info; but apart from that the fact that some words and phrases are bigger than others or thicker gives the page a more fun touch.


  • Credibility? Attention to detail?

Through their videos published and the “our mission” segment (which describes very detailed about their actions and with which organizations they work) credibility is created. Plus, while browsing through the site you are completely surrounded by an eco-friendly and fresh experience, you really feel inside the Sand Cloud world thanks to the design of the page. You can tell it is a safe site to buy online from, there is the © icon next to the name of the brand, the privacy details, the padlock when purchasing and there aren’t any weird pop-ups that make you feel insecure or any visible blue or underlined links. This job has been made correctly, and the fact that you feel very safe inside the page, pushes and motivates you to buy their products.


  • How good is the marketing?

The marketing is one of the best features they have on their page. The fact that they are eco-friendly and that they have worked so hard with different organizations to clean the oceans, adds them a noticeable positive value against their competitors and that make that super strong. When you browse you discover their branding really clearly and they present it a fast and easy way to be captured by the visitor by the use of multimedia and texts. One thing that they could implement, would be that on top of the homepage before their sales, a tagline would appear next to the logo summarizing what Sand Cloud is about with one simple but catchy phrase, so the visitor remembers that when reading about the current promos and when going through all the site. Apart from that, all the messages are focused and impactful especially for their main target but it’s also friendly and convincing to the rest of the audiences; everyone likes environmental causes. Other good element is that they make clear which are updates or new products so if you are a common visitor every time that you come back you notice them but if you like the brand very much and want to share they don’t give a button or a tool to do it, however there is a special part where you can sign up to become and ambassador of the brand, which is a really good idea. Lastly, I tried some keywords on google like “cool beach towels”, “eco-friendly towels” and “beach towels with a cause” but only for the last one they appeared because it is really specific, but it wouldn’t be a common way to google the brand by someone who has never heard of it, they could improve that by adding more content, making connections or even paying to get google adwords.


  • The Branding?

The page communicates very clear the brand’s personality, from the colors, the images, the videos, to how the texts are written. When browsing the page, you really feel like you are inside the Sound Cloud world and they do a really great job informing about their inspiration and mission.


  • Accessibility?

I have checked it different mobile phones and a tablet and it works perfectly, very fast and organized a way that the navigation is smooth and easy, it looks and feels like an app.


  • Loading speed?

The entire page loads incredibly fast, all the pictures and even videos appear together and not with the annoying effect of the picture cut in half and appearing little by little. They have done an outstanding job on that; absolutely perfect.


  • Use of multimedia?

The pictures and videos do their function perfectly, they accompany the texts when needed and there is the right amount of them, not too much that the visitor can’t focus but enough for the page to be fun and dynamic.



This website is welcoming as we can see how the main image is a couple in a paradise pool with palm trees, which is very relaxing and exciting.

The benefits of visiting the website are clear; the purchase of airline tickets, hotels, vacation packages … at an economic price. The main page consists of a search engine in the middle where we can see everything we can buy, from flights to hotels or tickets for shows.

The help section is really useful because it offers you travel tools, tips and information to travel.



On the website, its commercial purpose is very clear, in this case, the sale of trips. As I mentioned in the analysis, it has several target audiences, but the millenialls stand out. If we focus on them, the design of the web is very consistent since it offers all kinds of trips, cheap prices, and gives you the option to buy activities as well.

As for the design of the web, it is attractive, since the image behind a beautiful pool is striking and is easy to use. You simply have to select the destination and dates and already offers you all kinds of offers.


The content on the web is exactly what the target seeks, milleniall in this case, a quick, easy and economical search for trips, hotels, flights or tickets. Therefore the content is focused on what the audience is looking for. In terms of customer service, as I said before is very complete because not only can you ask your questions, but there are three sections in which they explains tips, tools and information.



The contact information does not appear on the main page, but instead you have to open the tab that says “help” and then click on “contact us”. Let’s say you have to go through three filters until you reach the contact.

The structure of the website is simple and clear.

As for the details of visitors are only necessary at the time you decide to buy. There is the possibility of creating an account so that every time you buy you do not have to enter your data and go much faster.



The website has a logical structure, there is no difficulty in finding what you are looking for. With a simple click you can return to the home page. The visitor can “move around the web freely”.


The design is simple and attractive, it is very well organized with all the tabs very clearly identified, so depending on your interests, you can access one or the other. It attracts attention because it has a very striking image. As for the colors, blue, yellow and white predominate.


The proposal of the site is clear, to sell trips. The message is clear and concise.

The purpose of the sale of travel is clearly seen on the website, since the main page is a flight search engine. The web is useful in all types of search engine and operating system. It even has a mobile application for Android and IOS.

The website has a good construction, clear text and striking colors. The distribution is good and has all the necessary information. The purchase process is simple and before paying you can review it to verify that the data is correct.



The website loads fast if the internet connection is good, otherwise it does not have any entertainment while you wait.


As for the multimedia content of the web, all it has is the image that I talk about all the time.




Captura de pantalla 2017-11-27 a las 16.40.24.png

In this website you can see white spaces that relax yoursight,  they don’t have all the information together and messed, so we can see the web site feels welcoming (but it could be more attractive by improving the design). The benefits of visiting the web are immediatly shown: delivering service of food and searchin the restaurants by your adress. The first image we can see are two people (maybe a couple) enjoying food together, it appears the main mission and point of the service, which is ordering food online and get it at home. Help section indeed is helpful offering answers and solutions to the most common issues that customers have experienced. The tone of the content is friendly and informal, so this brings the customer more trust on the website, and allows the company to get closer to the client.


The site clearly communicates the purpose that is serves (comercial, sell food) all the factors contribute to that, including the website name, images and calls to action. They have several target groups, maybe that’s why the web is not focused on any audience, instead, it is designed in a more general way. The design could be much better speaking about colors (using different colors for important things such as discounts) but the different steps to follow are clear and easy.


The site offers an option to the customers to leave a review, this is very valuable for the customers as it can help them when deciding which option to choose. It also gives an opportunity to the company to improve their service based on the feedback which helps them when identifying what needs changing or improving. The site convinces the visitors that they’ve come to the right place and that there’s a good reason to stay and set an order.

The copy is focused on what the audience wants to know (cost of delivery, and mínimum Price of the order, discounts…)Captura de pantalla 2017-11-27 a las 17.41.59.png



They have a very positive interaction and it increases the value of the site, they ask the customers to make a review after each order, but there is no much interaction apart of this.

The contac information appears clearly on the web (not only the contact of the web but also the contact information of each restaurant)

The estructure of the website is very logical and simple (from most to less importance):

The navigation of the site is also very clear and easy as it is leading the visitor throughout the each step they need to make in order to complete an order. Furthermore the site offers a search option as well to make it even more simple to visitor that already know what they want and want to speed up their purchasing process. The site is clear and also the steps to follow, but they don’t have a clear menu as what we could find in other websites.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-27 a las 17.46.10.png

Design quality:

The design of the website is minimalist and easy, as it serves to portray the message of a simple and quick service and purchasing process. In the middle of the site there is a call to action, which when completed, takes the visitor to another page where is the second step. You can easily find whatever you want to and also the customer can be sure that the payment will be sure and legal and it also gives credibility to the Company.

 Attention to detail:

All the content on the website is clear and relevant, there is no unnecessary information to aggravate the visitor.

How good is the marketing, branding and accessibility?

The site’s proposition is crystal clear from the first moment you come in, the message is simple and clear so that the customer know the benefit for him/her. The Brand identity is not that clear as they don’t focused that much on design and specific target. The web Works perfectly in every laptop/PC and mobilephone, they also have an app.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-27 a las 17.41.30.png


To conclude the website is very well constructed. The text, use of images and colors, the navigation of the site…overall every aspect of the website is constructed in such way to make the purchasing process as easy and simple as possible. It encourages the visitor to use their service as it is extremely simple and convenient. The website is also adapted to each of the countries it operates in so depending on the market preferences there might be some changes from country to country. Nevertheless, in every country the website and the company have the same message and values.